About Us

Ayur Times Mission is to create evidence-based information about Ayurveda, Medicinal Plants, Natural Home Remedies and Nutrition & Dietetics.

The Ayur Times website provides information about foods, Ayurveda and herbs. We are also creating content concerned with alternative medicine and treatment of various diseases as per authentic ayurvedic and herbal sciences. Some basic information about naturopathy and other alternative medicine systems are also provided in some articles published on the website.


Ayurveda was a neglected by scientific communities, but now it becomes more popular all over the world and famous for its efficacy in chronic diseases.

The content provided in the ayurvedic section of the website is based on authentic ayurvedic principles and ayurvedic texts that serve the humanity since 5000 years and still have great importance in healing sciences due to various effective remedies.

Ayurveda becomes a hope for patients who are suffering from obstinate, chronic and critical diseases. However, some diseases are incurable in nature according to modern science, but ayurveda can provide a supportive treatment and management of these diseases.

Many diseases are becoming resistant to antibiotics, but Ayurveda treats every individual with different approaches and different medicines.

Ayurveda do not only treat the disease, but also treats the person by the individual approach of examination, body type analysis and diagnosis of dominant Dosha involved in the disease.

Therefore, no similar medicines are prescribed to all patients with the same disease. Treatment is based on body constitutions or body type as well as symptoms of disease and body humors. Therefore, diseases never become resistant to ayurvedic medicines.

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Nature Cure

Nature cure alternatively known as naturopathy is the science of healing using natural measures. It includes fasting, exercise, specific foods, yoga and use of natural recourses like sun, earth, water, air and fire elements. Naturopathy belonged to nature and first discussed in ayurvedic texts in 1000 BC.

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Naturopathy or Nature Cure

The Founder of Ayur Times

Dr. Jagdev Singh is a founder of Ayur Times. He is a general practitioner in India. He is also Author and Editor of this website.  Dr. Jagdev Singh is evaluating the content of ayurtimes.com time to time with his colleague’s clinical experiences.

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About The Editor

Dr. Anu Saini is a naturopath and ayurvedic practitioner. She is working as editor of this website and evaluating the content for its accuracy and authenticity.

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Purpose of Ayur Times

We have two purposes:

  1. One is to provide sufficient and authentic information to public regarding alternative medicine, ayurveda, ayurvedic medicine, ayurvedic treatments, herbs, herbal treatment, home remedies, natural cure or natural measures and panchakarma.
  2. Second is to promote Ayurveda, natural cures and herbal science worldwide so that these healing systems can serve every person who is suffering from chronic and obstinate diseases.

Features of the content

  1. AYUR TIMES is also a source of information based on research and clinical experience of various interlinked ayurvedic and herbal physicians.
  2. Safety issues and adverse effects are given.
  3. We are covering very useful and important foods, herbs, ayurvedic formulations and alternative treatment options. We will also share experiences of various physicians on this website.

How the Ayur Times website can help its readers?

For general readers and public

Ayurtimes.com has some very useful articles that help you to prevent diseases and you can live a long and healthy life just by following some ayurvedic tips given in various articles. The website is also very useful and contains authentic texts for people looking for health guidelines, dietary regimen and health tips.

For patients

Some patients suffer from obstinate diseases that have no treatment in western medicine as well. If you are suffering from these types of diseases, then ayurtimes.com is very useful for informational purposes.

However, we recommend you to visit a nearest ayurvedic doctor for better diagnosis and better medicines for that diagnosed disease. The information given on the website is not a substitute for essential medicines or alternative of face-to-face consultations.

For students

The Ayur Times website is a free source of alternative medicine, Ayurveda and herbs, so it can help students to get good useful information regarding these subjects.

For physicians

Ayurtimes.com is regularly and most probably updated daily basis, sometimes weekly basis. Therefore, you can stay in touch with the latest researches in the field of alternative medicines.

It will help you to get more knowledge of herb or medicine’s pharmacological actions. The website provides various ayurvedic formulations so you can get complete information of any product or formulation with a single click.

You can know the ingredients of formulations and their working/action in the human body. Ayurtimes.com provides a wide knowledge of Ayurvedic properties, medicinal properties, nutritional values, external uses, internal uses, dosages, adverse effects, antidotes and other aspects of every herb or ayurvedic formulations.