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Ayur Times (alias Ayurveda Clinic) is an independent firm dedicated to providing better ayurvedic and natural treatment. Our goals are:

  1. To provide the best consultation service for ayurvedic, herbal and natural treatment
  2. To prescribe plant-based remedies and safe ayurvedic medicines
  3. To recommend the best diet based on ayurvedic principle of “food as medicine
  4. To advise changes in lifestyle to help patients to achieve their health goals
  5. To give information about natural medicine and different forms of alternative therapies


AYURTIMES.COM provides information about Indian Medicines (including Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani Medicine), Medicinal Plants, Alternative and Complementary Therapies, Food & Nutrition and Natural Home Remedies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a free reliable and unbiased source of information about Medicinal Plants, Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani Medicine, and Alternative and Complementary Therapies.

Founder & Editor

Dr. Jagdev Singh is a founder of Ayur Times. He is an Ayurvedic Physician and Herbalist.


  1. B.A.M.S. – Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
  2. M.Sc. in Medicinal Plants

Professional Affiliations

  1. Board of Ayurvedic and Unani Medicine, Chandigarh – 2009 to present


He started his own Ayurvedic Hospital (NATURA AYURVEDIC HOSPITAL, RUPNAGAR) on 1st November 2010 and worked there until March 2016. He left the premise upon completion of the rental agreement. He gained experience treating patients with Panchakarma Therapy, ayurvedic medicines, and herbs.

In April 2016, he shifted his office to another place under name of AYURVEDA CLINIC, RUPNAGAR in the same city. Now, he is working as Ayurvedic Physician and Herbalist there and helping people to restore their optimum health with ayurvedic and herbal medicine.

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda was a neglected by scientific communities, but now it becomes more popular all over the world and famous for its efficacy in chronic diseases.

The content provided in the ayurvedic section of the website is based on authentic ayurvedic principles and ayurvedic texts that serve the humanity since 5000 years and still have great importance in healing sciences due to various effective remedies.

Ayurveda becomes a hope for patients who are suffering from obstinate, chronic and critical diseases. However, some diseases are incurable in nature according to modern science, but ayurveda can provide a supportive treatment and management of these diseases.

Many diseases are becoming resistant to antibiotics, but Ayurveda treats every individual with different approaches and different medicines.

Ayurveda do not only treat the disease, but also treats the person by the individual approach of examination, body type analysis and diagnosis of dominant Dosha involved in the disease.

Therefore, no similar medicines are prescribed to all patients with the same disease. Treatment is based on body constitutions or body type as well as symptoms of disease and body humors. Therefore, diseases never become resistant to ayurvedic medicines.

You can read more about ayurveda here:

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About Nature Cure (Naturopathy)

Nature cure alternatively known as naturopathy is the science of healing using natural measures. It includes fasting, exercise, specific foods, yoga and use of natural recourses like sun, earth, water, air and fire elements. Naturopathy belonged to nature and first discussed in ayurvedic texts in 1000 BC.

For more information, read following article about naturopathy:

Naturopathy or Nature Cure

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