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Acorus Gramineus (Japanese Sweet Flag)

What is Acorus Gramineus?

Acorus Gramineus is a plant species that belongs to Acorus Genus and Acoraceae family. The species in Acoraceae family are called Sweet Flag.

The common name of Acorus Gramineus is Japanese Sweet Flag. It is also known as Dwarf Sweet Flag and Grass Leaf Sweet Flag. The plant is native to Japan. It is also found in some parts of Korea.

Note: It is sometimes referred as dwarf sedge, but this name is common for Carex Humilis and Carex Pumila.

Quick Review

Botanical NameAcorus Gramineus
Common NameGrass-Leaf Sweet Flag & Japanese sweet flag
Other NamesSlender sweet-flag, Dwarf sweet flag
Major GroupMonocot
SpeciesA. Gramineus
Legal StatusNone Known
Known HazardsNone known

Plant Taxonomy

InfrakingdomStreptophyta (land plants)
Super DivisionEmbryophyta
DivisionTracheophyta (tracheophytes or vascular plants)
Sub DivisionSpermatophytina (spermatophytes or seed plants)
Super OrderLilianae (monocots or monocotyledons)
FamilyAcoraceae (Sweet flag)
GenusAcorus L
SpeciesAcorus gramineus

Plant Description

Type of PlantShrub, perennial
Native Range (Geographic Distribution)Example: Japan & Korea
Height (grows up to)30 cm
Spread25 to 30 cm
Habitat (a type of environment)


Shallow water & Wetlands, moist
LeavesSlightly curved leaves
FlowersIt only yields flowers when it is partially submerged in water. Flowers are generally of green color. Flowers heads are small.
Bloom TimeEarly to Mid Summer
SunIt grows in partial shade or full sun.
Soil TypeIt prefers moist soil, wet clay.
WaterRequire huge water to grow, so it grows in ponds.
Growing SeasonSummers
Propagation & CultivationBy rhizome

Medicinal Uses of Acorus Gramineus

In traditional medicines, Acorus Gramineus (Japanese Sweet Flag) is used in speech disorders. It is a common home remedy for stuttering. Its dried rhizome powder is mixed in honey and given to a person with stuttering.

Moreover, all plants of sweet flags are moderately sedative and used to treat mental disorders. It has aromatic and expectorant characteristics for which it is used for a productive cough. The analgesic property of Japanese Sweet Flag roots helps to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. These species are also used in the management of epilepsy and convulsions.

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