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Allopathic medicines Vs Ayurvedic medicines

It is strange to know that ayurvedic and herbal medicines are far safer than allopathic medicines in concern of side effects, acute and severe allergic reactions and liver or kidney diseases due to medicines. Ayurvedic and herbal medicines never cause liver dysfunction, kidney failure and ulceration in the stomach.

Commonly used painkillers in allopathic medicines cause severe ulceration in the stomach, produce excess acids and lead to a severe form of gastritis. It never happens to ayurvedic and herbal remedies if used under the guidance of an herbalist by ayurvedic physician.

If you feel, especially in India, that you are suffering from a disease, but no doctor was able to cure or suppress the disease and some special doctor gives you medicine and your symptoms are suppressed. It may mean that that RMP or doctor is giving you steroid, which is very dangerous for your health. You may have noticed that when you stops taking medicines, symptoms recur and it means your symptoms are suppressed by the use of steroids. Beware of this allopathic practice. Steroids have very harmful effects on your health. Studies have shown that use of steroid lowers the immunity of the person and causing more prone to other diseases. One disease may be pacified with allopathic medicines, but others may result from the use of allopathic medicines. Therefore, never use allopathic medicines when you can cure your diseases with Ayurveda, herbs or Nature cure.

Commonly used allopathic medicines known by name of paracetamol has severe side effects on the liver, so when you or your family member suffers from fever, never use OTC products containing acetaminophen or paracetamol. It may damage your liver. Use ayurvedic medicines to lower fever and cure from infections or diseases that causing fever.

A medication commonly used for prevention of asthmatic attack is salmeterol. It is long acting beta two adrenergic agonist agent. It can increase the risk of death due to asthma. It is reported in many researches that it may lead to death of asthmatic patients. However, ayurvedic medicines for asthma never cause these type of circumstances. Therefore, if you are suffering from asthma, use only ayurvedic and herbal medicines for prevention instead of salmeterol and fluticasone. Asthma medications and inhalers such as fluticasone cause throat irritations, upper respiratory tract infections, headache, hoarseness of voice, fungal infections of oral cavity and thrush. These conventional medicines also result in infections of ear, nose and throat when used in children. Whereas, ayurvedic medicine and herbs never causes these side effects.

Levothyroxine, a Medicine used for hypothyroidism, causes agitation, insomnia, restlessness, headache, tremors, cramps, skin rashes, pruritis, dyspnea, sweating, flushing, hair loss, muscular weakness, menstrual irregularity and fatigue. Second thing, it is needed to take for a whole life. Whereas, ayurvedic medicines can cure hypothyroidism in the course of 3 to 6 months and they do not have such side effects.

However, pure form of ayurvedic medicines should be consumed. Some profited making companies are adulterating ayurvedic medicines and selling them on name of Ayurveda. Therefore, always be aware about taking ayurvedic medicines under supervision of ayurvedic practitioner.

If you want to consume ayurvedic medicines for treating your diseases, try to visit an ayurvedic doctor and take medicines from them because they have better medicines prepared under their supervision. Do not make purchases on internet from unknown companies or people.

When you are choosing ayurvedic medicines, follow following steps:

  1. Consult first with ayurvedic physician.
  2. Purchase ayurvedic medicines only from an ayurvedic doctor whenever possible to save yourself from adulteration, as most of ayurvedic doctors prepare their own medicines and preparation process can take months and years. However, you may find their medicines expensive, but properly prepared medicines take a lot time and labor work, so they become more expensive than marketed products.
  3. If your ayurvedic doctor does not give you own prepared medicines, ask him for a trusted company that prepare proper medicines as per ayurvedic principles.
  4. Do not purchase online from unknown people or companies. Only purchase ayurvedic medicines from trusted ones. Ask your doctor for good manufacturer of  ayurvedic medicines for a particular medicine. As some medicines are good of a particular company and others may not have good results. These things can only be guided by your ayurvedic physician.
  5. Trust on freshly prepared decoctions instead of using ready-made preserved decoctions.


  1. Some companies are doing only money making business in name of Ayurveda. You can see their ads on television. Beware of them, only use any product if your doctor have prescribed you.
  2. Do not trust on magic advertisement as you can see in television shows. They are just marketing products without any
  3. Some people are spreading humors around the world regarding ayurvedic medicine’s side effects, so that allopathic medicine sale can be increased, it is just money making condemnation of people practicing allopathic medicines or supporting conventional medical system only. Ayurvedic medicines do not have any side effects if taken according to the intrinsic nature (prakirti), ayurvedic diagnosis and under supervision of ayurvedic doctor. However, do not purchase or try medicines because you have read about that on the internet without having a professional advice from your ayurvedic doctor.


Ayurveda vs allopathy is now common discussion on various health websites. However, all people have their own opinions regarding Ayurveda and allopathy based on their own background and study, but ayurvedic medicines are far safer than allopathic medicines in terms of safety and efficacy without having adverse effects in the body. Ayurveda is an answer to all obstinate diseases and chronic sufferers. Nevertheless, now many companies defame the ayurveda with their products, which have a very little effect, so person need to directly contact the ayurvedic doctor who prepare his own medicines for dispensing under his premises. Preparation of ayurvedic medicine really needs very hard work. Therefore, just find a good ayurvedic physician to get ayurvedic treatment instead of purchasing medicines online from unknown sources, websites or people.

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