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Almond Butter Benefits

Almond butter is a high protein containing diet supplement that is highly preferred on the list of healthy diets. Almond Butter occupies an important spot in the daily diet. Though almond butter and peanut butter are placed equally in terms of popularity, almond butter has advantages over peanut butter.

Richest source of proteins

It is a much known fact that almonds are the richest source of proteins. Then why do people choose to test their patience and pay such high price for almond butter? It is because the almond butter is having its own benefits.

Almond Butter
Almond Butter

Nutritionally, almond and almond butter have a micro difference between them, unless you are on a strict diet chart, you really need not be concerned about the differences.

Almond butter has about 1-2% higher calorie and fat content in them as compared to almonds. This is just because of the additional oil present separately to enhance the texture of the butter. Almonds have slightly lower carbohydrate content than almond butter. The principal advantages of almond butter over almonds are as follows:

  1. High protein content.
  2. Digestion of almond butter is easier as compared to almonds.
  3. The taste factor of almond butter is much higher than the almonds.
  4. The high protein content in the almond butter is catalyzing in the process of calorie burning.

1. High protein content

2. Digestion of almond butter is easier as compared to almonds.

3. The taste factor of almond butter is much higher than the almonds.

4. The high protein content in the almond butter is catalyzing in the process of calorie burning.

Health Benefits of Almond Butter

Out of the numerous known perks of using almond butter, a few are listed here below:

Cures Insomnia

A mineral like magnesium in almond butter is most useful for those suffering from insomnia. The well-known medical truth is that magnesium acts as a relaxant for the Central Nervous System and the muscles. The minerals present in almond butter assists in improving bone constitution and strength.

Almond Butter
Almond Butter

Protects Heart

Almonds are rich in monounsaturated fats. These fats are catalyzing cholesterol degradation. Minerals like magnesium and potassium are good for heart and relax blood vessels. It also helps in building a strong heart by improving the heart muscle strength. [1]

Antioxidant properties

A generous amount of Vitamin E present is a very good antioxidant. In addition, traces of flavinoids are found. These are excellent free radicals fighters and protect the skin from oxidation. These antioxidants fight against skin aging. The role of almond butter against oxidative damages in the body is supported by a research study. [2]

Balanced blood sugar

Almond butter keeps the diabetes and sudden fluctuation in blood sugar at bay. Moreover, almond butter takes a long time in degradation. Hence, it produces energy in the body for a long time. This mean, it increases energy in the body. It also helps to prevent the diabetes, according to the research study. [3]

Almond Butter
Almond Butter

Weight control

As almond butter is so nutritious, it takes longer to digest. Hence, it keeps on the feeling of fullness for long and does not make one hungry soon after having it. It increases the period between two meals. Thus, it keeps a good control over weight gain. In addition, its property for burning calories due to the high protein content is helpful in burning down calories and Monounsaturated fats prevent fat from accumulating, as per the recent research. [4]

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