Alternative Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer

Some alternative medicines used for pancreatic cancer lack scientific evidences, but the anecdotal proofs may be valid, so cancer patient should be skeptical as well as open minded to explore new alternative treatment option for cancer including pancreas cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the fatal tumors. The cells of pancreas develop carcinomatous lesions, which ultimately develops into cancer.

Pancreas is a glandular structure located near the stomach. Patients with pancreas cancer generally experience some abdominal pain, backache, unexplained weight loss, yellow colored skin appearance, dark urine, light colored stools and appetite loss. (1)

Pancreas cancer alternative treatment

Some herbs, home remedies and specific foods can help in pancreatic malignancy and cancer. These are discussed hereunder:

Food therapy – an alternative approach to cancer


Broccoli is a great food to help patients with pancreatic tumor. Eating broccoli and its sprouts decrease the risk of pancreas cancer. Cancer patients can also include this food in their diet. (2)

Expended broccoli sprouts turned out to be compelling. Certain phytochemicals display in the broccoli sprouts can help in fighting the harmful cells.

These can act as cancer prevention agents while constantly helping in the detoxification of blood. (3)


Grapes are also one of the foods that help in the treatment of pancreatic cancer and malignancy.

Grapes inhibit the growth of pancreas cancer cells. This action is demonstrated due to presence of Proanthocyanidin in the grapes. (4)

Grapes being rich in proanthocyanidins can help in diminishing estrogen creation and subsequently could be useful in curing the maladies like lung growth as well as pancreatic disease.

Red grapes turned out to be best in the treatment for a few pancreatic cancer issues. (5)

Green Tea

Green tea is valuable in the prevention of pancreatic cancer growth. (6)

A great cup of natural tea can be made by heating up a couple of key herbs in some water. Regular intake of green tea might be useful in fighting the ailment. It is so because green tea is rich in anti-oxidants and end up flushing out all the harmful substances from our body. (7)

Fresh Juices

Drinking crisp apples, oranges and vegetable juices are useful drinking regimen to forestall further growth of this ailment. (8)

These juices end up being useful in expanding the safety of the patients. Doctors suggest intake of freshly squeezed fruits only to help in battling against the pathogens assaulting the body. (9)

Maitake Mushroom

Maitake mushrooms are turned out to be exceptionally valuable in the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Devouring maitake mushrooms alongside other food materials can help in dropping the inconveniences because of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This is even discovered to be helpful in expanding the proficiency of the chemotherapy. (10)

Soya Bean

Soya bean is another significant element in the management of pancreatic tumor. Certain properties of soya bean are useful in keeping the harmful cells to use estrogen. The intake of cooked soya bean with other weight control plans is demonstrated to be gainful in getting rid of pancreatic cancer to some extent. Soya bean contains certain compounds that help in neutralizing the negative effects of this disease. (11, 12)


Herbs for pancreatic cancer

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is well known as a helpful ingredient in the treatment for a number of diseases, particularly prostate malignancy and pancreatic cancer. Usage of the naturally separated aloe Vera gel can be quite useful in getting rid of this illness in near future. (13, 14)

Chinese herbal extract Triptolide (TPL)

The Chinese herbal extract Triptolide (TPL) may help in stopping the cancer cell growth and killing pancreatic cancer cells. (15)

This Chinese extract derived from herbs facilitates cell death. (16, 17)

Wheatgrass Therapy for pancreas cancer

Wheatgrass is one of the most valuable herbs to help in further prevention of pancreatic cancer. It helps in diminishing the improvement of malignant cell. Wheatgrass can help in enhancing our insusceptible framework along with expelling the poisons from our body. (18, 19)

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