Murabba (Marmalade)

Apple Murabba (Saib Ka Murabba) Recipe & Health Benefits

The pomaceous fruit apple is known as the king of fruits owing to the immense health benefits. Apple murabba, also called SAIB KA MURABBA, prepared from the pulp of apple fruit has the tremendous potential of controlling diseases and supplying the body with essential nutrients, vitamins, protein and phyto-chemicals.

Apple It protects the body from several ailments. It strengthens teeth, produces more saliva, and reduces tooth decay. Apple murabba protects from bone diseases like bone inflammation, rheumatism, gout and painful arthritis. It is superb for brain and helps in treating cancer disease and heart ailments. Apple murabba is very healthy, moist and satisfying.

How to make Apple Murabba

Fresh Apple1 Kg
Sugar1 Kg
SaffronA half teaspoon
Water1 Kg for sugar syrup and 2 kg for boiling apples

Washing & Cleaning

Take 1 kg apples and wash them thoroughly to remove dirt. Clean apples with cotton cloth and let them dry for a few hours.

Peeling and boiling apples

  1. Now, peel off outer layer of apples.
  2. Take 2 liters water in a pressure cooker and put apples.
  3. Make sure that all apples are submerged in water. You can add more water if required.
  4. Switch on the stove, wait for first whistle and then switch off the stove. Now, let all the steam go off.

If you are not using pressure cooker, then make sure that you need to boil apples in water until they turn smooth and tender.

Making sugar syrup

  • Water = 1 liter
  • Sugar = 1 Kg

Adding boiled apple into sugar syrupBoil one-liter water and add one kg sugar in it. Let it dissolve and prepare sugar syrup with one thread of consistency. Making sugar syrup can take time up to 20 to 30 minutes.

Now, add boiled apples into sugar syrup and again boil the syrup with apples until the sugar syrup become thick with two threads consistency.

Adding additives

Now, let the mixture cool and sprinkle saffron’s strands. You can also add other additives like cardamom seeds and blanched almonds to enhance the taste of apple murabba.

Store the apple murabba in airtight glass container.

Other additives

You can also use other additives to enhance medicinal value of SAIB KA MURABBA. These additives and their quantities are listed as under.

AdditivesQuantity per Kg Apple murabba
Cashews100 grams
Raisins100 grams
Almonds Blanched100 grams
Black pepper1 to 5 grams
Cinnamon (Dalchini)1/2 tsp. or 2 grams
Cloves10 to 20
White pepper3 to 5 grams


  1. Cashews, raisins and blanched almonds provides strength and useful for people suffering with any chronic ailment.
  2. Almonds and white pepper are used for people with mental stress and depression.
  3. Other additives enhance the medicinal property of apple murabba for healthy heart and healthy digestive system.
  4. You can add all ingredients when apple murabba is in final step.

Medicinal Properties and Uses

Apple murabba is mainly beneficial for heart patients. It increases muscular strength of heart and revitalize heart. Apple murabba is effective cardiac refrigerant. It also acts as cardiac exhilarant. The followings are main healing properties of apple murabba.

  1. Heart tonic
  2. Digestive stimulant
  3. General health tonic

Apple murabba is good for people with weak digestive system and general debility.

Heath Benefits of Apple Murabba

Here are some important health benefits of apple murabba.


Apple murabba is rich in fiber content, which helps in constipation. Its fibrous content absorbs excess water from stool and helps in forming bulk. However, it does not have immediate effects, so it cannot help in acute constipation. It does help in mild constipation and chronic constipation. Its effects are observable after 15 days of its continuous use.

High cholesterol

People with high cholesterol level can get benefits from apple murabba. However, Amla murabba is better for bringing down cholesterol level, but apple murabba is used when patient feels palpitation, weakness and restlessness.


Apple murabba (SAIB KA MURABBA) contains highly soluble fiber and phenolic compounds that help in reducing the buildup of plague in the blood vessels. Thereby, it helps preventing hardening of arteries and precludes heart diseases.

High blood pressure

However, apple murabba does not directly reduce blood pressure, but Unani physicians recommend using it because it provides strength to the heart muscles and prevents further deposition of plaque in the arteries and supports hypertensive drugs. It reduces complications of high blood pressure to a greater degree.

Mental stress and depression

If patient with depression or anxiety feels irritation, agitation, anger and heat in the body, then apple murabba is suggested to reduce these symptoms. It helps in calming mind and inducing a good sleep.

Loss of appetite

Apple murabba with added black pepper helps improving appetite and regulates the digestive system. It triggers the production of gastric juice and induces more hunger.

Tenderness in abdominal area

Apple murabba helps in reducing organ inflammation and inflammation of soft tissues. Some patients have a complaint of pain and tenderness in upper abdominal region in which apple murabba is beneficial.


Apple murabba speeds up healing process of peptic and duodenal ulcer and improves digestive health. In case, you want to use SAIB KA MURABBA for ulcer healing, then you should not add black pepper, white pepper, cloves and cashew nuts in the murabba.

Apple murabba for skin

Apple murabba provides vitality to your skin. It helps reducing wrinkles and blemishes. It is also a good antioxidant, which fights off free radicals in the body and precludes skin aging. Apple murabba can also stimulate collagen production and maintains skin health.

Other benefits of apple murabba

  • Apple murabba acts as therapeutic agent to treat dysentery in children.
  • It prevents scurvy disease caused with the deficiency of Vitamin C.
  • The high pectin content can allow treat gall bladder diseases.
  • The detoxifying effect of apple murabba helps in eliminating mercury and lead.
  • It fights age related issues like neurodegenerative problems as Alzheimer’s disease and macular degeneration.
  • Being the rich source of iron, apple murabba helps maintaining hemoglobin level stable. Thereby, it prevents anemia and ensures the supply of oxygenated blood all throughout the body.
  • Apple murabba prevents kidney stones formation.
  • Since apple is rich in antioxidants, so it prevents developing cataract.
  • Apple murabba acts as the superb detoxifier for liver, and boosts up the immunity system.
  • It reduces LDL or bad cholesterol level.
  • As per the researches, consumption of apple murabba may lower the risk of colorectal cancer, food pipe and voice box cancer.

Caution & Side Effects

Apple murabba is LIKELY SAFE for most people except diabetic patients. You should also not eat seeds from apple murabba and wash it before eating to remove excess sugar content. There are not side effects reported with the regular use of apple murabba in most people.

Apple seeds are not removed while making murabba, which may contain cyanide, a poisonous substance. However, apple seeds can only produce toxic effects in human body if they are alone consumed more than a cup, which is not possible with apple murabba. To avoid any of these effects, remove seeds from apple murabba and only eat sweet pulp.

Allergic reaction

Apple murabba can also cause allergic symptoms in people, who are allergic to apples and sugarcane. If you are allergic to almonds, apricot, peach or pear, avoid taking apple murabba.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Apple murabba is POSSIBLY SAFE during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you have any history of gestational diabetes in your previous pregnancy, you should avoid using it.

Secondly, you should also not eat apple murabba in larger amounts due to its sugar content. Eating too much sugar in pregnancy is not advisable and you should maintain healthy balanced diet.


Due to sugar content, diabetic people should not consume apple murabba because it can increase blood sugar level in a short period.

Drug interactions

Fexofenadine may interact with the fruit apple. Apple content in apple murabba may reduce how much allegra or fexofenadine the body absorbs. If you consume the murabba along with allegra or fexofenadine then the effectiveness of allegra might be reduced. Talk to your physician about the adequate dosage of murabba, which depends upon health condition, age of the person and other several factors.

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  1. The sugar, Mother of all diseases also known as White death contains 50 % glucose and 50% Fructose. The human body never had this much fructose before this devastating invention. It is the major contributor of triglycerides in blood. It causes a fatty liver, which causes so many known and unknown problems. Consuming single apple with seeds but without added sugar has all the benefits not with sugar. Seeds contain Vitamin B17 also called amygdalin or laetrile is a glycoside nutrients linked to cancer prevention.

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