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Aragwadharishtam (Aragvadharista) is an ayurvedic and herbal medicine categorized under Arishta Category prepared through natural fermentation process. It is useful in cases of skin diseases, intestinal worms, vitiligo (leucoderma) and cough. It speeds up recovery from ulcers, wounds, and other skin eruptions. It detoxifies the blood and reduces toxins (AMA) in the body, which also helps in healing the skin lesions due to dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Ingredients (Composition)

Aragvadha (Amaltas) is the main ingredient of Aragwadharishtam. Along with other ingredients, it helps in elimination of toxins and detoxification of the blood.

  1. Aragvadha (Amaltas) – Cassia Fistula
  2. Vaividang (False Black Pepper) – Embelia Ribes
  3. Amalaki (Amla) – Emblica Officinalis
  4. Haritaki – Terminalia Chebula
  5. Nishoth (Trivrit or Turpeth) – Operculina Turpethum
  6. Elaichi (Cardamom) – Elettaria Cardamomum
  7. Laung (Clove) – Syzygium Aromaticum
  8. Kali Mirch (Black Pepper) – Piper Nigrum
  9. Guda (Gur) – Jaggery
  10. Honey


Ingredients in Aragwadharishtam have anti-inflammatory action, so it helps mitigating inflammation. The main action of it is observable on skin, blood, intestine and lungs.

Medicinal Properties

  1. Antipruritic
  2. Anti-inflammatory
  3. Carminative
  4. Mild Laxative (Purgative)
  5. Anodyne
  6. Blood detoxifier
  7. Mild Diuretic
  8. Larvacide
  9. Anthelmintic
  10. Antimicrobial & bactericidal

Ayurvedic Properties

According to ayurveda, Aragwadharishtam AAM SHODHAK (Detoxifier) and eliminates the toxins and wastes from the body. It is a balanced formulation, which is likely to maintain the state of equilibrium among three Dosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). The main effects are observed on Vata Dosha and Pitta Dosha. It reduces burning sensation in the skin lesions.

Aragwadharishtam Indications

  1. All types of Dermatitis (Eczema)
  2. Seborrheic Dermatitis (Seborrheic Eczema)
  3. Ulcers and wounds
  4. Acne (Pimples)
  5. Rosacea
  6. Hives
  7. Vitiligo
  8. Carbuncles
  9. Impetigo
  10. Gout
  11. Hyperuricemia – elevated uric acid level
  12. Constipation
  13. Hemorrhoids (Piles)
  14. Diabetes

Aragwadharishtam Benefits & Uses

Aragwadharishtam is the best to cleanse the body and promotes the elimination of AMA (toxins). Due to this effect, it reduces the toxins accumulated in the blood, lymph and skin. It reduces burning sensation, itching and inflammation in skin lesions.

Dosage & Administration

The general dosage of Aragwadharishtam is as follows.
Children5 to 10 ml
Adults10 to 25 ml
Maximum Possible Dosage90 ml Per Day (in divided doses)
* Twice a day with equal amount of water
Best Time to Take: Immediately after meal (breakfast and dinner)

Safety Profile

Aragwadharishtam is considerably safe for most individuals in recommended dosage of Aragwadharishtam when taken under professional supervision.

Side Effects of Aragwadharishtam

There are no side effects observed with standard dosage of Aragwadharishtam. However, if dosage exceed from 90 ml per day, then it may cause irritation in the abdomen or may lead to loose stools (diarrhea) in some people. Having a soft stool with its use is considered normal and it occurs due to mild purgative action of the Aragvadha (Amaltas) present in it.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Aragwadharishtam contains Nishoth and Haritaki, which are best to avoid during pregnancy. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of Aragwadharishtam in pregnancy. However, it may be safe during the lactation period, but it should be used under ayurveda expert supervision.


Aragwadharishtam is also recommended in diabetes. The most common question is that it contains sugar content i.e. Honey and Jaggery. Then does it increase the blood glucose level in the blood?

Aragwadharishtam is recommended in dosage less than 30 ml twice a day, which is likely to contain insignificant level of the sugar content, so it does not likely to affect the sugar level.

Its alcohol content does also not likely to affect diabetes. Its level is insignificant in Aragwadharishtam to increase or decrease the blood glucose level.


People suffering from irritable bowel syndrome with loose stools or diarrhea should not take Aragwadharishtam.

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