Kashayam (Decoction)

Arjuna Ksheer Pak (Arjuna Siddha Kshir)

Arjuna Ksheer Pak (also called Arjuna Siddha Ksheer Paak and Arjuna Ksheera Paka) is an ayurvedic method to prepare Arjuna Ksheer.


Arjuna Ksheer (also called Arjuna Siddha Ksheer) is ayurvedic formulation prepared using Arjuna Churna, almond milk, water and sugar (Misri). It is beneficial for heart patients.


Arjuna Siddha Ksheer has following medicinal properties:

  1. Antianginal (stable angina pectoris)
  2. Antiatherogenic
  3. Anti-ischemic
  4. Antioxidant
  5. Cardioprotective
  6. Hypolipidemic


Arjuna Red Bark Powder20 grams
Almond Milk160 grams
Water640 grams
Misri (Sugar)1/2 to 1 tsp.
Reference: Bhaishajya Ratnavali, Chapter 33, HRIDAY ROGA CHIKITSA, Verse 11

Preparation Method

  1. Take almond milk and water. Mix them in a tea pan.
  2. Now, make paste of Arjuna red bark powder with water and add Arjuna paste in tea pan with milk and water.
  3. Now, simmer the mixture with Arjuna paste until only milk remains (i.e. 160 grams) and let all water be evaporated.
  4. The left liquid is called Arjuna Ksheer or Arjuna Siddha Ksheer.
  5. Now, leave the mixture for several minutes (5 to 15 minutes) for natural cooling.
  6. Now, filter the Arjuna Ksheer and add 1/2 to 1 tsp. sugar.


However, there is no time specified for drinking Arjuna Ksheer in ayurvedic texts. Arjuna Ksheer is milk-based preparation, so one can take it anytime during the day. The following points should be taken in consideration for having Arjuna Ksheer:

  1. Do not take anything 30 minutes before drinking Arjuna Ksheer and 60 minutes after drinking Arjuna Ksheer.
  2. Taking Arjuna Ksheer on empty stomach in the morning may be more beneficial because it provides better absorption of active substances of Arjuna present in the Arjuna Ksheer.
  3. People with nausea, feeling heaviness on the chest, excessive salivation, loss of appetite, body stiffness, and low digestive power and having sweet taste in mouth should not drink Arjuna Ksheer on empty stomach in the morning and immediately after meal. People having these symptoms should wait for at least 2 hours after meal for taking Arjuna Ksheer.

Arjuna & Co-enzyme Q10

One gram Arjuna Bark Powder contains 10 mg Co-enzyme Q10.

Comparison Co-enzyme Q10 in Other foods
Beef (1 kg)30 mg
Sardines fish (1 kg)60 mg
Peanuts (1 kg)20 mg

Co-enzyme Q10 is fat-soluble vitamin like substance found in mitochondria (energy units of the cells). An abundant quantity of Co-enzyme Q10 is present in heart muscle cells. It is required for mitochondrial electron transport chain in production of ATPs, so it plays a role in providing energy to the body.

20 grams of Arjuna bark powder is used in Arjuna Ksheer Pak (traditional classical formula as given above). It means it is likely to provide 200 mg Co-enzyme Q10.

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