Unani Arq (Distillate)

Arq E Mehzal Uses, Dosage & Side Effects

Arq E Mehzal is an anti-obesity medicine used by Unani Practitioner. It mainly reduces fat accumulation and improves liver function. Most of its ingredients promote weight loss through similar mechanisms i.e. by inducing fat burning in the body and improving liver functions.  

Arq E Mehzal Ingredients

Arq E Mehzal contains the following ingredients:

Herbs Quantity
Khurasani Ajwain (Henbane) – Hyoscyamus niger 1 Part
Badiyan (Star Anise) – Illicium verum 1 Part
Gul-e-Surkh (Rose Flowers) – Rosa damascena 1 Part
Kasni (Common chicory) – Cichorium intybus 1 Part
Khar Khusk (Gokshura) – Tribulus terrestris 1 Part
Pudina (mint) – Mentha spicata 1 Part
Tulsi (Holy Basil) – Ocimum sanctum 1 Part
Water20 Parts

Medicinal Properties

  • Anti-obesity.
  • Hepatoprotective.
  • Hepatic stimulant.
  • Digestive stimulant.
  • Anodyne (especially for liver pain).
  • Anti-atherogenic
  • Antihyperlipidemic

Arq E Mehzal Indications

  • Obesity or over-weight.
  • Liver disorders especially fatty liver disease.
  • Atherosclerosis.
  • Hyperlipidemia – High cholesterol levels, elevated triglycerides or altered lipid profile.

Arq E Mehzal Benefits & Uses

As per the above indications, Arq E Mehzal’s benefits include its use for losing weight and treating liver disorders. It reduces fat accumulation in the body and improves liver functions.


Unani practitioners use Arq E Mehzal for the treatment of obesity. It prevents gain in weight and reduces accumulated fat in the body. If we think in ayurveda way, its ingredients remove the cellular blockage and improve the fire that acts on balancing the fat in the body. Arq E Mehzal can also help to prevent regaining weight after losing it.

However, you need to follow the ayurvedic diet plan for getting the optimum result. Because if your diet is not good, you are eating unhealthy foods or in a way that affects digestion, no medicine will help you to lose weight. Many people become healthy by following ayurvedic diet principles.

Medicines can only provide additional support and correct the metabolism. But food modification always remains the first step in weight loss.

Fatty Liver Disease

All herbs in Arq E Mehzal have hepatoprotective action. Its ingredients modulate proteins involved in the metabolism of the lipids, which helps in the treatment of fatty liver disease. Its ingredients also reduce inflammation in the liver and help in healing.

Arq E Mehzal Dosage

The classical ayurvedic dosage of Arq E Mehzal is as follows:

Children (above 7 years) 0.5 ml per Kg of body weight
Adults 20 – 40 ml
Pregnancy Not Recommended
Lactation Not Recommended
Maximum Possible Dosage 120 ml per day

How to Take

Anupan (Adjuvant) Lemon juice (5 – 10 ml)
Dosage Frequency  Twice or thrice daily
Medication Time After a meal

Side effects of Arq E Mehzal

Arq E Mehzal is a balanced medicine – balanced potency (hot + cool herbs). Therefore, there are fewer chances to cause any side effects. There are no side effects reported with Arq Mehzal.

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