A Quick Guide to Ayurveda Gemstones

The Ayurvedic medicine system believes everyone has a mind-body constitution combining three doshas. Each person has a dominant dosha that reflects everything about their life, from skin health to stress response and sleep patterns. Hence, when you feel something off with your body, like chronic back pains or acid reflux, it’s believed that one’s dosha is out of balance.

Balancing one’s dosha means consuming the right food and herbs and implementing lifestyle tweaks, including using gemstones to enhance one’s constitution. But before one starts shopping for gemstones like a crystal moonstone ring or a pearl bracelet, it’s best to look into one’s dosha to determine what particular gem should be used to help heal ailments and other psychological concerns.

So, to help you determine which gemstone is suitable for your dosha’s ailments or concerns, here’s a quick guide to Ayurveda gemstones.

The Fiery Pitta

Pitta dominant individuals are known for having a tenacious personality. They are often described as ambitious, highly motivated, competitive, and can come off as aggressive. They like to eat a lot, are very often thirsty, and have heavy perspiration.

An imbalanced Pitta dosha often manifests as skin problems, excessive perspiration, liver and gall bladder issues, rage, and emotional sensitivity. To help balance the Pitta, here are the gemstones recommended:


A Moonstone set-in silver and worn on the right ring finger is believed to balance the Pitta. This gemstone helps cool down and balance emotions. The Moonstone promotes tranquility, inner creativity, growth, and strength—the embodiment of feminine energy. It helps in soothing emotional instability, eliminates short tempers, and aids in reducing stress. 

Blue Lace Agate

The Blue lace agate is known to soothe an overactive mind and body. It helps its wearer maintain a calm demeanour even through trying times. This gemstone helps cool off fiery emotions and encourages its wearer to slow down. Blue lace agate is also worn to aid fatigue, support processing emotional pain, and increase emotional stability.

The Creative Vata


Vata-dominant individuals are perceived as communicative, creative, and quick learners and often described as delicate and slender with fluctuating appetites. Vata people are typically cheerful but are very poor at decision-making.

Vata dosha imbalance manifests in loss of energy and joy in life, panic attacks, restless mind, sleep problems, muscle cramps, dry skin, and flatulence. These gemstones should be of help in balancing the Vata dosha:


This semi-precious gemstone represents the root chakra. It helps in abolishing fears and helps in protecting its wearer against negativity consciously directed at the individual. This stone aids in giving structure and authority and strengthens one’s confidence. Physically, Onyx helps heal the sensory and motor nervous system and fortifies the immune system from infections.


Emerald is perceived as a life-affirming stone. It provides wisdom, balance, and inspiration. This gemstone helps its wearer with self-awareness, improves the ability to concentrate, and banishes negative thoughts to restore mental equilibrium. Physically, it helps eliminate free radicals in the body and is perceived to strengthen the heart and kidneys.

Tenacious Kapha

Kapha dominance is characterized by a tranquil personality with good long-term memory. They are perceived as courageous and tolerant and prefer to stay home and work thoroughly, albeit slowly. They are typically well-proportioned and have smooth skin and supple joints. 

Kapha dosha imbalance is externalized as lethargy, respiratory tract and bronchial system congestion, and feeling excessively sleepy and subdued. The following gemstones can be used as remedies to bring back Kapha balance:

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a transformation stone. It helps its wearer step out of routine and dispels stagnant energy. It helps unlock potential, find passion, and aid in new beginnings. This gemstone is also used to aid in healing psychosomatic illnesses, stabilizes mood swings, imbues its wearer with willpower and confidence, and helps release tension.


This gemstone is used to overcome old emotional wounds. It’s a gemstone that helps with leadership and encourages one to move out of their safety zone. It’s also a good gemstone that allows its wearer to feel more connected to its authentic self. This gemstone is thought to bring back the spark in one’s ability to engage while giving its wearer a sense of stability and safety.


Ayurveda is a concept that’s been around for thousands of years. The use of gemstones in healing illnesses, eliminating impurities, and balancing the mind and body makes perfect sense if one considers the universal interconnectedness that governs this ancient medical system. Since Ayurveda has existed for thousands of years already, it’s about time to look into the practices using a more western-inclined scientific lens and examine how their healing methods and tools can complement more modern methodologies.

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