Ayurvedic Massage Oils and their Benefits

 As we climb up the ladder of age, we find ourselves afflicted with a lot of aches and pains. There is no explanation or reason for its occurrence. This is where the necessity of an oil massage appears. A full body oil massage works wonders in releasing the toxins accumulated in our body that cause a lot of pain and psychosomatic diseases. Massage is a type of therapy that helps in healing the body by working on the soft tissues of the body. It revitalizes the body and works in rejuvenating the spirit and calming the mind. It tones down the muscles and makes you more youthful. It is also said to relieve the body from tiredness.

It is generally believed that our skin contains the largest amount of beneficial hormones. That makes the touch and thereby massaging a very therapeutic routine. Oil massage helps in releasing the accumulated toxins from our body, which in turn helps in soothing muscular pain and aches. It increases the blood circulation and makes you more relaxed. The more you do it, the more effective it is for your body and mind. The vital points are energized and the endocrine and nervous system are balanced. All the cells are nourished and activated.

Benefits of oil massage are many more. It is also helpful in increasing the metabolism rate of your body and it activates the body cells. It can boost your immunity and you can see yourself with no cold, cough and asthma attacks. A good body oil massage is said to decrease the stress hormone, cortisol. It increases the blood circulation making you look lustrous, supple and fresh. It keeps insomnia away and gives a sound and deep sleep at night. A regular oil massage can make you calm and relaxed.

Different types of Massage Oils Used in Massage Therapy

Massage with oil is something that has been in practice from a very long time. Many types of oils are used in oil massage and they need not be very expensive. Just make sure that the right type of oil to suit your body type should be used for the massage. To know your body type, you can consult an ayurvedic physician. You can also find mixed massage oils where two or three types of massage oils are mixed together for a better effect. The best massage oil is said to be herb-based because they are known for their light texture and nice glide. Make sure that you do not choose synthetic massage oil.


The following oils are used in ayurvedic massage therapies.

For Hairs

Kayyanyadi oil

It contains very useful herbal extracts for hair such as Eclipta alba, Indian gooseberry, Terminalia Arjuna, Tinospora cordifolia (Giloy or Guduchi) etc., which are effective in reducing hair fall, preventing graying of hairs and removes the dandruff from the scalp. In addition, if you have any problem that causes burning sensation in the head or eyes, it is very useful in that condition.

Dhurdhoorapatradi Oil

If you are facing a problem of scalp itching or suffering from fungal infection of head, it is the best oil for massage. It reduces itching and prevents hair fall.

Neelibringadi thailam

It is prepared from herbs such as Indigofera tinctoria, Cardiospermum halicacabum, Phyllanthus emblica, Cocos nucifera etc. Due to these herbs, Neelibrngadi thailam helps in stimulating growth of hairs prevents premature graying of hairs and hair fall. Its gentle massage provides the coolness to eyes and head and alleviates the stress.

For Body

Eladi Oil

The main ingredient of Eladi oil is cardamom. Its massage is recommended in pitta type people or skin conditions in which person are suffering from heat, burning sensation and redness of the skin.

Balaswagandadi thailam

The main ingredient of this oil is sida cordifolia, which is a great tonic for muscles and nerves. This oil is best for vata type people. If you are feeling weakness of muscles, dryness of skin, pain in the bones or joints, conditions such osteoporosis or decreased bone mass etc, this oil is best for you. It will strengthen the muscles, nerves, bones and joints.

How to Go about Getting an Oil Massage for the body

Full body oil massage is done depending on each person.  A good oil massage can actually penetrate the oil into the body, helping to heal the toxic cells inside. What is done on one need not work for another. However, mainly, in a full body oil massage, the focus is on the shoulders, arms, hands, neck, back, hips, legs and feet. Occasionally the face is also massaged. It is nice to tell the massage therapist your profession so that they can work on your body accordingly. For example, if you are a computer professional, they can concentrate more on your neck, shoulders and arms. The neck is always a place of discomfort for many people. Most of these therapists work for a longer time on the neck area to relax the muscles of that area. The massage therapists say that most of the people complain of back and shoulder problems.

The massage therapists always work on the feet last, for fear of bacteria from the feet spreading to the rest of the body. Once oil massage is over, they ask the person to lie down for around 20 minutes or so for the oil to soak well into the body. Then go for a warm bath or a shower and come out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, body, mind and spirit. The massage is normally done in the morning before the morning shower so that it helps releasing the previous day’s toxins that is accumulated in the body.

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