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Ayurvedic Measurements

Ayurvedic classical texts have described weights and measures in ancient system. Many people are now not known with them. For your reference, we are sharing information about ayurvedic metrics and their modern metric equivalents.

Weight & Measures

Ayurvedic Metric Units (Classical Units)Modern Metric Equivalent
1 PARAMANU (परमाणु)0.0016 mg
1 DHAVANSHI (VANSI & TRASRENU) (वंशी/ध्वंशी)0.05 mg
1 MARICHI (मरीचि)0.32 mg
1 LAL SARSHAP (सर्षप)1.95 mg
1 TUNDAL15.62 mg
1 DHANYAMASH31.25 mg
1 YAVA62.5 mg
1 RATTI125 mg
1 ANDIKA250 mg
1 MASHAK (MASA)1 gram
1 SHAAN3 grams
1 KOL6 grams
1 TOLA12 grams
1 KARSHA  (1 KARSA)12 grams
1 SHUKTI24 grams
1 PAL (1 PALAM)48 grams
1 CHHATANK60 grams
1 PRASRTIS (1 PRASRTI)96 grams
1 KUDAV (1 KUDAVAS)192 grams
1 PAV (पाव)240 grams
1 MANIKA (MAANIKA)384 grams
1 PRASTHA (PRASTH)768 grams
1 SER (SERA or SEER)960 grams
1 ADHAKA (AADAK)3 Kg 73 grams
1 TULA4 Kg 800 grams
1 DRONA (DRON)12 Kg 228 grams
1 SURPA (SHOORP)24 Kg 576 grams
1 DRONI49 Kg 152 grams
1 BHARA96 Kg
1 KHARI196 Kg 608 grams

Accepted measurements are given according to Charak Samhita based on TOLA equivalent to 12 grams. There are slight differences in SARNGADHARA SAMHITA and other classical texts.

Measurement of Time in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Metric Units (Classical Units)Modern Metric Equivalent
1 KSANA0.38 seconds
1 LAVA0.77 seconds
1 NIMESHA1.55 seconds
1 KASTHA4.66 seconds
1 KALA2 minutes 20 seconds
1 GHATI24 minutes
1 MUHURTA48 minutes
1 YAMA (याम or पहर)3 hours
1 AHORATRA 24 hours (8 YAMA)
1 PAKSA15 days
1 MASA30 days (1 month)
1 RITU60 days (2 months)
1 AYANA6 months
1 SAMVATSARA12 months (1 year)
1 YUGA5 years

The first Yama (याम) or Pahar (पहर) of the day starts from the Dawn. Dawn is a time of the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise.

The first Yama (याम) or Pahar (पहर) of the night starts from the sunset.

Linear Measurement

Ayurvedic Metric Units (Classical Units)Modern Metric Equivalent
1 YAVODARA2.4 millimeter
1 ANGULA1.95 cm
1 BITAHASTI22.86 cm
1 ARATNI41.91 cm
1 HASTA45.72 cm
1 VYAMA182.88 cm

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