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Bhasma & Pishti

Bhasma (Monatomic Formulations) is the incinerated or calcined product of metals, minerals and animal products used in the Ayurvedic system of medicine for curing a number of ailments. It is the basic ingredient for several herbomineral preparations used by the Ayurvedic physicians. Pishti is therapeutic agents containing finely ground powdered gem, minerals or animal products.

How to prepare Bhasma and Pishti medications

The process of manufacturing Bhasma and Pishti is usually preceded by the process of SHODHANA, which involves the purification of metals, minerals and animal products for removing incorporeal or corporeal adulterations. The process also allows for the detoxification of the metals, minerals and animal products and results in their improved fragility and therapeutic quality. The calcinations and incineration help to convert the hardness, heaviness and roughness of the metals into softness, and lightness. The process helps to disintegrate the macro-particles into micro-particles and makes the substance organic, colloidal inert, and potentiated.

Later, the Shuddha raw material is converted into a powder form.

It is achieved by heating the Shuddha Material in presence of Sulfur or Mercury, or herbs. This is followed by the process of CHALLAN, which involves stirring the contents during heating of the Shuddha Material. The next process is called DHAVAN, in which multiple water washes are given to the powered metal to remove the excess impurities left after earlier stages. Then, the product is sifted through a fine cloth to separate the residual materials larger in size.

In the next process called PUTTAN, a special earthen pot called SHARAV is used for heating the material to obtain the final product. The shallowness of the pot allows the material to be heated faster and in a uniform way.

Pishti can be obtained by levigating the minerals in a crucible after organic and physical purification and detoxification.

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