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Medicated Herbal Ghee – Ghrita (Ghritam)

Ghrita or medicated ghee is an Ayurvedic form of medicines prepared by using ghee. The medicine is processed with some herbal decoctions called KASHAYAM, fresh paste of herbs called KALKA, and keeping GHEE as a base. The choice of paste of herbs and decoctions is based on the formulae mentioned in the ancient Ayurvedic texts of India.

Ghrita or ghee is a form of SNEHA DRAVYA or fat. It allows the fat-soluble active principles of the herbal ingredients to be properly dissolved into the Ghee thus ensuring their proper absorption into the body when the Ghrita medicine is consumed by a person. The importance of during ghee in this preparation is it is the only medium, which has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, and reach the tissues and organs of the central nervous system like the brain. Hence, the Ghrita drugs are particularly indicated for the treatment of disorders affecting the brain and nervous system.

Method of Preparation of Ghrita

The essential components needed for the preparation of Ghrita are KALKA, DRAVA, and SNEHA DRAVYA. DRAVA is a liquid, which can be used in the preparation of Ghrita in one or more than one forms as mentioned in the formula. The Drava can be SWARASA (fresh juice obtained from the extraction of whole herbs or crushed leaves), KASHAYA (decoction), MASTU (curd water), DUGDHA (milk), or MAMSA RASA (meat soup). KALKA is a smooth paste of fresh or dried drugs. SNEHA DRAVYA is used as a base material. Ghrita (ghee) or Taila (oil) can be used for this purpose, alone or in combination.

For preparing the medication, the DRAVA and the KALKA are mixed in a vessel. Then, SNEHADRAVYA or ghee is added to this mixture and boiled on a low flame. It is stirred continuously to prevent KALKA, the solid part of the mixture, from adhering to the bottom of the vessel.