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Iron Preparations – Lauh & Mandoor (Mandur)

Iron preparation or Lauh is a type of Ayurvedic medicine having Lauha Bhasma or purified calcined iron as its main ingredient in addition to other herbs and minerals.

Mandoor (Mandur) is a form of Ayurvedic medicine in which Shuddha Mandura or Mandur Bhasma is the main ingredient of the final product. Usually, these medicines are indicated in the management of Anemia, splenic and hepatic disease, malabsorption syndrome, and inflammation.

Method of Preparation of Lauh

All the ingredients mentioned in the formula for the medication, expect Lauha Bhasma, are made into a fine powder and mixed well. Then, Lauha Bhasma is added to this mixture in the proportion mentioned in the formula. The powdered mixture is later processed with some liquids (mainly herbal decoctions or juices) and kept in the sunlight till it dries completely. This process should be repeated several times as mentioned in the formula. The dried product is later used to make tablets or stored in the form of a fine powder. It is important to ensure that the product is fine.

Method of preparation of Mandoor

Purified Mandoor is used in the preparation of all Mandoor medicines. Mandoor can be purified by a special method that involves boiling it in cow’s urine or GOMUTRA till it becomes a paste.

The powders of herbs mentioned in the formula for the particular medication are then added to the paste and stirred well till they are mixed well.

Tablets are prepared from this paste while it’s warm. It can also be allowed to cool and stored in a powder form.