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Confection (Jelly) – Lehyam (Avaleha)

Lehyam or Avaleha is a form of Ayurvedic medicine having a semi-solid consistency. It is prepared from herbs to which GUD (jaggery) or SHARKARA is added along with the prescribed SWARASA (herb juice) or KASHAYAM (decoction).

Method Preparation of Lehyam

The preparations of Lehyam need the following ingredients:

  • Kashaya or the decoctions of herbs
  • Churna (the powder or pulp of some herbs or drugs)
  • GUD (jaggery) or SHARKARA (sugar or sugar candy)
  • Tail (oil) or Ghrita (Ghee)
  • Madhu (Honey)

To prepare the medicine, GUD (jaggery) or Sharkara is dissolved in the decoction. The liquid is strained to remove the undissolved or foreign particles.

Then, the solution is boiled over a moderate fire till a PAKA is formed. PAKA, also called PHANITA (inspissated juice), is a thread-like substance having semisolid consistency. The way to make sure the PAKA is perfectly formed is to press a few drops of it between the thumb and the index finger and then, moving the fingers apart. If the liquid draws into a string, the PAKA can be said to be formed.

Another method to confirm this is to add a few drops of the liquid to a glass of water. If the liquid sinks down into the water without getting dissolved, the PAKA is formed. Then, it can be removed from the fire.

Later, Churna or the fine powder of herbs is added to the PAKA in small quantities while stirring vigorously and continuously to form a lump-less, homogenous mixture.

TAILA (oil) or GHITA (Ghee) should be added to the preparation and mixed well. In some preparations, some ingredients are fried in the ghee or oil.

In the end, Madhu (honey) is added and mixed well once the mixture cools down.