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Ayurvedic Classical Tablets – Vati & Gutika

Vati or Gutika is a term used to indicate tablets or pills in the Ayurvedic system of medicine. The intake of Ayurvedic medicines is often unpleasant due to their bitter and astringent taste. Vati or Gutika is the palatable form of Ayurvedic medicines, which are pleasing for the taste buds thus allowing the patients, especially children, to consume them without having to bear the unpleasant taste.

Vati (Gutika) Preparation Method

The herbs and other materials of plant origin needed for the final product are dried and grounded to make a fine powder, separately. If the medication contains minerals, they should be purified and converted into a BHASMA or SINDURA form.

In case the formula contains Parad (mercury) or Gandhak (sulfur), KAJJALI, the purified and safe form of these ingredients is prepared first to which the other ingredients are added one by one.

The herbs, bhasma, and KAJJALI are put into a mortar and pestle or KHALVA and ground to obtain a soft paste by adding the prescribed amount of certain fluids. If the formula contains more than one liquid, they should be added in succession.

The materials are ground properly till the mass turns into a soft paste, which can be used to make pills. At this stage, the aromatic and flavoring agents like KARPURA, or KASTURI, if mentioned in the formula, are added. The mixture is grounded again till the paste becomes non-sticky. The mixture is rolled with the fingers to form the pills of required sizes. Tablet punching machine can also be used to make the pills.