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BAMS – Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery

B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) is a recognized bachelor degree in India for Ayurveda (India’s Ancient System of Alternative Medicine). BAMS is recognized under the Indian parliamentary act “The Indian Medicine Central Council Act, 1970.” According to law, it is equal to other medical degrees in India and a person graduated in Ayurveda can perform same legal work such as issuing medical certificates etc. as the other medical degree holder can do.

The BAMS course duration is five and half years including 1 year’s compulsory internship. The five and half year’s undergraduate course provides skills in ayurvedic clinical practice and helps understanding modern science as well. However, the syllabus of BAMS course is like an integrated degree, which includes teachings of ayurvedic as well modern medicines, but BAMS degree holders are not permitted to practice modern allopathic medicines throughout the India except some states. Read below Supreme Court judgment regarding this.

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian Science, which diagnoses, prevents and treats diseases on basis of three body humors (VATA, PITTA & KAPHA) and two humors of mind (RAJA & TAMA). Every symptom and sign is specific to these humors, which helps telling the physician about the dominance of the humor. After diagnosing the disease and humors, ayurvedic doctors decide medicines on basis of primary dominance, secondary dominance and tertiary dominance of humors to re-harmonize and re-balance the natural states of the humors. This requires a careful observation and deep understating, which makes the ayurvedic science toughest than other health systems. You cannot prescribe same medicines even for same disease in different individuals even with a slight change in symptoms. Wrong medicine can result in treatment failure.

Ayurveda is now spreading all around the world due to its efficacy and wonderful results in chronic diseases and ailments declared incurable in other system of health care. Nowadays, ayurveda becomes a crucial part of healthcare for general people all around the world. People are interested to take ayurvedic treatment for diseases, which are difficult to cure in other medicine systems. Therefore, BAMS degree also becomes very important in Indian education system, but still it has no legal recognition outside India.

About CCIM

CCIM is the abbreviation used for the Central Council of Indian Medicine, which is the statutory body and council constituted under the Indian Medicine Central Council Act, 1970. It was established on 10 august 1971. CCIM is responsible for framing and implementing of various regulations in ayurveda, Siddha and Unani colleges. The Curricula and Syllabi of BAMS, BUMS and BSMS are decided by CCIM. All colleges providing education in Indian system of medicine are required to be affiliated with Universities and CCIM. Affiliation criteria are prescribed by CCIM. The BAMS course is conducted according to the rules and regulation of the Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi.

Admission criteria for BAMS

If you want to do degree in Ayurveda, then you need to pass out 12th class with medical science. The essential subjects in 12th class are Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In addition, you should secure minimum 50% or above marks in these subjects.

Candidate interested for admission to the first professional of the BAMS course require fulfilling following criteria:

  1. Age Limits for BAMS: 17 years or above (The minimum age limit to get admission in BAMS is 17 years and now, there is no upper age limit.)
  2. Minimum Educational qualifications: 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology

With above criteria, students are eligible for entrance examination for BAMS. Admission is based on the rank obtained in the entrance examination conducted by various universities in states of India. After securing good rank, the student can get admission in BAMS first professional, which may be provisional and need to be approved by concerned University.

BAMS Course & Duration

BAMS degree comprises of four professionals and one-year compulsory internship.

Course DivisionDuration
First Professional12 Months
Second Professional12 Months
Third Professional12 Months
Fourth (Final) Professional18 Months
Compulsory Internship12 Months
Total Duration5 Years 6 Months

BAMS graduate are eligible for registration as ayurvedic physicians at CCIM or State Ayurvedic and Unani Boards. Their status is equal as other medical graduate in India, so they are also eligible for various appointments related to ayurveda in central and state government.

Subjects in BAMS

The B.A.M.S course includes four professional and one-year compulsory internship after the completion of three professionals. Subjects of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery are as follows:

First Professional (Duration: 12 Months)

It consists of 5 subjects as given underneath:

SubjectsEnglish Translation
Ayurveda Itihas & Padartha VijnanaHistory of Ayurveda & Meta Physics
SanskritSanskrit Language
Kriya SharirHuman Physiology including ayurvedic concepts, complete modern physiology and biochemistry
Rachana SharirHuman Anatomy including dissection & complete modern anatomy
Maulik Sindan Avum Ashtanga Hridayam (Sutrasthana)Basic Principles of Ayurveda & Ashtanga Hridayam (Sutrasthana) – Basic Classical text of Ayurveda related to basic principles of Ayurveda

Second Professional (Duration: 12 Months)

Second Professional consists of 4 subjects as given underneath:

SubjectsEnglish Translation
Dravyaguna VijnanaPharmacognosy & Herbal Materia Medica
Rasashastra And Bhaishajya KalpanaAyurvedic Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics
Agada Tantra, Vyavhar Ayurved And Vidhi VaidyakToxicology, Medical Jurisdiction And Forensic Science
Charaka Samhita (Purvardha Vol. 1)Ayurvedic ancient text of Ayurvedic Medicine

Third Professional (Duration: 12 Months)

Third Professional consists of 5 subjects as given underneath:

SubjectsEnglish Translation
Rog Nidana Evum Vikriti VigyanaPathology & Microbiology (Including Ayurvedic Concepts)
Charaka Samhita – Uttarardh (Vol. 2)Ayurvedic ancient text of Ayurvedic Medicine
Swastha Vritta & YogaPreventive and Social Medicine (Community Medicine) & Yoga
Prasuti Tantra Evum Stri RogaObstetrics and Gynecology
Kaumar Bhritya (Bal Roga)Pediatrics

Fourth Professional (Duration: 18 Months)

Fourth Professional consists of 5 subjects as given underneath:

SubjectsEnglish Translation
Kayachikitsa (Including Manas Roga, Rasayan & Vajikarana)Internal Medicine (Including Psychiatric Disorders, Rejuvenation & Aphrodisiac Science)
Shalya TantraGeneral Surgery
Shalakya TantraDiseases of Head & Neck, Ophthalmology (Eye), ENT & Dentistry
PanchakarmaAyurvedic body Detoxification procedures
Research Methodology & Medical StatisticsResearch Methodology & Medical Statistics

Internship (Duration: 12 Months)

You college may likely to divide your internship as follows:

Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicine)4 Months
Shalya Tantra (General Surgery)2 Months
Shalakya Tantra (ENT, Eye & Dentistry)2 Months
Prasuti Tantra Evum Stri Roga (Obstetrics and Gynecology)2 Months
Kaumar Bhritya (Bal Roga) – Pediatrics1 Month
Panchakarma1 Month
Total Duration12 Months

License to Practice Ayurveda

After completing BAMS, you will require contacting State Ayurvedic and Unani Boards in the state in which you want to practice ayurvedic medicine for registration and getting a license to Practice Ayurveda. This registration provides you a license to practice ayurvedic medicine in the particular state for which you are registered.

To practice throughout India, you require registering yourself with CCIM (Central Council of Indian Medicine). This license allows you to practice ayurvedic medicines anywhere in India.

Higher Studies after B.A.M.S

There are numerous opportunities for BAMS graduate to pursue further studies as follows.

  1. MD – In various subjects as studied during BAMS course
  2. MS – In various subjects studied in BAMS
  3. M. Sc. – Medicinal Plants
  4. MPH – Masters in Public Health
  5. MBA – In hospital management or any other specialization

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

BAMS graduate can choose MD (Doctor of Medicine in Ayurveda) in various subjects that he/she has studied during his/her graduation. There are many colleges and universities in India, which provide post graduation courses in ayurveda subjects. However, the selection is based on entrance examination and syllabus of entrance examination is entire syllabus of BAMS degree.

One can pursue MD in following subjects:

SpecializationEnglish Meanings of Subjects
Ayurveda Sinddhant and Darshana (Maulik Siddhanta)Basic Principles of Ayurveda and Meta Physics
Rachana SharirHuman Anatomy
Kriya SharirHuman Physiology
Ayurveda SamhitaCharaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita & Vagbhata
SwasthavrittaSocial and Preventative Medicine
Dravyaguna VijnanaAyurveda Materia Medica or Herbology or herbal science including modern pharmacology and essential drugs
Rasa Shastra & Bhaishajya KalpanaAyurvedic pharmacy
Rog Nidana & Vikriti VigyanaDiagnosis & Pathology
AgadaTantra, Vyavhar Ayurved & Vidhi VaidyakToxicology, Medical jurisdiction and forensic science
KayachikitsaInternal Medicine
Kaumar Bhritya (Balroga)Pediatrics
PanchakarmaFive Detoxification procedures
Prasuti Tantra Evam Stri RogaObstetrics & Gynecology

MS Degrees – Master of Surgery

SpecializationEnglish Meanings of Subjects
Shalya TantraSurgery
Shalakya Tantra (ENT)Ear Nose Throat (ENT)
Shalakya Tantra (Netra Roga Vigyana)Ophthalmology (Eye)
Prasuti Tantra Evam Stri RogaObstetrics & Gynecology

Higher Study After Post Graduation in Ayurveda

You can further pursue higher studies in ayurveda after completing post graduation.

Master of Philosophy

One can also pursue master of philosophy after completing post graduation. Many institutes are providing M. Phil. degrees in some of subjects.

Doctor of Philosophy

After post graduation, one can do doctor of Philosophy (D. Phil.) in following subjects:

  • Ayurveda Sinddhant and Darshana (Maulik Siddhanta)
  • Rachana Sharir
  • Kriya Sharir
  • Ayurveda Samhita
  • Swasthavritta
  • Dravyaguna Vijnana
  • Rasa Shastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana
  • Rog Nidana & Vikriti Vigyana
  • AgadaTantra, Vyavhar Ayurved & Vidhi Vaidyak
  • Kayachikitsa
  • Kaumar Bhritya (Balroga)
  • Panchakarma
  • Prasuti Tantra Evam Stri Roga

Career Options & Scope after BAMS

  1. Private clinic or General Ayurvedic Practice
  2. Specialized Clinic or Specialized Practice
  3. Government Jobs as Ayurvedic Medical Officer
  4. Research Worker
  5. Healthcare Administration
  6. Health Supervisor
  7. Manager in ayurvedic pharmacies

Private Clinic (General Ayurvedic Practice)

After learning ayurveda and working under an experienced physician to gain skills in diagnosis and treatment, one can start his own clinic. This option is always available for every BAMS degree holder. BAMS doctor can easily earn his livelihood through his general ayurvedic practice.

Some states also allow BAMS graduate to practice modern medicine or emergency medicines in villages, where is a shortage of modern doctors for welfare of the public. India is facing shortage of doctors in villages and BAMS can help Indian public by serving in villages. Many BAMS doctors are practicing in villages successfully and earning their livelihood.

Practicing in villages is an option, but one can do a good ayurvedic practice in cities as well. Now people are turning to ayurveda and herbal medicines because of many side effects of modern medicines and due to some obstinate diseases, which are difficult to cure with allopathy. Most of ayurvedic medicines containing herbal ingredients or calcium and mineral-based preparations (like Praval pishti, Mukta pishti, Godanti Bhasma, Abhrak Bhasma, Jasad Bhasma etc.) are safer and well tolerated in most of people. However, there are medicines, which should be used in limit like Rasa Formulations and heavy metal containing bhasma etc. for safety of patients. Safely profile of these medicines is not yet well established and researches are going on this subject.

Earning of BAMS Doctors in Private Clinic

It is yet very difficult to tell about the average earning of BAMS doctors in private clinics, but it is assured that they can earn well to live a good life. The profit from private clinics of most of our colleagues ranges from a minimum of Rs 20000/- to a maximum of Rs 150000/-. Several factors can play a role in your earning after BAMS in private clinic.

How to Become a Successful Ayurvedic Physician

In private clinic, consider following points for becoming successful ayurvedic physician.

Success PointsWhat to Do
Accurate DiagnosisLearn ayurvedic physiology and pathology thoroughly. Start learning NADI PARIKSHA from college time. Find good Vaidya outside college to learn this.
Quick visible relief from symptomsUse Panchakarma & potent herbs. Make a list of effective herbal formulations for your clinical practice.
Affordability of MedicinesHerbs & Natural Remedies based practice and do not use of metal-based medicines.
Quality of medicinesDo not rely on the market and prepare your own medicines for your patients.
Good communicationImprove your communication skills

Key of Success: You should keep patience for your recognition in private clinic. It may take time (1 to 3 years), but it will give you lifetime comfort and financial freedom. Just you need to develop skills to diagnose the diseases accurately according to the ayurvedic science and give appropriate treatment for them. This is the key of success in ayurveda.

Specialized Clinic

Specialized practice means to practice in a limited field of medicine like pediatrics, gynecology, gastroenterology, mental diseases, joints pain, liver disorder etc. It may include only a single disease as well.

According to our experience, this option is more successful and affordable. In a general clinic, you may require many ayurvedic medicines, which may be difficult to start-up. Some of ayurvedic medicines are very expensive that include gold (Swarna Bhasma), silver (Chandi Bhasma) etc. A good general ayurvedic clinic may require initial investment of 2.5 to 5 Lakh Rupees, which may be difficult for some of our BAMS friends.

One can start Specialized Clinic with initial investment of 25000 to 200000 rupees. Your advertisements also become easy and people may recognize you for a specific disease, it helps building clientage easily. In a general clinic, you have a long list of diseases and advertisement for every disease becomes difficult and if you write list of all diseases, then people may feel difficulty to decide to visit your clinic for which disease. Now, there is a trend of choosing medical specialist.

For this, you can pursue further study in your dream field. Alternatively, you can get experience in your dream field under medical specialist of concerned medical branch.

Government Jobs

There are many BAMS graduates coming out every year after completing/passing out BAMS and there are a few numbers of government jobs with a lot of competition. Therefore, scope in the government sector is remained only for limited successful candidates in competitive examinations.

Outside India – Scope of BAMS Abroad

However, Ayurveda starts gaining popularity in foreign countries as well including US, Australia, etc., but BAMS degree is not yet recognized outside India.

Therefore, if you are trying to pursue your career after BAMS outside India, you should re-evaluate your decision. Yet there are very less chances to get a VISA of Canada, Australia, U.S.A., UK or European countries on basis of BAMS course or experience in Ayurveda.

However, some countries (especially Australia) may evaluate your skill on basis of alternative medicine or complementary health therapist. After skill assessment, you also require state nomination, which is less likely to open for complementary health therapist from this year (2015).

You cannot even use the title ‘Doctor’ before your name in these countries. Only Australia’s law may allow you to use doctor title before your name.

However, many ayurvedic doctors are residing in foreign countries and they had to complete other courses to survive there and registered as herbal practitioner or Naturopathic practitioners. Most of BAMS doctors moved to foreign countries on study visa. BAMS degree holders can do post graduation in Master of Public Health abroad.

Quick Tip: Ayurveda has no scope in skilled visa (main category) provided by other countries. Therefore, choose another course if you want to go abroad, which has international standard and worldwide recognition.

Can BAMS doctor practice allopathy?

It depends on state government rules. Many states in India don’t permit BAMS doctors to use modern medicines in their practice. However, only following states allow BAMS doctors  to practice modern medicine.

  1. Andhra Pradesh
  2. Himachal Pradesh
  3. Karnataka (allowed from 2013)
  4. Maharashtra
  5. Tamil Nadu
  6. Uttar Pradesh (In the pipeline and may allow in near future, according to recent news) – Now we did not have any update on this, please check with your state government. (updated on 4 Sept. 2015)

NoteAccording to the judgment of the Supreme Court of India, the state government can allow BAMS doctors to practice modern medicine if there is a shortage of doctors in that state.

Disclaimer: We didn’t have sufficient information if your state government allow you to practice allopathic medicines. Please do ask from the state government in written.

Pros & Cons


  1. After BAMS, you can work as a qualified physician in Ayurvedic Medicine.
  2. There are many opportunities waiting for you to serve people suffering with obstinate or ‘difficult to cure’ diseases. Ayurveda has cure for some of them.
  3. Own private clinics are better than private jobs. A good ayurvedic practice can give you a financial freedom.
  4. In Government jobs, you will get same pay scale as any other registered medical practitioner gets.


  1. Job opportunities in private sector for BAMS doctors are also good, but we still cannot compare it with MBBS doctors.
  2. BAMS doctors receive less remuneration in private set-ups or hospitals as compared to MBBS doctors.
  3. Government jobs for BAMS are very limited as compared to MBBS.
  4. Less recognition of BAMS degree outside India

Further Reading

  1. Should I do BAMS or BHMS?
  2. BHMS

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Dr. Jagdev Singh

Dr. Jagdev Singh is a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Herbalist with B.A.M.S. and M. Sc. in Medicinal Plants. He has a wealth of experience in using Ayurveda to treat patients, including the use of herbal medicine and personalized Ayurvedic diets. His passion for spreading accurate and scientific information about Ayurveda and Medicinal Plants led him to create Ayur Times, a trusted resource for those seeking reliable information on the topic. Through his dedicated work, Dr. Singh has helped thousands of patients find relief and improve their health with Ayurveda and Herbal Medicine.

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  1. Ayurveda is art. If you start some specification in a single disease it will work for you. I started in skin and still I am a student I use to see patients related to skin disorder.and I follow Charak.

    Have faith in Ayurveda.

    1. Sure, Ayurveda is an art of healing and living. Dedication is always necessary for succeeding in Ayurveda. Ayurveda has very potent and successful medicines for diseases that are declared incurable in other healing systems.

  2. Ayurveda is one of the world’s wealth. It should not be commercialized because it is way of life.

      1. Sometimes,I can’t imagine anyone who does not have a base of medical education equated with those who have a base of medical education

        1. According to syllabus, they also gain same education as MBBS graduate have in addition to ayurvedic subjects/topics. In fact, BAMS can be considered as integrated degree in medicine.

          1. Ayurvedic doctors have no right even to give injection. They can only sell herbs, powders and ayurvedic medicines.

  3. Generally, all BAMS graduates serve people in villages where MBBS doctors do not provide their services. Therefore, BAMS is the backbone of the Indian Medical system to avail health services in villages. Why do you have a problem with the practice of allopathic medicine by BAMS graduates? They have studied during their course and they have right for this.

  4. Dear Dr. Nitin, if you people have studied allopathic medicine during your course, it does not provide you rights to practice. You need to register with the Medical Council of India for these purposes. However, states have rights to allow you to practice allopathic medicines, as Dr. Jagdev has explained in the article.

  5. Hello sir, I have read your article. I feel it would be good if I had read it before joining BAMS. I want to go abroad and settle there permanently. You have written BAMS is not a recognized degree outside India. I am in second Prof. Could you suggest me something? What can I do now?

    1. Don’t worry. BAMS is not yet well known in western countries, but in future, we can hope for better scope for ayurvedic practitioner there.

      Even MBBS is not sufficient to settle abroad, you have to sit in their examinations to prove your skills. You also have to join residency for three years to practice in the US.

      The same thing is with BAMS, but you have not to pass any test to practice, but you have to hold some other qualifications such as herbal medicines, alternative medicine, and naturopathy to practice in other countries.
      BAMS graduates can get approval as a complementary health therapist and naturopath in some countries including Australia and Canada. Therefore, you can practice ayurveda in these countries.

      My strongest point is that BAMS graduates have to struggle in the western world to survive on own healing system, but there are many ayurvedic doctors practice ayurveda in western countries and they are also very successful. They have done the hard work, so got better rewards. Hard working and good practice with ayurveda are the keys to success, it doesn’t matter where are you in India or abroad.

      1. Sir, I have just wasted about 1.5 years in BAMS. Our teachers are also asking us why we are here. When I admitted in BAMS and attended my first class, our Anatomy teacher had asked to change the course, as BAMS has no scope except using allopathic medicines. We had not perceived him that time what he was saying. Now, I can understand his views why he said that thing to us.

        You have not suggested me what should I do now?

        1. With this type of mental attitude, success through ayurveda becomes little bit difficult. You should not rely on allopathic medicines for treating diseases. You should use ayurvedic medicine for healing and curing diseases. Now ayurveda is in demand, good ayurvedic practitioners are very rare. Try to become good ayurvedic physician.

          There are many ayurvedic doctors using only ayurvedic and herbal medicines and achieved success in the field. Ayurveda is wonderful system if practiced with dedication.

  6. Is there any ayurvedic practicioners in southeast asia,particularly Indonesia and Malaysia ?

    1. Yes, there are many doctors in Indonesia and malaysia practicing ayurvedic medicines and ayurvedic therapies.

      1. I am going to do bams. I am confused that my decision is right or wrong. Tell me can I do dgo after bams and practice gynaecology.

        1. There are many formulations in ayurveda that help to cure uterine fibroid, ovarian cysts, dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea and leukorrhea etc. But if you want to practice obstetrics, then there is a problem. You would need help from modern medicines, so you would use medicines for which you have no legal right. Your practice will be illegal according to Indian Constitution. You have only right to prescribe ayurvedic medicines, even you have also studied modern medicine in BAMS. Then BAMS is not for you. There are many courses better than BAMS. You can go through on internet for them such as B.Sc. Honors (Bio-chemistry. biotechnology, bio-physics, botany, zoology etc. etc.).

  7. Can you recommend an ayurvedic practitioner in Indonesia ? Because I am very interested in this matter

  8. Sir I have registered for bams
    In haryana all bams doctors are giving alopathic madicine can I earn more in ayurvadic medicine

  9. Sir, I completed 12th with 94%. My father is producing cosmetics wax. It will be helpful to him if I studied BAMS for 5years or it will be enough to undergo 6 months course.

    1. Nothing is like your industry in BAMS study, Just do some certificate course for getting skill, do not waste 5 years.

  10. Sir, can you please tell me whether I have to go for BHMS or BAMS. Sir, please reply soon my counseling date is near.

    1. Both degrees have less practical value than MBBS. BHMS would be better choice because homeo medicine are less expensive and ayurvedic medicine are more expensive. Purity of ayurvedic medicine is a big problem, which you may not apply to homeo medicines.

  11. Sir, I’m going to be admitted in Bombay for BAMS, but I just want to know that would I be able to do my masters in gynecology after BAMS?

    And what kind of jobs I would be able to do after completing my graduation in BAMS?

    1. Yes, you can do masters in gynaecology after bams (M.D ayur). In some states, you cannot prescribe allopathic medicines and without allopathic medicines, you may not conduct deliveries and surgeries.

    1. According to my opinion and experience in ayurveda, there is no bright future after doing B.A.M.S. until standardization of ayurvedic medicines and treatment protocols.

      World is now changing, even Indian Government do also support evidence based medical practice, which may not apply to ayurvedic practice universally.

      Every ayur physician has his own understandings for ayurveda and its formulations, which do not apply universally. Pace of research in the field is slow that cannot compete with the modern medicines. Many research studies in ayurveda lack accuracy. This may be our Misfortune.

      Deep understanding of ayurveda concept can help you to have a bright scope.

  12. Hello sir, I belong to Punjab. I didn’t get admission in MBBS. So know I am thinking of BAMS. I want to ask that –
    1. Does BAMS have good scope in Punjab?
    2. What is maximum earning of BAMS doctor?
    3. Can a BAMS doctor become specialist of heart surgery?
    4. Which is best career option according to you?
    Please help me with this sir.

    1. Yes, it has good scope in Punjab if you would like to do mixed practice using Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines. Pure ayurvedic practitioners are also successful in punjab, as most educated people searching for medicines that do not have any side effects.

      Earning of BAMS doctor:
      In job (private hospital) = Rs 5000 to 10000, with experience of 1 to 3 years, you can earn 10000 to 30000
      Self employment (with pure ayurvedic medicine) = 10000 to 30000, with great results to patients and understanding of ayurveda, you can earn 50000 to 200000 or even above. See examples of Jiva, Ramdev etc. If you can become like them.
      Self employment (with mixed practice using allopathic medicines) = 20000 to 150000
      Govt. Jobs. (if available) = about 50000

      BAMS doctor cannot become specialist of heart surgery.

      Best career depends on your thinking, according to me it is good degree if you would like to serve in India, but if you want to go abroad, then it will not be beneficial. If you like to follow all laws of India, then it will also not for you. BAMS doctors are not allowed to practice allopathic medicines and without allopathic medicine, you cannot earn much more. A few ayurvedic doctors are successful with ayurvedic practice, but not all ones. I have faithfully written all aspects, now consult your parents, friends, and also take advise from career consultants. Best career is to do standard degrees that have recognition world wide.

  13. Hello! Sir, I have completed my BAMS graduation. I’m in a confusion to do PG in Ayurveda or msc anatomy/physiology.. Which one has positive growth.
    Or shall I do PG in Alternative Medicine by doing A.M is their abroad chances. Plz help me

    1. Both have good scope. If you do pg in ayurveda, job opportunities increase in Ayurvedic colleges and hospitals. If you go for M.Sc. Anatomy or physiology, then scope of employment increases in all medical colleges and ayurvedic colleges.

      PG in alternative medicine or M.D. (A.M.) is a fake degree. Do not go for this. Doctors with this fake degree are defrauding the public. Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, kolkata is a fake university declared by U.G.C.

  14. Hello Sir,I finished my bams in the year 2013.I am very much interested in the field of teaching.Can you please tell me how beneficial is doing M.Sc(medical)physiology to my career and what are the job offers i can get in India after doing that course?

    1. M.Sc. Medical physiology can develop your career in teaching field with a great scope in medical college, nursing colleges and ayurvedic colleges. This degree can also widen scope of employment in foreign countries. But sometimes, you may face discrimination problems due to BAMS degree, as they may ask MBBS with m.d physiology or msc physio. Ovarall, good scope.

  15. hello sir, i have got selected in BHU for BAMS. according to you should i join bhu or should i try 1 more year to get selected in mbbs? i am too confused. please suggest me for right option.

    1. If you are confident that you can assure your good rank in next premedical examination, you must try best for getting admission in mbbs course. Test your levels through self examination. Tips for help:
      A. Thinking is a natural to mind, so you can use flow of thoughts to remember difficult things. We know that our mind always filled with some kind of thoughts. Instead of thinking or day dreams, we can use this process to memorize and learn new things. Your mind will work as a tool, start thinking about some topics, analyse some problems in the mind. Read some questions and try to solve without paper and pen. You can do this even when you are in the market. It is a natural process that can be used for learning and improving memory.
      B. Make a strong determination, if you are weak in some field, others will too. So try to improve in every subject, do not miss any topic, as others might miss.
      C. Set some realistic goals to improve your levels on daily basis.

      I will don’t suggest to drop a year for preparation if you are not so confident. You are at good place to study ayurveda as well as modern science.

  16. hi! i choose BAMS Course. is this course has good scope in future. can i get earning after pursuing my studies . may i know the skills to be devolped by a bams student.

    1. All depends on how you study and learn the ayurveda. Ayurveda can flourish your future and you can earn your livelihood. Two things are essential to get success in ayurveda:
      1. Recognition of your expertise i.e. results in specific diseases
      2. Good will – Initially, you may have to take advantages of advertisement and after that people will help you by mouth to mouth publicity.

      Skills Required:
      1. Identification of herbs for their originality
      2. Good command in herbal remedies and formulations (i.e. how did our shastra or ancient scholars had prepared a combination, you must understand and know the concept behind these.)
      3. Diagnosis – as per ayurveda as well as modern science.

  17. sir,now i have passed my 12th i am in confusion to do bams or not. plz tell me is there scope for bams in future in management sector.

    1. If you do want to go in management sector, why do you want to do bams, other branches are available. You can get a general degree and then mba. Why do you think to study 5 and half years about ayurveda. For management field, you need degree in management. BAMS scope is well explained in above article, but bams is not for management sector, it is for ayurvedic practice. If you want to do some degree in public health management, then you can do MPH after bams.

  18. Sir,
    My cousin daughter is waiting medical counciling in ap.she has 10000plus rank in eamcet
    She has lost hope she will get mbbs seat.if she is not getting mbbs what course will be better for her.her plus 2 marks are 93%.she is having strong feeling to became mbbs.can u through some light?

    1. Do not worry, she looks intelligent, you can ask to drop one year for preparation for pmt and let her to join good coaching classes. Other courses include B.Sc. honors from Panjab university (very good scope in future), but already filled all seats, so you have to wait for this as well.

  19. Sir, please advice me is bams is gud to earn in india nd can i do ms in gynaecologst. Thn after dat is there gud income nd can i practice in modern medicine…nd if i want to give pmt again bt widut drop a year by taking admssn in bams this yr bcoz in rajasthan this course will start in november..nd it is better than biotech..or not

  20. 1. Earning depends on luck after doing bams.
    2. You can do MS Gynae after BAMS, but it will be ayurvedic MS in istri roga and parsooti tantra. That means you are not legally authorize to prescribe even modern gynae medicine to your patients, however, you can conduct deliveries and all other things related to gynae, Gynae and obs practice is impossible with using allopathic/modern medicines.
    3. In my opinion Biotech is far better than BAMS. After bams, there are very little chances to get jobs and after Biotech, job opportunity increases. Positive point after BAMS, you can start your own clinic, and after biotech, you have to search for jobs.

  21. Great article for guiding the future aspirants in Ayurveda. I appreciate you for your very honest views on the BAMS. I believe BAMS is for a serious person who want to serve people through pure ayurveda.

  22. Sir,
    i am 12th passed student from Maharashtra. I got 4000 rank in my mht-cet. I don’t have any chance to get admission for mbbs course. so should i go for bams course ? Is there scope for bams student in Maharashtra ? Can MS Ayurveda students do surgeries ? can i have any scope in pediatrics after doing bams ? i want to do my career in medical field only. i don’t want to do bsc / physiotherapy / bhms / bio-tech. so are there any other options available ? or should i take drop ? but i am from open category & reservation in Maharashtra has increased so i have very less chances next year. what i should do ?
    please help me sir………..

    1. I will recommend you to join BAMS, but do not make it back door to allopathic practice. First respect ayurveda and try to learn all concepts of ayurveda. Ayurveda also has a great scope in Maharashtra.

      You can become pediatrician and do surgeries in which you have gained training.

      You can also practice allopathic medicines in Maharashtra, as state government rules allow to do this. But I advise to learn both science, so your future will become safer. If after some time, state government does make some alternation in rules due to which you legally cannot practice the modern medicines, then you will also be able to serve people with ayurvedic medicines.

      Ayurvedic medicines also have great results, do not worry, but Its complicated sciences and there is no one to teach it properly even in colleges. I will try to provide all aspects of ayurvedic science on this website that I learnt and I will also start sharing my practice experience here soon.

  23. Great effort in presenting the insider’s view on BAMS and nice views on Ayurveda.

    I had done my 10+2 with 90.2% aggregate and 91.67% in PCB. Took a drop, got selected in RPMT but the paper was re-conducted and didn’t get selected in it. Now should I pursue other courses from DU or take a chance for MBBS once again?

    Which field is better- BAMS or BHMS with regard to knowledge, processes (healing time, income, social respect etc.) and most importantly, self-satisfaction?

        1. I think you should join a course and along with the course prepare for PMT. First year, you can manage your study because final exams would be held after one and half year after joining the course. You will have sufficient time to prepare exams as well after next year PMT exam. It will prevent loss of one year if again face lower ranking. Ranking in PMT also depends on luck in addition to preparation. One mark can change the ranking.

  24. Hello sir, I am selected in BHU BAMS sir I want to know if I join
    the course is there will be enough time to prepare for pre medical exams and when are the BAMS semester exams held?

  25. Sir,
    I appreciate your helpful nature. Sir I want to know is there any entrance medical exam which does not have an upper age limit. I am from Maharashtra but ready to migrate anywhere in the country.

  26. Really appreciable and straightforward write up. Things have actually been placed rightly in this. Ayurveda no doubt should be a choice rather than a chance . Indeed there is a struggle before we actually accept that studying ayurveda means practicing and believing it. It did take sometime for me to understand that its a specialization in the field of medicine ….and no other way inspite of harboring and believing in this pathy can take you forward…there’s lot more to it than what is being taught in the colleges(no doubt they are never a source of motivation for students).The way westrener’s have brought it forward (would have been happy if i could ve said indians)…and gone through it is an eyeopener ….somehow lack of opportunities right from the basic level are frustrating …students loose their confidence and are unable to match the standards of Mbbs and others….hence this fanastic system of medicine is lagging behind in our own country and we very proudly call it as indian system of medicines …where an ayurveda graduate(after 51/2years time investment ) has to make his meals following allopathic system halfheartedly and then get the tag of a quack …. government should come forward with schemes and policies which can enhance the lost confidence in own system ……


    1. You have to appear in 10+2 medical exams. You can join school and talk to headmaster about your circumstances. He will definitely give you a solution about attending classes or any alternative.

  28. sir.i heard that govt postings for BAMS are not being filled up these days.. Is that true??? what are the chances of getting government post in BAMS…?? please inform me

  29. sir i m from Odisha state. i hv been trying pmt since 3 yrs nt couldn’t succeed..bt i hv selected in govt clg 4 bams.. wht’s d scope in odisha???

  30. sir,
    I have got admission in government bams college in Maharashtra. Is there any scope in neuroscience after bams ? or should i try for pmt again next year ? i want to do something in neuroscience.

  31. All you have written is true and these facts should be read by all future ayurveda aspirants.

  32. sir i got admison in bams college, but till today I’m not self satisfy for this course especially after reading ur article. will i hav time for the preparation of mbbs while studying bams before the first exams..

  33. Excellent information, we do not have this type of degree in the US. I think, ayurveda should not be approved in the US, as some of ayurvedic medicines contain heavy metals as per wikipedia article.

  34. Good talks about bams, but dedicate people can excel in life after bams and people in search of money may not satisfied with this degree.

  35. is BDS better option than BAMS from private college .. ? presently i m prusing BAMS from govt. college after 2 year gap . suggest me

  36. Sir my name is mohd shahid khan , I do my bums in 2003 batch and after completion of my courses with out internship I become a teacher .icomplete the 3rd proff. In 2007 .now I want to do my internship .can I do ?
    Please advise me

    1. Yes you are right. Indian govt doesn’t need Ayurveda. We can see that not even single state govt feels any kind of need to fill Ayurveda medical officer vacancies and some times teaching staffs in govt colleges also….

  37. Hello Sir;
    Iam from kerala. i am opting for bams. Can you please suggest best bams colleges in south india?

  38. sir i had complete my degree in 2008 …in between i had done so many jobs in modern medicine hospital ( allopathy ) bt i was never satisfied …i also had done a certificate course in panchakarma …bt i did get job in any ayurvedic hospital …..please help me what will i do now..there is any course that i can do now and can go abroad and any other chance for me for my carrier

    1. According to me, you should start ayurvedic private practice. Ayurveda has a good scope as well. Do not quit your job, but start ayurvedic practice on weekend or in your spare time. 2 hours daily for ayurvedic practice is sufficient if you can manage the fixed schedule.

      There are no benefits of doing any course further if you want to go to foreign country. It would be better to do career oriented courses in foreign country.

      You can apply for Australia PR on basis of experience and study in the field of alternative medicine. Ayurveda is also a form of alternative medicine, so you are eligible to do so. Please consult some immigration agents dealing with Australia visas for this purpose.

      1. Wht type of career oriented course I can do …..should I have to do mba in finance or in other fields that help me to stabilise in foreign country

        1. There is a little scope of MBA after BAMS, but you can try to change your field. I suggest you MPH (Master of public health). It is better course and bams degree holder can do this course. It also has a good scope in India and other countries.

  39. Namaste sir …!
    I’m final year student of ayurveda profession. Within few months I’m going to complete my profession.
    I wanna practice ayurveda only.. & I don’t have any family background in ayurveda. So please suggest me any ayurvedic centers. Where I can gain good knowledge.. 1st I will prefer for pune .. Or else you suggest me a right solution?
    Thanking you.

    1. Actually, I do not know about Pune. I suggest you going to nearby ayurvedic physicians and ask them if they would like to help you. You have to search them yourself. Learning centers are not doing good, they are just providing overviews of ayurvedic concepts. You need to learn deep concept, which you can learn from private ayurvedic practitioner only. I am also helping people like you, I am posting articles related to medicines, which helps you a lot to learn about ayurveda and how to use ayurvedic medicines to cure patients. However, due to shortage of time, I am only able to post 2 – 3 per week. Thanks.

  40. Hello sir,
    I am a bams graduate. Sir i want to know that what kind of option to do mph(master in public health) after bama in canada.
    And is it good or not?

    1. Do not miss chance to do MPH. You can do it after BAMS. You can pursue this degree in India. I highly appreciate it and very good scope in India as well as other countries like Canada and Australia. You can also directly apply PR after MPH and gaining 3 year experience in public health sector. Join this course.

  41. Sir mujhe mp pahunt 2014 exam ma389 rank aayi tjii shubhdeep ayurvedic medical clg Milla hai Maine admission le liya hai BAMS mai mp mai kya scope hai iska

    1. Scope depends on you and how you are gaining knowledge. If you can give results to patient, then scope of BAMS is everywhere. Good scope in MP.

  42. Hello sir,
    Thanks for your kindly reply.
    Sir i want to know that how can i apply for mph in canada, and which university offer mph program for indian bams student. And what is the criteria for admition.
    Please reply

  43. Great article!
    Want to know reliability of TULIP INTERNATIONAL
    which runs courses in cosmetology for BAMS.How
    Much advantageous would it be for a BAMS graduate?

    1. I think these courses are training courses, which are not running under any University. You can get exposure to various spa & beauty therapies and cosmetic procedures through these type of courses, which are essential to build career in the industry.

  44. Helo sir,
    The article wat u ve posted was very informatic nd nice suggestions too .Sir diz yea I completed ma BAMS course nd m neither interested in teaching field nor clinical field so I thot of doing MS in healthcare nd administration or MBA nd can I go abroad for procuring dis degree ..?? Nd wat mre courses u suggest me to do sir ..

    1. MBA in healthcare and administration is also a good course, but I believe MPH is better course than this for BAMS. It has good scope in India as well as in foreign countries.

  45. Hi sir
    Myself dr Neha and BAMS graduate n doing contract based govt job and has done msc in applied psychology from global open university nagaland and willing to move abroad plz suggest any course and is there any scope for ayurvedic doctors

  46. hello sir,
    sir please help me to find a better college for BAMS in india in only three states namely uttrakand , Uttar pradesh, punjab, sir please suggest me a good and experienced(15yrs) college only, and should be CCIM and state board approved……..


  47. Dear Dr. Jagdev, I have completed my BAMS in 2012 from muktsar- Punjab. Presently i am working with some hospital as RMO in chandigarh. But not satisfied with this job as by doing this job feeling very dominating and not getting respect as per other mbbs doctors of hospital. Now I want to do practice only in ayurveda but major problem is that i have no practicle experience in this field. Can you suggest me any good ayurvedic doctor or ayuredic center/hospital where i can get practicle training for ayurveda practice. I also heared about DEEP AYURVEDA – Kharar that they are doing practice only in ayurevda and panchkarma and some of my colleges also done 2-3 months training from this center last year. But they are asking 15000/- fee for ayurveda practicle training or another option is to serve at least one year at their clinics in which first three month is training without fee and after three month they will pay me Rs.8000/- per month for rest 9 months and after one year they can also offer me regular job at their clinic with salary of minimum 15000/- to 20000/- depends on the candidate. Please suggest me..

    1. If you want to learn deep core of Ayurveda, then contact Dr. Jasdeep Singh, Nabha (Contact Number: +91-98155-47800). He is best Ayurvedic doctor in Northern India, please discuss further with him on phone. Thanks.

      1. Dear Sir, I want to study BAMS( Ayu) in Bengali and English. How I can proceed that/ Please email me.

  48. Hello Sir,
    Can we practice Siddha along with Ayurveda? Can you please suggest me the top colleges.

    1. Siddha medicines and ayurvedic medicines are derived from same origin such as herbs and natural minerals. So, I don’t think that anybody can restrict its use by ayurvedic doctors. Please visit a few colleges and attend some unofficial classes to check where teaching is better. I exactly don’t know which college would be best.

  49. Dear sir, i had completed BAMS & right now i am working as a Medical officer in state government (contract based) i want to do proffessional management course in distance mode as i am a working proffessional . i am little more confuse regarding this MBA in health care & hospital management or MPH which one is preferrable for me please suggest me & if i do this type course in distance mode what are career options in future ? please suggest me ….

  50. Good After noon Sir,

    Myself, Sameer Singh

    Please sir, tell me how can be direct apply in BAMS course in private college and what is the minimum fees of BAMS course.
    Please sir, give me instruction.

    Thanking you sir.

    1. You have to appear in entrance exams conducted by state university. Fee structure is also designed by state governments, so regular check newspapers for the timing of prospectus and examinations.

  51. Hello sir , I am in 11th class their Will be a need of couching classes or not?? And I think to do 12th class in government school and give open papers and that time I Will take couchings for bams

    1. Hello Doctor,

      I am Dr.Raghu. Some people are practicing with BAMS from Alternative Medical Councils, Boards. They are buying those certificates and practicing. Real BAMS doctors are getting poblems with those.

      Please tell me the legal status of BAMS from Alt Med Council/Board. How to we proceed with them? How much punishment they will get. Is there any separate legal support cell to complaint on them?

      1. The BAMS from ALTERNATIVE MEDICAL COUNCIL BOARDS is not recognized under the Law of CCIM Act. So you can file a case of fraud against this institution and its degree holder. It is same with M.D. (AM) or M.D. (Alternative Medicine).

      1. As you know, it is a fake degree and Indian Government is ignorant about it. They cannot use Dr. Prefix before their name. BAMS from Alt Med Council or board stands for Bachelor of Alternative Medicine and Surgery. It’s not an ayurvedic degree and its degree holders do not have similar rights under Indian Medicine Act.

  52. Sir, I wish to join bams while many suggest me to go with MBBS. Which one do you suggest me ?

  53. Dear Sir, I am a BAMS graduate (Batch 1993). I would like to do online Master degree in any subject (Sharir Kriya, Dravya Gun etc). Could you please recommend an institution that conducts such courses? Thanks for your guidance.

    1. Unfortunately, there is no institution conducting this type of course online or through distance education. You can do M.Sc. in Medicinal Plants from The Global Open University, Nagaland.

  54. Hello Dr. Jagdev Singh,

    With BAMS degree , how do I apply for MPH or MHA programs in USA or Canada ? Do we need to complete GRE and TOEFL exams or can we apply directly ?
    Thank you.

  55. Hello Dr.Jagdev,
    I am bams plus ms(gynae pursuing) grad.
    I read the article and comments as well.
    I would like to know how can someone practice and do surgery as gynecologist without using modern medicine with the rule imposed that ayush doctor can not use modern medicines. I am planning to practice in UP as it’s my hometown.
    With these rules ms course should be vanished for bams grads..right?

    Also I need your help to point me the rule book of CCIM for a deeper look and better understanding of rules so that i can fight with UP government for get included in those five states….because we know UP also doesn’t have enough modern doctors to cope up with state’s population.

  56. hello, i am a third prof student of BAMS. i want to know if a student of second prof has not appeared in second prof final examination, is he/she eligible to attend the class of third prof?

  57. sir plz let me know where to do cms and ed course in haryana can i practise in villages as a doctor

    1. I am not sure about this with current rules & regulations of Indian Gov., but according to my current knowledge you may practice in villages using 63 medicines.

  58. Sir please, I need accurate info about CMS and ED course and BAMS IN ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE and BEMS ELECTRO HOMEOPATHY or BAMS in ACUPRESSURE DEGREE there are many institutes of paramedical course in Haryana, which say all are recognised and you can practise as a doctor after BAMS in alternative medicine and CMS and ED. Please help me sir.

  59. Sir I am planning to go US, I have done my BAMS and practicing since past 3 years.
    Do I have to pursue any further qualifications to get a visa? Also if I have a employment opportunity and a sponsor ready. What are my chances?

    1. The BAMS degree is not recognized in USA and CANADA, so you may have to pursue a new course in these countries for employment. You may get work permit if you have any employment opportunity there.

      I would like to help you, but I have no further information regarding this.

  60. Hello sir,
    I need to know the fees structure and cutoff mark (under Bc category)for study BAMS/BSMS in govt siddha medical college as well as private colleges in tamilnadu..

  61. Hi sir, I am a BAMS doctor. Can you please let me know, which allopathic drugs can I have a right to use in Delhi?

    1. According to Government Law, you have no right to use allopathic medicines in anywhere in India except some states, which specially give permission due to lack of MBBS doctors in that states. Delhi Government has not issue such notification in favor of BAMS doctors, so you cannot use a single allopathic drug in your practice.

      1. but dr jagdev there r some allopath drugs which a Bams doc can prescribe as I thought u don’t HV a knowledge

        1. That are WHO list of around 60 drugs, but you can then only practice that ones in rural areas. The humor of those medicines spread all around, but that notifications were fake as per supreme court decision. The supreme court decision was only medical practitioners registered with MCI can practice modern medicines. In certain cases, state government can decide to give permission to practice modern medicine to BAMS doctors. Maharashtra and Haryana Govt. have allowed BAMS doctor to use allopathic medicines (for your reference). This is not in case with Delhi Govt.

  62. Sir, I had completed my plus two education. I would like to study BAMS. For that, I want to know about the average fees structure to study BAMS in Kerala.

  63. Respected sir, I cross my 25 age and I want to take admission in Haryana in BAMS course in private college on donation seat. Someone told me you could take admission without PMT test or you above 25 or 30.

    Is it true sir? Can I take after age of 25 on donation seat in private college? Please help me sir. Thanks in advance.

    1. Admission in BAMS course may not be possible without an entrance test. However, some colleges have management quota seats, which can be filled without PMT if no other candidate is available through PMT.

      Probably, there may not be any upper age limit for admission, confirm it from college.

      1. Sir I got 71% in boards and 55 marks in PMT. Can I get admission to BAMS?

    2. Dear Monika we have limited seats available through management quota no donation direct entry in Top Medical Colleges in Punjab if you are interested then call us at 09417142569.

    1. You can do MD (Ayur) in psychiatry (MANO ROGA). After that, you are eligible for practicing in psychiatry, but only through ayurvedic medicines. Many ayurvedic therapies like Shirodhara, Basti etc. are helpful in mental diseases, so scope may be bright.

  64. Dear Sir, I am a science teacher in government school in Punjab. I am very much interested in doing course in ayurvedic field. Please suggest me what should I do to pursue this field.

    1. You can do course in Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Ayurvedic Nursing, Panchakarma therapy etc. IGNOU also provides distance education courses, you should visit IGNOU website and search on google for diploma and certificate courses in ayurveda.

  65. i am doing bsc hons botany from panjab university
    is this course better than BAMS?

  66. Sir i want to know how much a bams or md in ayurveda earn a salary in government jobs

  67. Sir, I have completed my +2 last year with 94%. I dropped a year for mbbs entrance but not expecting good college. My parents won’t let me drop another year. They want me to join some course. Can u suggest if I should join bhms or bams? I want to prepare for next year aipmt side side by side. So, which course will give me more time for aipmt preperation?

  68. Sir, I want to pursue m.sc.in clinical research. What are its merits & demerits? Which Indian university offers this course? I have completed BAMS. Name a course to get better job security in abroad with good earning.

  69. Dr.Singh,

    this articles is nice and gives good information about BAMS. this articles help students to decide on BAMS. I would like to highlight typographical error in state name. It is typed Tamil Naidu instead of Tamil Nadu. kindly correct the error.

    Madhavarao N n

  70. I am connected to Chandigarh from heart and live in Delhi. I am expecting nearly 90 percentile in my 12th. I have not given any entrance because I want to depend on others for next 8-9 yrs someone saying me to do B. Sc. OT Tech. from PGI Chandigarh. Please suggest me should I do it or look for B. Sc. or BOT or BPT from DU or PU or wait for next year for MBBS if I can earn with it as I think I got even nearly have a creative mind for IIT.
    Is there will be any increase in my value if I do MD after BAMS.
    I was also hoping for next year with MBBS or any course in hand for a safe game. The climax of life will be as businessman and pm for which I also have a plan for bit quick and plenty of money or a bit less.

  71. Sir,
    I am from Indore India from a middle class family and I got only 59.2% in 12th biology. My parents dream is that I have a production unit or manufacturing unit of product such as LEP for swelling and KADHA for SAYTIKA because we have our own formula and serving people and earning money at a small scale.

    After reading this article, I am so much confused what I do because I need good income. Suggest me sir what should I do. I love ayurveda, but allopathy is also not bad my grandfather was a doctor in village and my grandpa has his name in ayurveda. I help my friends in purchasing medicines for their general problems and I know to cure and manufacture some ayurvedic medicines. I am very confused for god sake please help me sir.

    1. Actually, the above article is a critical essay to clear all doubts of aspirants and telling about the actual status of ayurvedic medicines in India and outside India. It does not mean that you cannot earn well in ayurveda.

      Ayurveda has its own expertise. It is good in many diseases and help a lot. You can pursue further study in ayurveda and achieve your goals in manufacturing good ayurvedic medicines. Ayurveda only fails when ayurvedic medicines are not pure.

  72. Hi Sir,
    I belong to Himachal Pradesh. I have just passed my 12th exams with 83%. Sir I am having a great interest in ayurveda, but after completing my BAMS can I become a surgeon and sir please mention the various branches in which I can practice or perform surgery. So sir please help me I am very much confused. What are the scopes and excitements of BAMS?

    1. 1. Yes, you can do specialization in surgery after BAMS, but some states may not allow you to use modern medicines in surgery. You cannot perform surgeries without modern medicines.

      2. There are several branches in ayurveda in which you can do MD after BAMS. You can do post graduation in almost all subjects given in the article in different Profs. Please read Subjects Section in above article. https://www.ayurtimes.com/bachelor-of-ayurvedic-medicine-and-surgery/#subjects-in-bams

  73. Sir, can i do specialization in nephrology or urology or cardiology after BAMS?

  74. Sir by doing MD in kayaChikitsa we can also practise on allopathic medicines or not.

  75. Sir
    There is any procedure after BAMS and MD kaya chikitsa with which I can legally practice on allopathic medicines in Himachal Pradesh.

  76. Sir, I want to pursue M.Sc. in clinical research & regulatory affairs instead of PG after BAMS. Suggest me whether I am going for right decision. Name some top college providing this course. What is its percentage of placement & scope in govt. jobs? Kindly guide me sir. What is the income?

  77. If I do BAMS from distance education (correspondence), will I get license to open my clinic? Which are the best colleges offering distance education program for BAMS?

    1. 1. BAMS course is not available through distance education.

      2. If any institute or board offers any misleading course in name of BAMS or with short form of BAMS, then that course would not be sufficient to get license to practice in ayurveda.
      You should not join such type of courses.

  78. Sir, I have completed my 12th in Commerce, but I wish to change my career at this moment and want to go in for ayurvedic medicine. I am 28 years old. Please guide me as to whether I can go forward for BAMS course. I wish to open my own clinic. Do I need to appear for 12th science through correspondence or will also need to give 11th science exams as for appearing for medical entrance exam we need to have 12th science? Kindly provide me the details as to how do I go about it? If there is any alternative available, please let me know.
    Thank you.

    1. 1. Yes, you need 12th with medical science.
      2. There is no alternative available to BAMS, but there are massage courses, panchakarma courses or ayurvedic pharmacy courses are available. However, these courses are not sufficient to get registered as a doctor with CCIM.

        1. Different people have different opinions for it, but according to me, BDS is a part of mainstream medicine and well recognized all over world, so it should be more preferable than BAMS or BHMS.

  79. Sir,
    Which are the other degree courses we can do before BAMS? Can we apply for B.Sc. microbiology/biochemistry?

  80. Thanks for all your information
    I’m doing BAMS and I’m in second year. In my college, management is not so good, so I’m looking for all subject classes where I can get good knowledge with practical. So sir, can you please suggest me the best classes nearby me in borivali, Mumbai.

  81. Sir
    After completing my BAMS, can I become child specialist or gynecology if I can so? Do I need 1 year’s training course of allopathy medicine? I am from Maharashtra. What are other needs?

  82. I am a commerce graduate, so I will need to appear for 12th science correspondence exam if I need to make my career into BAMS. But the doubt is do I need to give 11th science too as a requirement for appearing for 12th science exam? Can I do 12th science be done by correspondence? Please do solve my query.

  83. How is BAMS evaluated in Canada and USA? I am planning to do either BAMS or Naturopathy from India and then being able to practice in Canada/USA. I know, in North America, I would need to do more studies before I can fully start practicing there.

    1. There is no course in USA and Canada on the basis BAMS can be evaluated. Therefore, I suggest you to join any other course than BAMS. Naturopathy may be good, but you should check the scope and migration if available on this basis. Naturopaths can get evaluation in Canada and Australia.

  84. Dear sir,
    I am doing BAMS from NASHIK UNIVERSITY. I am in second year, can I transfer my college to another college.

  85. Dear Sir. No where it is mentioned that the maximum age limit for admission in Bams is 25 years. In prospectus of most of the colleges minimum age mentioned. Plz clear this situation and send any link if you have. I m 32 years old and want to pursue this course. Your kind guidance will help me a lot.
    Thanks sir.

    1. we have seats available for BAMS as per your enquery. If you are willing to get admitted then contact us at 0941714259

  86. Sir, I got a rank in the BAMS admission exam. But confused whether to join BAMS or go for B.Sc. honors courses? Please, recommend sir.

    1. I always suggest students to join such course, which has global recognition. BAMS is only recognized degree in India. 90% BAMS doctors depends on allopathic medicines, which means they are practicing illegally modern medicines. However, some states allow practicing modern medicines, but a few are in list. I would like to recommend you to join B.Sc. Honors.

  87. Sir, I’m eligible to get admission in BHMS & BAMS courses in Odisha, but find it difficult to decide whether to join BHMS OR BAMS? I’m also confused between BHMS & BAMS and B.Sc. honors courses. Sir, what are the future scopes in these fields? And in B.Sc. honors courses, which subjects are in demand?

  88. Sir, I have completed diploma in physiotherapy by U.P. state medical faculty and DNYS by AKHIL BHARTIYA PRAKRITIK CHIKITSA PARISHAD RAJGHAT ROAD DELHI, D-PHARMA in allopathy by U.P. polytechnic govt. and certificate in community in health or CCCH by NIOS\MHRD.

    So please explain, Can I prescribe some allopathy medicine, I am practice in UTTAR PRADESH. Thanks.

    1. None of these courses provides any right to prescribe the modern medicine. However, you have diploma in Pharmacy and you require registering with UTTAR PRADESH Pharmacy Council. After this, you may have right to open medical store, but selling medicines require valid prescription from the doctors unless OTC medicines or health supplements. This is according to the laws of Indian Government.

  89. sir can you please guide me in BAMS degree the subject we have to learn are in which language
    so as per that base i can decide for my kid weather we go for BAMS or not


  90. Hello sir, thank you for your guidance. I got 150/200 in MHCET. May I prepare for MBBS entrance while doing BAMS without taking drop? What will be the cancellation fees after 1 year of BAMS? Hope you will reply soon.

    Thanking you! (I am from Maharashtra).

    1. 1. Yes, you can prepare for PMT without dropping a year.

      2. There may be no cancellation fees. College may not refund any amount paid to them for first year.

  91. I am getting admission in BDS in private college and I am getting admission in BAMS Govt. College. What should I do? Which one has the better scope in future and gives more salary? Please reply fast as I am in immense confusion.

    1. Surely BDS, if you can become a good dental doctor. Straightforward medical practice is always good.

      You have to face many problems after BAMS. Some of these problems are.
      • Purity of medicines: You cannot prepare all medicines yourself, so have to depend on market medicines and they are not working. Manufacturing all medicines for your patients will be a headache.
      • Adulteration in herbs and ayurvedic medicines
      • Lack of standardization in most ayurvedic manufacturing units: You will not get same results of same medicine manufactured by different ayurvedic pharmaceuticals.

    1. BDS have good scope than B. Physiotherapy. Colleges have no impact on medical profession. Individual skills and practical knowledge matter a lot even when you will try seeking good jobs. Consider only this point.

  92. sir….which is the best field between BAMS and BHMS….tell about the scope,salary,study burden and upto where it is practised…Rplly fast…

  93. Sir, I am from Ujjain MP. Which is the best field in BAMS, BHMS & BUMS? Please tell about the BHMS & BUMS. What is the procedure for admission in these fields? What is its scope?

  94. Sir,
    I want to do BAMS, but after reading your article I think that it wouldn’t be a good source of income, but I’m convicted to it and I don’t get any inspiration regarding this field although a BAMS doctor told me not to enter in this field instead to do BDS. What to do is it good for me or I do B.sc in biotechnology instead. It is very confusing, please sir help me and reply soon.

    1. However, every field is full of competition in India. BDS has also good scope. Mainstream medical field will always have a bright scope, as growing number of diseases and patients.

      B.Sc. with specialization (honor) such as Biotechnology, biochemistry, biophysics, bioinformatics, microbiology, zoology, botany, physics, and chemistry also have good scope. All these courses have worldwide recognition and provide good job opportunities.

  95. Sir, I am from Punjab Amritsar passed +2 medical with 85% and got pmt rank 4965. AIPMT cancelled due to leak of paper will happen again on 25 July. AYUSH entrance rank -71 and all counseling are postponed.

    1. I am confused to choose between- B.Sc. medical, b. pharma, BAMS. What has more scope?

    2. My relative said after completing B. Pharma I can open a shop, but without links cannot happen. Is it true?

    3. My parents are not willing to study out of ASR, Punjab. Is there scope of BAMS in Punjab? My relative said Punjab BAMS ayurvedic Dr. Can prescribe allopathic modern medicines. Is it true?

    4. I don’t want to drop a year. Earlier I wanted to do BDS, but less PMT rank. I guess I won’t get seat in ASR. for BDS.

    5. Now, I want to do BAMS in SHREE LAXMI NARAYAN AYURVEDIC COLLEGE, AMRITSAR. Will it be fruitful after?

    I will be waiting for your answer. Sir, please reply soon close towards decision.

    1. 1. Scope depends on many factors involved. It is difficult to answer this question, which would have more scope.

      2. B. Pharma has good scope in pharmaceutical companies. Currently, licenses to new chemist shops are not sanctioned in Punjab, but it is just for a short period. It will not be forever.

      3. Legally, Punjab Govt. has not given any sanction for this. Allopathic medicine prescription on BAMS degree is still challengeable in the courts. Court may take decision in favor of patients. For this, you can read on Google “Dr. MUKHTIAR CHAND VS STATE OF PUNJAB JUDGEMENT CASE.” Supreme Court clearly said practitioner registered with MCI could only prescribe modern medicines. I think you can understand it better after reading the case.

      4. Dropping a year is not good choice.

      5. If you can practice ayurveda (especially herbal medicines and natural therapies), then the future may be bright. If you rely on allopathic medicines, we cannot say anything about the future.

  96. u advised me to do BDS but some advice to do BAMS as they say it will have good scope in future….can i consider this point n do BAMS or sticking to BDS is a good option??

    1. Both possibilities will be there in future. Every science has some bad points and good points. In future, both fields will be competitive, but I still suggest you going mainstream medicine system and do BDS because you can earn better with your own dental clinic and you just need the skills in dental science. In ayurveda, treatment failure is common not due to your skills, but due to the nonstandard medicines.

      You should read this: https://www.ayurtimes.com/bachelor-of-ayurvedic-medicine-and-surgery/#point-to-be-considered-for-future-aspirants

  97. Sir, Can we become neurologist after BAMS? Can we become specialist like neurologist after BAMS?

    1. It is not possible through any course after BAMS. However, you can practice ayurvedic medicine in any field of medicine. You cannot perform neuro surgeries like neurosurgeon.

  98. As you guided me , I am preparing for mbbs entrance while doing bams.
    but is there any penalty fees after cancellation of the admission of first year of bams course as in mbbs or bds(10lakh)?

  99. Sir,
    I am student of BAMS final Prof. My interest is in doing MBBS. Should I try once more for PMT exam after completing my BAMS internship or should prepare for PG exam of ayurveda. Is there any bright future after PG than MBBS? Which is better option?

  100. Sir plz let me know if medical certificate issued by a BAMS Dr will it be valid in court for legal purposes. Thanks

    1. According to the Indian Law, BAMS doctor have same rights to issue Medical Certificate as MBBS doctor can do. So if certificate issue by MBBS doctor is valid in the court, then your will also be valid. However, in most cases, It will be valid if you are in a Govt. Service.

  101. Hello sir please suggest me that which of the following has wider scope in future is it bams , bhms , biotech, bsc chemistry honour in punjab . Please sir reply fast ‘…

  102. sir i m from haryana i want do bams with private seat nd i have h two options only. bsc and bams but bsc only within 1 lakh and much risk In bams bcz i which minimum 15 lack fees plz sir tell me what can i do

  103. I think in h.p there is wider scope of bams so please tell me should I choose bams as my carrier in h.p . By taking bams degree from punjab.

  104. Hi, sir I am from hp secured 32 rank in PB BAMS. I want a reputed fruitful job earning life. Should I do BAMS also can I leave seat after one year if I succeed in AIPMT. How much the college will charge for leaving seat?

    1. Yes, you can leave the BAMS anytime and I think colleges cannot do anything for it. You pay fee of BAMS in yearly installments. If you leave the seat, college will not refund the first installment paid by you.

      In some cases, you can make claim for refunding the fee if you leave the college within 1 to 2 months after joining the college and before second or third round counseling for BAMS admission if it take place. After all rounds of counseling, the colleges will not refund your fee.

  105. Hello sir, I worked hard in my +1 +2, but still unable to get MBBS. I got 31 rank in PAET 2015. All are saying to do B.Sc., but I want to be a doctor. I have chosen dhanwantry medical college Chandigarh for BAMS. Is my decision correct? Is that college a good one?

  106. Sir,
    I got admission in BPT coz this year there was high cutoff in Gujarat. So in reshuffling, if I get ayurveda colleges is it better to do BAMS or BPT?

  107. hlo sir… m thinking of doing BAMS this year in punjab… is it only in hindi and sanskrit ? are there subjects in english ?

  108. Sir I’m going to complete my BAMS from Punjab state, and I want to practice in Uttar Pradesh in future. Is it possible?

    1. Yes, you can practice anywhere in India. For this, you have two option:
      1. Get Registration with CCIM – Valid to practice anywhere in India
      2. Get Registration with state board where you would like to practice

  109. Sir I’m very motivated with Ur answer but I am very confused about my career, I have to choose between BAMS and B.Sc. nursing sir but I want 2 become a doctor but for good earning in future what should I choose.

    1. Earning depends on many factors. People with BAMS and people with B.Sc. nursing both earn good. It is up to you. If you will not have any plan to go abroad, you can choose BAMS. If you may have any plan to settle abroad, then B.Sc. Nursing will be better option. In India, BAMS has better scope.

  110. Thanks sir, but sir please tell me, after completing BAMS, am I applicable to practice allopathy with ayurveda in utter Pradesh , as the act is passed against this in UP for practitioners.

  111. My daughter got very low rank in upcpmt in 3rd attempt but eligible for BAMS.but there is another field BSc in clinical psychology which will the better option for bright future.

  112. Hello Sir, I’m getting admission to BAMS in private college, but I want to do MBBS. Should I choose MBBS abroad? In foreign countries like Russia, suggest me. I want to take right decision at this moment, Thanks in advance.

    1. However, the decision is always yours, but you need to consider two main points:

      1. After doing MBBS from other country, you require pass the examination of MCI, which is also very difficult and it may be more difficult than PMT because of a huge syllabus of MBBS.

      2. Choosing BAMS in India is not a bad option if you have no plan to go abroad in future. Now, it has good scope in India.

  113. Hello sir, I am from Hyderabad. I am very much interested in BAMS. So to make my future safe, should I do MD or M.Sc. after BAMS? Can I get better job with good earnings after that so that I cannot depend on others? Please suggest me sir.

  114. Will it be a sensible decision to choose occupational therapy over BAMS?

    I have already wasted 3 years trying for MBBS.


  115. Sir, I am from Tamil Nadu, got 157.25 cut off for medicine, applied for T.N. health dept counseling for Indian medicinal courses like BAMS, BSMS, BHMS, BNYS.
    Is it possible to get a seat in this counseling with my above mark, if so, what will be the expenses if selected for govt. colleges and private colleges under govt. quota?
    Which course will be better for my future?

    1. I have no update about this. Here, I cannot guide anything about cut off, counseling, course fee or other expenses.
      I personally believe BAMS and BHMS both have good scope.

  116. Respected sir, I have completed my +2 class in med and I have given an entrance test of PAET for BAMS in Punjab. I have got 208 (12) rank in category. Sir, I want to know that:
    1. Which colleges I should prefer for BAMS in Punjab?

    2. Can I do ms in surgery ENT etc after BAMS?

    3. What is its scope in Punjab?

    4. Can BAMS doctors use allopathic medicine in Punjab?

    Sir AYUSH govt. is not giving permission to GURU RAVIDAS AYURVEDIC UNIVERSITY to held counseling for admission. Please give me answer as soon as possible. Thanks.

    1. 1. Govt. Ayurvedic College, Patiala (If it is available), otherwise, you should prefer any college, which is near to your hometown. All have similar value.

      2. Yes, BAMS can do MD in Shalakya Tantra (ENT).

      3. Pure ayurvedic practice in Punjab has better scope after BAMS.

      4. Legally, there may be no Govt. sanction to use allopathic medicines by BAMS doctors in Punjab, but all BAMS doctors are doing allopathic practice in punjab.

  117. Hi sir,
    I have completed BAMS and I am disabled (paraplegia).
    I am in confusion, which is better option MPH or MD.
    Because of my disability, I am not eligible for medical officer under disabled quota.
    Please suggest me sir

  118. Dear Dr. Jagdev,

    It is very kind of you to respond on so many queries. Thanks for your support.

    My query is,

    1. If I have completed BAMS from Himachal and registered with Himachal state government, can I practice in Maharashtra?

    2. If I register with CCIM, can I practice in any state of India?

    3. If I am registered with Himachal and want to register with Maharashtra also, is it possible? or Do I have to surrender one registration?

    1. 1. Yes, you can practice in Maharashtra by registering either with state council or with CCIM.

      2. Yes,

      3. You require surrender one registration.

      Better option, get registration with CCIM to practice anywhere in India.

  119. Hello sir,
    I am doing B.A.M.S for DAV College, Jalandhar (Punjab). I want to migrate to Ayurvedic College in Bangalore for my internship period.
    Please provide me the criteria for migration.
    Thank You.

  120. Sir, I’m from H.P. and I got seat in Punjab in BAMS. Am I eligible to get job in H.P.? Please tell me I am so confused because I want to settle in H.P. Please reply fast so that I can change my decision as soon as possible. In addition, tell me that the value of BAMS in Punjab. Is H.P. BAMS syllabus same as Punjab BAMS?

    1. 1. You are eligible for getting job in H.P. after doing BAMS in Punjab.

      2. BAMS course has same value throughout India.

      3. Syllabus is same throughout India and prepared by CCIM.

  121. I had finished M.D in SIDDANTA, I want to do PHD in interdisciplinary, is there any university offering interdisciplinary PHD with part time? Kindly convey me.

  122. Hello Sir,

    Please advise me for my sister. I am resident in Dubai and my younger sister has completed her study in BAMS and completing her internship.
    I want her bright future for that I want to call her in Dubai to practice her medical career but I do not know whether she is eligible to get the job in Dubai as Doctor or not please advice.
    I am also concerned about her career. Please advice.

  123. Sir, will u suggest me. I have completed my BAMS this yr and got 130 marks in PGACET. Shall I repeat for MD or do any other course?

      1. Sir, what is the scope after MD. I heard that there is so much saturation and very less jobs of lectureship.

  124. Sir, I need your opinion, so please reply my question. Sir I belong to middle class family from H.P. and recently I qualified BAMS test of Punjab. I want to take admission in Punjab, but due to lack of information in this field, I can’t decide whether I should take admission in BAMS or not for my better future.
    So sir, please tell me is there any scope of BAMS in future and also tell me what can I do after completing BAMS and is I’m eligible to get job in H.P. after completing BAMS from Punjab. Please sir reply so that I can change my decision if I’m wrong in getting admission in BAMS.

  125. Hello sir, my father did diploma in optometry. I want to be an eye surgeon, but I did not get admission in MBBS, so someone suggest me to do BAMS + MS (optometry) after that should I able to do surgery legally? What is the success ratio? Please give me some suggestion.

    1. However, MS ayurveda in NETRA ROGA is available, but still it has no good scope as compared to MS in Ophthalmology after MBBS. There may be legal problem that you may face in some state using allopathic medicines. You can choose other graduate courses in optometry if you would like to become optometrist.

    1. Unfortunately, this document is not readable and I have no information regarding this. It would be better if you can ask information from the state government in written.

  126. Sir, I want to do BAMS. But can I do MD (pediatric) after this. If yes so, tell me best college in U.P.
    Please sir, help me.

  127. Sir, I am getting BHU BAMS, but I want to try for MBBS again. I don’t want to waste my year. Is this would be right decision to do PMT preparation along with studying BAMS from BHU? Please guide me.

  128. Sir, i got the bams medical college this year,i passed my 12 in 2014 and scored 90 % in pcb, i droped for one year and done the coaching from allen.sir i used to do hard work but i was not able to get selected in mbbs but selcted in bams in pilani. But sir i am not really satisfied with bams as i have some belief in me that yes i can do for mbbs but sir due to daily schedule of colege i think that i will not able to prepare for mbbs..and if i prepare than i cant give my 100 % in preparation..due to this my bams result also get affect and may be i will not get selected for mbbs…Please sir its my humble reqst ..to u please show me the right path that being in bams this year i will take the chance for prepartion for mbbs…i m really very much frustated..the scope income reputation in bams some how lags behind from mbbs..so my internal desire is to prepare but not being get selcted is fearing me alot..please give me the right decision..

    1. Fear will always be in the life, it cannot be avoided, but one should follow his/her internal desire giving his/her 100% and with strong determination.

      In such case, satisfaction after BAMS would be very difficult. It would be better to do other courses instead if not selected for MBBS.

  129. Thank u sir for suggestion . Sir i will try my best to prepare for mbbs..but sir tell me clearly that which has more scope more reputation and income..bams or mbbs..then i will take my final decision..as most of sites is confusing me aand there is no one to guide me …so pls tell me the right thing that this is truth …so that sir i will be satisfied and move for my future…pls sir..

  130. Thank u so so much sir…i am really thankful to u that u give me the valuable suggestion…i will try best for mbbs sir..now i m really got satisfied from ur suggestion..

  131. Respected sir, I want to know is there any upper age limit for admission in BAMS course in Haryana. I’m 29 years old and I want to get admission in private college on donation seat in BAMS course. Please help me sir. Can I get admission at 29 ages in BAMS on donation seat without PMT exam?

  132. Please see serial no. 9
    Punjab & Haryana practitioners act amendment
    In article 19D
    It is mentioned that in Haryana doctor of Indian medicine can practice modern medicine & minor surgery also

  133. Hello Sir,
    I’m an Ayurvedic Intern now, I have a question.
    I want to start my own Ayurvedic manufacturing Product in large quantity, so is it necessary to register for License of manufacturing company? From where can I get this license in Maharashtra (Mumbai)? What to do? plz guide.

    1. If you want to pack the products and sell it outside from your clinical settings, then you require manufacturing license. For more details, please contact your district ayurveda office.

  134. My daughter is doing BAMS in Sri Lakshmi Naryan Ayurvedic College Amritsar under Guru Ravidas Ayurvedic University Hoshiarpur Punjab.

    Sir Please tell me this university and College affiliated with CCIM.

  135. Sir, I have done BAMS. I want to know what the scope of doing master in health management from IIHMR, or MD is better option than MHA.

  136. Sir, is there any distance education for BAMS degree?
    If any, then please mention the name of institution.

  137. Is B.Pharmacy better than doing BAMS/BHMS ? I gave my Maharashtra CET this year and may not get MBBS/BDS

  138. Dr Singh,

    I would much appreciate the opportunity to speak with you more about BAMS doctors and the history of their capacity to prescribe allopathic medicines in the states you have outlined above, AP, UP, Maharashtra, Karanataka and Tamil Nadu.

    Please if you could do reach out to me by email, I would very much appreciate the opportunity to discuss this more.

  139. Sir, I had done diploma in AYUSH nursing and pharmacy from Jodhpur Ayurveda University in 2010. Now one of my friends is going in South India. There is North Orissa University that is giving to him lateral entry 2nd year in BAMS course. Is it true? Please guide me.

  140. In BAMS or Engineering, which is good to get job in Karnataka after completing the course?

  141. Santushti ayurveduc medical is recognised or not by mci and ccim it is in dagmagpur varanasi .

  142. Move to the US and teach Ayurveda. Look into The Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico and talk to Vasant Lad about practicing in the US. He also brings students to Pune to do intensive courses. You will be very welcomed in the States.

  143. Hello sir,
    im planing to take bams for my further studies so can i percive MS in cardiology in future?

    1. You cannot do MS in Cardiology. BAMS graduates are not eligible for enrolling them in specialization of modern science. You can only do MD in respective subjects that you have studied in BAMS or branches approved by CCIM.

  144. Sir,M Anjali
    I hv completed my bams from Pgims & internship as well,i wanna go for some international degree from uk or usa, which will releted to my field and will help me to gain more knowledge about my field….Sir can you advise me for good career?

  145. I am working guy having age of 29 yrs & have a good knowledge as well as interest in Ayurveda also want to do something useful in Ayurveda, I wanted to do BAMS (Ayurveda) but not eligible for NEET entrance because of age restriction. Below are my information.

    1. XII Sci with PCB
    2. Live in Nagpur, Maharashtra
    3. Age – 29 Yrs
    4. No entrance exam given
    5. Qualification Bsc, CCYN etc.

    Kindly suggest me something by which i could make good career in Ayurveda. I love Ayurveda.

    I will be very Grateful to you if you show me some rays of light.

    Thank you,

  146. sir, I want to know about the scope of BAMS in himachal pardesh and haryana. how much gov. jobs of BAMS in gov. hospitals are available, explain me with the criteria of salary. I also want to know about that is there is a better scope of M.Sc. with microbiology than BAMS.

    1. M.Sc. with microbiology will have better scope in prospective availability of job. BAMS has better scope in private practice.

  147. Can BAMS doctor conduct normal delivery in his private hospital?

    Please give legal aspect’s.

    1. “You can do in which you are trained during your college years.” This statement is very common. The legal aspects are in controversy. You should contact CCIM and AYUSH for more details. You should also read different judgment given by Supreme Court of India regarding this. You should also check your state’s rules. Some states allow you to do so and some may not allow you.

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