Bioenhancer (Bioavailability Enhancers)

Bioenhancers are mostly plant derivatives, plant extracts and active molecules of the plants, which enhance absorption & bioavailability of nutrients & medicines and further increase their efficacy in the body. Therefore, these are also known as bioavailability enhancers. Bioenhancers have further action of decreasing the wastage and destructions of the nutrients and medicines inside the body.

Mode of Action

Bioenhancers have following modes of action in the body.

  1. Improve absorption of nutrients and medicines in the intestine.
  2. Reduce degradation of nutrients and medicines in the liver and intestine.
  3. Enhance immunity of the person.
  4. Increase bioavailability of nutrients and medicines at cellular levels.
  5. Help maintain optimum digestion and metabolism.
  6. Improve tolerability of drugs.

Some Bioenhancers may exhibit antimicrobial effects by inhibiting immunogenic response of microbes or pathogens.

Bioenhancers in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic science has already discovered and recognized some herbs, which enhances the effects of other herbs and minerals in the body. From these herbs, Black pepper, long pepper and ginger are main three herbs. These are collectively called Trikatu in ayurveda. Trikatu is commonly found in ayurvedic formulations. It also has another purpose to maintain digestive fire at optimum level, so a person can digest medicines well and prevents appetite loss.

In addition to Trikatu, ayurveda have recognized many potential natural substances having bioavailability enhancer action.

Active Principles as Bioenhancers

Piperine is a derivative extracted from black pepper and long pepper. It is the responsible factor for the pepper’s pungent taste. Now, it becomes famous for adding in several medicines for its bioavailability enhancer properties. There are many active principles that have Bioenhancer action in the body.

List of Bio-Enhancers

  1. Carum Carvi
  2. Cow Urine Distillate Ginger
  3. Cuminum
  4. Cyminum
  5. Garlic
  6. Glycyrrhizin
  7. Lysergol
  8. Naringin
  9. Niaziridin
  10. Piperine
  11. Quercetin
  12. Stevia

Potential Bio-Enhancers

Cuminum, Cyminum, Niaziridin and Piperine have potential bio-enhancing action in the human body. Piperine is a derivative of black pepper and long pepper. Almost every ayurvedic formulation contains black pepper and long pepper in form of Trikatu.

Benefits of Bioenhancers

Increase Bioavailability of Nutrients (vitamins & minerals)

Bioenhancers increase the bioavailability of the nutrients (vitamins & minerals), so it helps maintaining optimum nutrition in the body.

Enhance Efficacy of Drugs

They enhance the efficacy of drugs in the body by increasing their absorption and controlling their early elimination from the body. Therefore, we can use reduced dosage of these drugs, which makes drugs more affordable for everyone. Secondly, because of reduced dosage of drugs, drugs will also become safer and have a few side effects. The common side effects occur due to higher dosage of these drugs.

Reduce Risk of Developing Antibiotic Resistance

If Bioenhancers are used with antibiotic treatment, it reduces the risk of developing antibiotic resistance.

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