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Black Sesame Seeds

Black sesame seeds (also called Kala Til) have a lot of beneficial properties, which can provide you with the required nutrition and also fight diseases at the same time. It is unbelievable how a tablespoon of these little seeds can help you rejuvenate your life and make you a healthier human being as you grow. Different cultures have used these sesame seeds in different ways for adding them in the food or using it as a home remedy. Due to their nutty flavor, they are very popular all around the world. The most popular ones are the ivory colored sesame seeds. You can have them cooked, or raw, or even roast them and eat them with some added flavors.

Sesame seeds very easily available in the market. They have a lot of variety. There is no particular one type of sesame seeds. There are assorted varieties with different nutrition values and health benefits added to them. Some of them are:

  1. Brown sesame seeds
  2. Black sesame seeds
  3. White sesame seeds
  4. Red sesame seeds

Mineral Constituency

One tablespoon of black sesame seeds contains 52 calories with 4 grams of fat, 2 grams of protein and only 1 gram of carbohydrate. A few milligrams of calcium, manganese, magnesium, and iron are also present in those little seeds.

Major health benefits of Black sesame seeds

The black sesame seeds are majorly known for their medicinal properties. The major health benefits of black sesame seeds are unlimited and boundless.

Anti-ageing properties

The anti-aging properties of black sesame seeds seem peculiar but it is the truth. A research in Harvard University has declared that black sesame seeds contain copious amounts of Vitamin D and Iron. Deficiency of these minerals and vitamins leads to graying of hair, wrinkled skin, memory shortage and other warnings of the ageing process. Black sesame seeds help the reversing effect which will definitely slow down the aging process and help you keep that skin tight and body firm.

Makes your bones stronger and healthier

Several doctors of nutrition have claimed that bone density decreases over time due to the ageing process. Calcium and zinc deficiencies lead to conditions like Osteoporosis, which is a bone condition where the bone mass decreases due to lack of minerals. Hence a consistent healthy eating habit including the black sesame seeds can make your bones stronger and the density will not decrease. You can take a handful of these seeds with lunch in your food, or sprinkle them in your salad dressing.

Regularity in blood pressure

The high blood pressure or lowering of it is caused due to various activities. Nowadays, due to high pressure from work, pollution and new diseases can take a toll on your body and mind alike and cause to destabilize your blood pressure. A fluctuating blood pressure can cause headaches, irregular bowel movements, and lack of energy to work. This can also be cured with the help of sesame seeds. It contains natural polyunsaturated fat and sesamin compound which is found in sesame oil. They provide a natural cure and prevent fluctuation of blood pressure.

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Natural cure for irregular bowel movements

It is true that at one point in time we all have faced the problem of constipation and upset stomach. Food poisoning causes lava to spew from our body which takes away a quarter inch of our lives. Now you can prevent such bad times with the help of sesame seeds. Black sesame seeds consist of high fiber content which acts as a laxative during such times of misery. If you have any worms in your insect, these little fighters will help to get disposed of them, by making your intestinal tract clearer. This will enhance your digestion power and you can gobble up those last bites of those spicy foods without hesitating.

Prevent colon cancer

Black sesame seeds hold fiber rich content which acts as a bulk-forming agent and eases bowel movements and also protects the liver from damages. This protection is provided phytosterol and lignans which can behave as cell reinforcements. Hence, they have the ability to protect your body from developing any cancerous tumor in your colon.

Lowers cholesterol levels

Due to the presence of sesamin and sesamolin, they are responsible for lowering the cholesterol levels in an individual. Your arteries will not suffer from getting logged which will definitely lower the chances of heart attacks. Regular walks and a healthy diet are also recommended for a healthier heart. But sesame seeds can be helpful for keeping your heart healthier.

Promotes health in lactating mothers

The Chinese have used black sesame seeds as a helpful medium for lactating mothers as it contains nutrients like protein, unsaturated fats, vitamins, copper, magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium and so much more. This is treated as a helpful lactating aid for mothers as it also has antioxidants such a lignans in it.

Glorifies your skin

The health benefits of black sesame seeds are many and the betterment of skin is like an added bonus. Women spend hundreds of rupees on facial treatment, facial spa and massage for rejuvenating their skin. A handful of black sesame seeds in your food can get you the skin you want in no time. You can add these little seeds in your meal, like rice, curry, or sprinkle them over your noodles. You can even soak them overnight for them to absorb calcium and you can gobble them up first thing in the morning after wake up.

However, too much eating of sesame seeds can create an irregular bowel movement as it acts as a laxative. People who have a tendency for loose motion or steady bowel movements should stay away from them or restrain themselves to a minimum while having them. It is also been advised that people who have had a history of kidney stones must steer clear from such seeds.

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