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Blackstrap Molasses Health Benefits & Side Effects

Before getting to know about the health benefits of blackstrap molasses, it is important to be familiar with molasses first. Blackstrap Molasses is a thick dark liquid, which is extracted during refining sugar cane into table sugar. It is obtained during the third boiling of raw sugar cane syrup.

Blackstrap Molasses is important because it contains higher level of nutrients and vitamins than the regular one. Blackstrap molasses is high in iron, vitamin, manganese and calcium content and these ingredients make it best diet supplement.

Blackstrap Molasses Nutrition

Blackstrap Molasses contains vitamin B6, iron, calcium, magnesium and manganese. One tablespoon of unsulfured Blackstrap Molasses provides a significant amount of the recommended daily value of these vitamins and minerals. Potassium content is also high in Blackstrap Molasses.

Nutrients Value per 10 g
Total Calories 24 to 26
Calories from Fat 0
Total Fat 0
    Saturated fat
    Monounsaturated fat
    Polyunsaturated fat
    Trans fat
    Omega-3 fatty acids
    Omega-6 fatty acids 5 mg
Protein 0
Total Carbohydrate 7.5 g
    Dietary Fiber 0
    Sugar 5.55 g
    Niacin 0.1 to 0.126 mg
    Vitamin B6 0.05 mg
    Pantothenic Acid 0.1 mg
    Calcium, Ca 20 to 85 mg
    Iron, Fe 0.45 to 1.75 mg
    Magnesium, Mg 24 mg
    Phosphorus, P 3.1 to 4 mg
    Potassium, K 146 to 250 mg
    Sodium, Na 3.7 to 5.5 mg
    Zinc, Zn 0.05 mg
    Copper 0.05 mg
    Manganese 0.15 mg
    Selenium 1.8 mcg

The values given above can vary according to the quality of Blackstrap molasses.

Health Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses

Have a look at the best health benefits of Blackstrap Molasses.


Blackstrap molasses is the best source of antioxidant manganese, which gives strength to body to fight with free radicals. It contains the higher amount of antioxidants than corn syrup, refined sugar and raw cane sugar. It has superior quality of antioxidants as compared to all other available sweeteners. (1, 2)

Fights against Cancer

Black molasses have high iron and sugar content along with selenium, which makes it an excellent product to help in shrinking cancer tumor. Herbalists recommend using blackstrap molasses with baking soda. This combination can help delaying the growth of cancer tissue.

Hair and Skin Care

Blackstrap molasses has been used to treat various problems associated with skin and hair for decades. Higher quantity of copper helps in reversing gray hair and premature balding can be tackled with right amount of vitamins and minerals in black molasses. It even has anti-aging properties and can be applied directly to the skin. It even removes acne (due to presence of lactic acid) and other rough patches, burns, etc. leaving fresh and glowing skin behind.

Alternative Safe Sweetener for Diabetes

It acts as alternate sweetener and considered healthier for people taking regular or artificial sugar. It is low on glycemic index, requires little insulin production and keeps the sugar levels balanced.


It contains various vitamins and minerals with zero fat content and comparatively fewer calories while acting as a healthy alternate of sugar for people born with a sweet tooth. It even helps to cure stomach ulcers, stomachaches and various digestion problems like constipation. The presence of POLYPHENOLS with high antioxidants properties helps in lowering the body weight.

Menstruation & pregnancy

Pregnant women and other girls with anemic problems should consume one or two tablespoons of black molasses every day to get enough amount of iron. Iron helps in prevention of various disorders due to excessive blood flow during menstruation. The presence of other minerals like calcium helps in relieving menstrual cramps, removing clotting of blood and maintains overall health of uterine muscles.

Strong Bones

Black Molasses is rich is manganese and hence helps in healthy production of hormones and reduces the chances of infertility. Being a great source of calcium, it plays an important part in maintaining the health of bones and teeth along with removal of toxins from colon.

Headache, Insomnia and Fatigue

Black Molasses is rich in minerals & vitamins content, and the presence of pantothenic acid helps in treating headaches and fatigue. Consume it every day as an essential part of daily routine and you will automatically stop complaining about asthma, insomnia, fatigue and stress. The higher glucose levels lead to better sleep at night boosting the serotonin levels in brain.


Blackstrap Molasses is a good constipation home remedy. 1 to 2 tsp. of it can help you getting rid of acute as well as chronic constipation. It has laxative action. It also contains good amount of magnesium, which helps keeping optimum health of intestines.

Blackstrap Molasses Dosage

You should start taking blackstrap molasses from one tsp per day. After 1 to 3 days, you can increase its dosage up to 3 tsp. per day. The ideal dosage for therapeutic purposes is one tablespoon (20 ml). The maximum dosage of blackstrap molasses should not exceed from 6 tsp or 30 ml per day.

How to take Molasses

For therapeutic purposes, mix 1 to 2 teaspoons blackstrap molasses with 240 ml or one glass of warm water. The best time to drink the mixture is early morning and one should take it on empty stomach for maximum therapeutic benefits.

Blackstrap Molasses Side Effects

Blackstrap Molasses is LIKELY SAFE for most people.

However, blackstrap molasses believes to be good alternative to refined sugar and artificial sweeteners for diabetic people, but some people have observed raised blood sugar level after taking it. It has low glycemic index, which make it safe, but within limited amounts. Diabetic patients should not consume it in excess amounts and avoid using it more than one teaspoon per day.

The common side effects of Blackstrap Molasses involve loose stools and diarrhea. Some people using more than 3 tsp. per day can also experience cramps in the lower abdomen. Further, some people can also feel dizziness after taking it first time.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Blackstrap Molasses is POSSIBLY SAFE during pregnancy and breastfeeding as it is a good source of iron and other nutrients that are essential during this period.

In case of lactation, breastfeeding babies may experience 1 to 3 loose stools when mother takes blackstrap molasses more than 2 tsp. per day. Therefore, lactating mothers should not take it more than 2 tsp. per day.

Contraindications & Caution

If you are having loose stool, irritable bowel syndrome, watery diarrhea or dysentery, you should avoid using blackstrap molasses until you fully recover from these diseases. It can increase and worsen the health condition in these diseases. However, further evaluation is required in these cases.

If you are allergic to sugar cane, you should also avoid using blackstrap molasses.

The common blackstrap molasses intolerance’s symptom is loose stools. In case, you have diarrhea after taking it, you should also avoid it.

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