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Brahmi Oil Benefits, Uses & Side Effects


Brahmi Oil (also called Brahmi Thailam and Brahmi Taila) is ayurvedic herbal and medicated oil used for memory loss, hair fall and stress disorders.

Brahmi Oil nourishes the scalp and penetrates into the scalp skin, which helps in preventing hair loss and strengthening hair roots. The massage with Brahmi Oil improves blood circulation to the scalp, further provides beneficial effect for hair growth.

Ingredients (Composition)

The primary ingredients of Brahmi Oil are Brahmi herb (Gotu Kola – Centella Asiatica) and base oil. The base oil can be either sesame oil or coconut oil.

  1. Brahmi herb (Gotu Kola – Centella Asiatica) leaves
  2. Base Oil – Coconut Oil or Sesame Oil
Ingredients used for preparing Brahmi oilQuantity (Ratio)
Brahmi (Gotu Kola – Centella Asiatica) leaves1 Kg (1 Part)
Base Oil (Sesame or coconut oil)10 Litre (10 Part)
Water8 Litres (8 Part)

Base Oil Selection

  1. Coconut Oil – Hair problem
  2. Sesame Oil – VATA Disorders of Mental stress

Brahmi oil also has all benefits of its base oil, which can be either sesame oil or coconut oil. Coconut oil as base oil is best for hair problems and sesame oil as base oil is best for mental stress or VATA disorders.

How to Make Brahmi Oil

  1. Take Brahmi (Gotu Kola – Centella Asiatica) leaves and put them in water.
  2. Boil the water with Brahmi leaves and then simmer the mixture until the 1/4 part of water remains.
  3. Then add base oil in the solution and simmer the mixture until the water gets evaporated and only the base oil remains.
  4. Now, leave it for 24 hours and next day, separate the oil and discard away the herbal residues.
  5. If require, filter the oil using clean cotton cloth.
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Advanced Formula of Brahmi Oil

In advanced formula, some fragrant oils are added in the Brahmi oil prepared by using above method.

Brahmi oil1 litter
Sandal Oil80 ml
Surangi Oil40 ml
Rose Oil40 ml

It is the actual formula given in ayurvedic texts. However, Brahmi Oil available in the market does not contain these fragrant oils or scent in provided quantity because some of these oils are very expensive.

Brahmi Oil with advanced formula is highly beneficial for hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp, lice etc. The other benefits are similar to the basic Brahmi oil.

Indications (Recommendations)

One can use Brahmi Oil on regular basis in following health conditions.

  1. General use as regular hair oil (so it is also called Brahmi Hair Oil)
  2. Hair fall
  3. Hair Damage
  4. To promote hair growth
  5. Premature graying of hair
  6. Dry Scalp
  7. Itchy Scalp (Brahmi Oil containing sandal oil is more beneficial in Itchy scalp)

Brahmi Oil Benefits & Uses

Brahmi (Gotu Kola) alkaloids and active principles are present in the Brahmi oil. These provide it therapeutic effect in hair fall, stress disorders and several other health conditions. Brahmi Oil helps removing dandruff and treat dry and itchy scalp.

Brahmi oil with advanced formula is best for memory loss, promoting intelligence and increasing alertness.

In addition to these, Brahmi Oil reduces heat from the scalp due to its coolant effects.

Side Effects

Brahmi Oil (general formula) is LIKELY SAFE to use externally. However, Brahmi Oil with advanced formula contains potent essential oils, which are not suitable for people with allergy to any of these essential oils.

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