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Candied Almonds

Candied almonds are encrusted with syrup or sugar making them more crunchy and delicious. The salads, cake and pastries can be garnished with these stunning candied almonds.

During the vacation time, Candied almonds are one of the perfect little gifts you could give your friends and the little ones in the family. Being sugar coated even the kids would love it a lot.

How to make candied almonds


  1. Almonds = 2 cups
  2. Butter = 2 tablespoons
  3. Honey = ¼ cup
  4. Brown Sugar = 1 cup
  5. Cinnamon = 1 tablespoon

Preparation Time

Preparation time is roughly 30 minutes.


  1. First spread the almonds in a shallow saucer and place in the oven.
  2. Heat it up to 350 degree Fahrenheit and stir them occasionally.
  3. Take them out when they are roasted well.
  4. Melt the butter in a saucepan over the stove in a low flame.
  5. When the butter has melted, add the roasted almonds and stir well for 2 minutes.
  6. Take out the almonds and spread them on a cookie sheet, which is sprayed with non-sticking cooking spray.
  7. Spread the almonds evenly on this sheet and allow it to cool slightly.
  8. Now mix the sugar and honey as needed and cinnamon, sprinkle over the almonds, and mix well.
  9. Spread the almonds on the cookie sheet again in a single layer and place it in the oven.
  10. Slowly heat the almonds with care so that they are not burnt.
  11. Just when the sugar caramelizes, stop heating and transfer them into a serving dish.
  12. Candied almonds are now ready to eat.


  • The nutritional content in almonds is said to be higher when they are unprocessed.
  • In addition, candied almonds are particularly not good for diabetic patients.
  • When sugar is added to almonds, the number of calories goes higher, so candied nuts are not recommended for weight watchers either.
  • Honey should not be heated. The heating damages its nutritious value.
  • Several nutritionists consider candied almonds less beneficial compared to their raw counterparts.

Health benefits of Candied Almonds

This snack is considered healthy and easy to make. It contains about 17 calories and about 1% of fat per 4 grams of intake. Though the calories are high, the large amount of nutrients in almonds compensates for this. They are low in saturated fat and hence are good for health. It has no cholesterol and is very low on sodium, which is also a plus. Whether candied or not the health benefits of the almond does not vary significantly.

For those who have special liking for sweets, candied almonds are the perfect blend of a tasty and healthy snack.

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Dr. Jagdev Singh

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