Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic Treatment is based on ayurvedic principles of Tridosha and five elements theory. It promotes health and wellbeing of mind and body by establishing balance between three doshas of ayurveda. The purpose of Ayurvedic treatment is to restore this equilibrium, prevent disease, and relieve symptoms of a variety of health issues.

Each person is thought to have a unique constitution in ayurveda, known as their “prakriti,” which is made up of varied proportions of the three main physiological energies: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

The principles of dosha assist ayurvedic practitioners in understanding an individual’s distinct physical and mental characteristics, as well as their tendencies for particular health concerns.

Ayurvedic treatments may include panchakarma therapy, ayurvedic herbs, dietary and lifestyle changes. Ayurvedic formulations are designed to improve  equilibrium in three doshas in body and mind.

Topic List:

  1. Ayurvedic Medicine for High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
  2. Ayurvedic Medicine for Increasing Height
  3. Ayurvedic Medicine for Piles (Hemorrhoids)
  4. Ayurvedic Medicine for Premature Grey Hair
  5. Ayurvedic Medicine to Quit Smoking, Tobacco or Nicotine
  6. Ayurvedic Supplements & Medicines for Bodybuilding, Muscle Strength & Stamina
  7. Ayurvedic Treatment & Medicines for Avascular Necrosis (Osteonecrosis)
  8. Ayurvedic Treatment Basic Principles
  9. Ayurvedic Treatment for Anal Fissure
  10. Ayurvedic Treatment for Asthma
  11. Ayurvedic Treatment for Hydrocele
  12. Ayurvedic Treatment for Loss of Appetite
  13. Ayurvedic Treatment for Opium Addiction & Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms
  14. Ayurvedic Treatment for Prostate Enlargement (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia – BPH)
  15. Ayurvedic Treatment for Slip Disc & Degenerative Disc
  16. Ayurvedic Treatment for Unexplained Infertility
  17. Ayurvedic Treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  18. Ayurvedic Treatment of Encephalitis (Chamki Fever)
  19. Ayurvedic Treatment of Fever
  20. Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss – Safe & Effective Treatment
  21. Female infertility and recurrent miscarriages with unknown origin can be treatable with Ashwagandha
  22. Osteoarthritis Treatment with Ayurvedic Medicine
  23. Pain Management in Ayurveda


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