Healing Guides

Healing is a natural process by which the body repairs itself and restores optimum health. This section of the website promotes fasting for healing and healing diets.

Basic Healing Protocols

  1. Fasting for Healing (Preparation).
  2. Phase 1: Healing Phase Diet.
  3. Phase 2: Stabilizing Phase Diet.
  4. Phase 3: Preventing Phase Diet.
  5. Sunbath Guide (How to Take Sunbath & Recommended Duration).
  6. Lifestyle Guide (Running, Exercise, Meditation).

Other Articles for Basic Understanding:

  1. Sattvic Foods.
  2. Green Herbs’ Smoothie.
  3. Salad (Recommended and Restricted Vegetables List).
  4. Healing Diets (summary & a brief introduction – old article).
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