Nature Cure

Nature cure is a science of health restoration using natural healing methods based on five elements – Ether, Air, Sun, Water and Earth.

Nature cure therapies are developed by considering of five elements. It is entirely based on ayurveda principles, which can be found in ayurvedic literature and Vedas.

However, the difference between nature cure and ayurvedic treatment is that medicines are not prescribed or used in case of nature cure.

The first and second steps of ayurveda are same as of nature cure or naturopathy. However, prescribing medicine is a third step in ayurveda.

How to Start Learning Nature Cure

You should read following articles one by one in the sequence given in below lists:

Nature Cure Basics

  1. Nature Cure Philosophy.
  2. Nature Cure Principles.
  3. Nature Cure Therapies.
  4. How to Take Water Enema
  5. Who should not take water enema?
  6. How to Restore Gut Health Naturally
  7. Coming soon…

Nature Cure Treatment Protocols

  1. Restore Your Health with Nature Cure
  2. Natural Remedies For Gout (High Uric Acid) – Natural Gout Treatment
  3. Coming Soon…
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