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Charak Samhita

Charak Samhita (चरक संहिता) is an ancient and authentic ayurvedic text written by Maharishi Agnivesha, which is later revised by Maharishi Charak and edited by Acharya Dridhabala. This system of Ayurveda was taught by Maharishi Atreya.

Charaka Samhita Author

Charaka Samhita was initially known as Agnivesha Tantra. After edition by Charak, its name was changed to Charak Samhita. So, the original author of Charak Samhita was Agnivesha.

Updeshta (Preacher) – उपदेष्टाMaharishi Atreya
Tantra Karta (Codifier) – Original AuthorAgnivesha (अग्निवेश)
Revised byCharak
Edited by & Re-writer of 1/3rd partDridhabala

One-third part of currently available Charak Samhita was re-written by Acharya Dridhabala. However, present Charaka Samhita still missing approximately 1/3rd part.

Total Sutra in Original Charak Samhita12000
Available Sutra in Available Charak Samhita9498
Available Formulations1949

So, the huge part about 2502 Sutra is still missing even after edition by Acharya Dridhabala. Still, Charak Samhita is one of three major primary classical texts on which all principles of ayurveda stand.

Chapters Written by Dridhabala

  1. Chikitsa Sthana: 17 Chapters.
  2. Kalpa Sthana: 12 Chapters (all).
  3. Siddhi Sthana: 12 Chapters (all).

Acharya Dridhabala had written 17 chapters in Chikitsa Sthana and all chapters in Kalpa Sthana and Siddhi Sthana.

8 Parts of Charaka Samhita

Charak Samhita is divided into 8 major parts.

Sutra SthanaPrinciples of Ayurveda
Nidana SthanaAyurvedic Pathology
Vimana SthanaAyurvedic Determination
Sharira SthanaEmbryology and Anatomy
Indriya SthanaPrognosis
Chikitsa SthanaAyurvedic Therapeutics
Kalpa SthanaPharmaceutics and Toxicology
Siddhi SthanaPanchakarma (Detoxification) & Outcomes

Chapters in Charak Samhita

Sutra Sthana30 Chapters
Nidana Sthana8 Chapters
Vimana Sthana8 Chapters
Sharira Sthana8 Chapters
Indriya Sthana12 Chapters
Chikitsa Sthana30 Chapters
Kalpa Sthana12 Chapters
Siddhi Sthana12 Chapters

Total chapters in Charak Samhita are 120 chapters.

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