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Should I consider my body type and dosha for choosing food?

The most famous statement by ayurvedic doctors is – eat according to your body type and dosha. If your dominant dosha is Vata, you start eating all foods that pacify Vata. It is not correct. It is just for making chaos in your diet.

You have to be a master of each food and its dosha effects. What about various recipes. They are dosha’s chaos. Some ingredients pacify Vata, some pitta and some kapha. It is very difficult to judge each dosha in every food.

No Pure Body Type Exists

There is no pure body type exists. It is very rare. Nature makes your body with all three doshas. It is not possible, you exist without any specific dosha, or you have only one dosha. There is very little difference in their proportion that decides a dominant dosha in your body.

Based on the dominance of dosha, you may be prone to specific health conditions when that dosha aggravates. To simplify it, you can include spices and herbs or some foods, according to a dominant dosha.

Only 5% Food According to Dosha

If you are healthy, there is just a little need to include food according to dominant dosha.

If you want to include food according to dosha, you should include only 5% of foods according to your body type and dosha intentionally. 95% of foods should be a variety.

Variety itself balances the dosha. If some food increases vata, some will also pacify vata if you eat a variety. You should just avoid incompatible food combinations.

Eat when you hungry

Just see your aminals and people living in the jungle and healthy zones. Do they eat according to dosha?

No animals and people living in the jungle and healthy zones consider dosha while eating. They are more healthy because they eat food in natural form. They eat when they feel hungry and have a real appetite. They are also more physically active than us.

Being physically active is equally important as choosing a good diet. We recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise a day and 2 hours of daily involvement in physical activities (e.g. physical work or playing).

Our Mistake

Our mistake is we eat even when we are not hungry. We eat in excess, more than we need. We should not do this. We should only eat when we are hungry. Keep your stomach 1/4th empty.

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