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Ayurveda and natural herbal medicine can definitely help you. Here are some ayurvedic doctors and herbalists, who can provide best possible consultation.

Dr. Jagdev Singh

             – B.A.M.S., M.Sc. in Medicinal Plants

Dr. Jagdev Singh is a senior editor of Ayur Times and working as ayurvedic physician and herbalist at Ayurveda Clinic, Roopnagar. The treatment suggested on this website is the contribution of Dr. Jagdev Singh. Consult him here: Online Ayurvedic Consultation

Dr. Anu Saini

             – B.A.M.S., N.D.D.Y (Naturopathy & Yoga)

Dr. Anu Saini is working as ayurvedic physician and naturopath at Ayurveda Clinic, Roopnagar. She works as an editor for Ayur Times website and she is also the author of some articles published on this website. Consult her here: Online Ayurvedic Consultation

Dr. Gurnam Singh Saini

            – BAMS, MD (Alternative Medicine)

Dr. Gurnam Singh Saini is a founder of Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic, Melbourne, Australia. There he is working as a senior ayurvedic consultant and Panchakarma Specialist. He is our associate to look after all the cases from Australia and New Zealand. If you live in Australia or New Zealand, you can obtain in person or online consultations.

Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic

#413 High Street,

Northcote, Victoria 3070

Phone: +61 430 799 515, 0390772592


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