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1. Do you publish a sponsored or guest post?

No. Please do not send emails for sponsored or guest post proposal. We will not answer such emails.

2. Can I use herbal extract capsule instead of powdered herbs?

However, Ayur Times publishes information on herbal extracts, but we do not recommend their use because we believe herbs should be used as “wholesome” – either in their natural form (fresh) or powdered form (dried). In our belief, herbal extracts are similar to chemical-based medicines and cause side effects. Herbs as wholesome are much safer than extracts.

3. Do herbs interact with modern medicines?

Interaction between herbs and modern medicines are known for some herbs, especially herbal extracts. But it also requires further extensive research. At this stage, we do not know well about interactions for most of the herbs with modern medicines. Therefore, we generally suggest people do not take herbs and ayurvedic medicines with allopathic medicines whenever possible. If possible, you should choose one medicine system for treatment either modern or ayurveda. If you are still unable to stop one system, we suggest keeping at least 3 hours or more gap between herbal products and modern medicine. Also, ask your health care provider for possible interactions and prevention measures. You must consult your doctor before taking or stopping any kind of medicine.

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