Cucumber Peel Benefits

Do not discard cucumber peel it has many health benefits. The benefits include its beneficial effects in eye disorders, vitamin A& C deficiency, constipation and bones and muscles disorders.

However, cucumber peel is difficult to eat because of its outer skin and due to its taste, but now you can enjoy its benefits too. Let use first discuss how to use and eat cucumber peel for maximum health benefits.

Tips of using cucumber peel

Cucumber has high nutritional value, so it should not discard. It can be used by making its paste and adding some amount of honey in it for making its taste better.

Fresh cucumber peelCrushed and pasted (amount as you wish)*
Honey1 tsp.

* Generally, perfect amount of cucumber peel for edible purposes is around 5 to 10 grams per day.

Cucumber peel is difficult to digest for some people, so they should try following way to eat this.

Fresh cucumber peel paste2 grams
Honey1 tsp.
Black pepper125  mg

Add black pepper in this mixture makes it easily digestible and enhances its nutritional absorption into the bloodstream from the intestines.

Cucumber juice with its peel

You can also drink cucumber juice with removing its peel to have cucumber peel benefits described in this article.

Just process your cucumbers with peels in juicer and prepare a juice. Add some water and honey according to taste. You can drink this juice for having benefits of cucumber peel.

You can also prepare smoothie by using cucumber with its peel. Add rock salt to enhance taste or you can also add sugar in it.

Health benefits of cucumber peel


You should include cucumber and other salad ingredients in your diet to have a good amount of fiber as well. Men need to consume 35 grams of fiber in a day and women need around 25 grams per day, so it is also necessary to take fiber rich diet.

Cucumber peel is a good source of fiber, which is mostly insoluble in our digestive tract. It helps to create bulk formation and eases in passing stools normally. So, cucumber peel is effective remedy for constipation.

Cucumber peel fresh5 grams
Water100 ml
Honey2 tsp.
  1. Crush cucumber peel to make its paste and put cucumber peel paste into a glass of water.
  2. Now, add 2 teaspoons of honey and mix all ingredients.

Drink this mixture on empty stomach in early morning. It will aids in removing constipation and regularizes your normal bowel habits.

Inner part of cucumber contains soluble fiber content, but cucumber peel contains insoluble fiber, which is more beneficial for expelling stool from the intestines due to its sweeping effects. One cucumber peel can provide 1 gram of insoluble fiber.

Improves vision

Cucumber peels improve eyesight due to its natural beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a type of carotene found in dark green and colorful fruits and vegetables. It is beneficial for eyes and improves vision. 100 grams of Cucumber with its peel contains 110 IU of vitamin A.

Weight loss

Cucumber is low in calories. Its peel has added benefits because of insoluble fiber. This insoluble fiber cleanses the intestines and helps in bulk formation, so it makes you feeling full abdomen and decreases the food cravings. So if you are trying to lose your weight, eat unpeeled cucumber regularly.

Provides vitamin K

100 grams cucumber with its peel contains around 100 microgram of vitamin K. Around 20 percent vitamin K comes from the cucumber peel and rest from the cucumber. We waste this 20% when we unpeeled cucumber. Vitamin K is required for bone health maintenance, blood clotting and cell growth and so on

You now know about the benefits of cucumber peel, so eat cucumber with peel for maximum health benefits.

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