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Ayur Times Team respects the intellectual property and copyright of others. If you feel that your work is present on the Ayur Times website, please notify us in detail.

However, we have tried hard to create our own unique content and have not copied the content from anywhere else.

Nevertheless, we also provide DMCA notification and procedure to remove the content if you feel your work or any part of your work has been copied on any page of the website in such a way that it could constitute copyright infringement.

Kindly follow this notice and procedure to make claims of copyright Infringement.

Pursuant to Act: Digital Millennium Copyright Act

If you believe that your work appears on the website and you hold copyright infringement claim against, submit notice of your claim by email at –

Please provide us following information in your message of making claim.

  1. Please write in subject COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT, so that we can understand the importance of your email.
  2. Include statement of your exclusive right to claim about copyright infringement.
  3. If you are not original author of the work, please send us evidence of acting on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right.
  4. Provide a statement that your provided information is accurate under penalty of perjury.
  5. Include your signature. The electronic signature is also acceptable.
  6. Provide the identification your intellectual property for the infringement. You can send one email for multiple copyrighted works.
  7. Include your email ID, telephone number, mailing address etc., so that we can contact you if we feel necessary.
  8. Please provide the link of pages or pages of website for which you are holding a claim. This information must be present in your message, so that we can locate the material for which you are talking about.
  9. Include a statement that you have a good faith belief about the material used on the that the copyright holder or owner does not authorize it. team will respond to DMCA complaints as soon as possible. It may take 3 to 7 working days to respond and investigate about your claims.

If we found that the material used on our website without the permission of the copyright holder, we will remove that content from our website once we notified about it.

Thank you

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