Dosage in Ayurveda

The amount that needs to take for getting therapeutic benefits is called dosage. It represents the quantity of medicine that patient should take. It can be in numbers, grams or ml. For example,

  1. For Vati and Gutika (tablets), the dosage is recommended in numbers. For example, Take 1 tablet or 2 tablets.
  2. For Avaleha or Lehyam, the dosage is recommended in grams or teaspoons. For example, take 5 grams or 1 teaspoon.
  3. For liquids, the dosage is advised in ml. For example, take 15 ml to 30 ml for Asava an Arista or take 5 ml of any syrup.

In ayurvedic classical texts, the dosage is also recommended as “Low Normal Dosage to High Normal Dosage”. It is the possible range of dosage, which your doctor can prescribe. This range is usually given for adult patients.

For example, Jatamansi powder dosage ranges from 1000 to 3000 mg. 1000 mg is its low normal dosage and 3000 mg is its high normal dosage. Your doctor will decide the most appropriate dosage for you according to your health condition, tolerability, and Dosha analysis.

General Dosage of Ayurvedic Medicines

Although, the dosage can vary for each formulation or medicine. Everything has exceptions. Here is a general dosage recommended in ayurveda.

Medicine CategoryDosage
Asava & Arishta15 to 30 ml
Ayurvedic Arq (Distillate)24 to 60 ml
Ayurvedic Herbs1 to 3 grams
Bhasma & Pishti125 to 250 mg
Churna (polyherbal formulations)3 to 6 grams
Ghrita (Ghritam)3 to 6 grams
Guggul2 to 4 tablets
Ras Rasayana – Herbal Mineral Medicine1 to 2 tablets
Kashayam (Decoction)48 ml
Kshaar250 to 1000 mg
Kupipakwa Rasayana125 to 250 mg
Lauh & Mandoor1 tablet (125 to 250 mg)
Lehyam (Avaleha)3 to 6 grams or 12 to 24 grams
Murabba (Marmalade)1 to 2 pieces
Sharbat (Squash)24 to 48 ml
Thailam (Medicated Oils) – for internal use3 to 6 grams
Vati & Gutika1 to 2 tablets

Note: Above dosage is the most appropriate dosage for adult patients. Your doctor can further decide the dosage for children based on age, body weight, strength and other health conditions.


The dosage described above is not accurate dosage for each formulation. This dosage may be applicable to the most of medicines, but it has several exceptions. Please read the individual article for each medicine to know the accurate dosage.

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