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Dairy Products

Dairy products include milk and other foods prepared from milk, such as butter, Ghee, ice cream, cheese, yogurt, dried milk and condensed milk.

Milk is considered a complete food as it provides the major categories of nutrients required by the body including carbohydrates in small amounts, proteins, and fats, vitamins like vitamin D and minerals like calcium.

Cow milk is the principal type of dairy product used throughout the world. Some other animals that are utilized for the milk production are buffalo (in India, Egypt, China, and the Philippines), reindeer (in the northern European countries), goats (in the Mediterranean region), and sheep (in the southern Europe).

Drinking 2 glasses of milk every day is considered healthy for children as well as adults. Milk is available in different forms such as whole milk, toned milk, and double-toned milk. Whole milk is recommended for children as it contains all the nutrients. It supports the body during various functions and enables proper growth and development of children. Obese people and those suffering from the diseases caused by an increased level of cholesterol in the blood such as heart attacks, hypertension or stroke are advised to drink toned or double-toned milk as these forms have a lower level of fats.

Similarly, yogurt, which is another source of proteins and fats, should also be consumed in its low-fat variety by the patients suffering from these diseases. Cheese and butter are considered the superior sources of proteins and fats, respectively. Condensed milk is usually used in cooking during preparation of desserts.