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Nutrition Facts

‘Nutrition facts’ is the term used to refer to a table present on the label of food products. The table is meant to help consumers make an informed choice about the food they want to purchase.

The information provided in the nutrition facts table is as follows:

Serving Size

The table provides information about the serving size, which is the portion of the food in the pack that is typically consumed by the people at one time. It also informs about the total number of servings from the package.


The nutrition facts table provides information about the calorie content per single serving.

Percent Daily Values (DV)

The nutrition facts table provides information about the different nutrients present in the pack of the food with respect to a specific amount or quantity. It is expressed in absolute terms, which means it tells the number of calories the food contains along with the amount of nutrients like fats, and proteins present in it. In some cases, the nutrition facts table may represent the amount of nutrients based on the percentage of the nutrients actually present in the food when compared to the daily recommended allowance for the particular nutrient. This information helps in evaluating how well the food fits into the healthy meal plan.

The daily Values are based on the average amount of nutrients needed for a person consuming about 2,000 calories per day. It should be noted that the percent daily value represents the amount for the entire day, and not just for one snack or meal.

The common nutrients, whose values are represented in the nutrition facts table, include saturated fat, trans fat, proteins, added sugars, vitamins, and minerals.