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Garbh Sanskar

The aim of every parent is to produce capable and healthy child who can face the efforts in this complex life. An Ayurvedic method that helps us to produce healthy and safe baby is called Garbh Sanskar.

Meaning of Garbh sanskar

Garbh Sanskar means “Education in the womb”. It is verified that the fetus is not the dull and mindless mass, but it is the responsive life that responds to external stimuli.

It is said that the mental development of the baby starts from the time of conceive. According to Garbh Sanskar, every Child is able to respond the outside influence like sounds, music, thoughts, feelings and moods of mother. That is why every pregnant woman should stay positive and relaxed during her pregnancy.

Some examples in Indian History that proves Garbh Sanskar really works:

  1. In Mahabharata, ABHIMANYU learned how to enter in the CHAKRAVYUHA when he was in the womb of her mother.
  2. PRAHLAD’s mother used to worship of Lord Vishnu. Her sanskar shifted to her baby ‘PRAHLAD’. That is why after taking birth in the RAKSHSA family, he was a great follower of Vishnu.

What Garbh Sanskar includes

In Ayurveda, Garbh Sanskar is the best process to give healthy and intelligent child. Garbh Sanskar is all about to keep your mind in a good state spiritually and emotionally for the healthy growth of the baby. Ayurvedic Garbh Sanskar suggests a set of practices, which include.

  1. Eating healthy
  2. Positive thinking
  3. Do yoga exercises
  4. Meditation
  5. Listening to music (which brings peace in the mind)
  6. Reading DHARMIK or spiritual books
  7. Relaxed mind and stay happy

Garbh Sanskar helps us to understand well-scheduled pregnancy. Through this education, pregnant woman learns the way to give mentally and physically healthy child. Mother holds the baby in her womb for nine months and it is not the easy journey for her. She needs the care of her husband and her family as well. But the main responsibility of child comes on the mother herself. She has to take care of her as well as baby that is in her womb for the healthy delivery and healthy child. Here are some practices that effect baby through mother:

Effect of food

Pregnant women should take the diet full of vitamins, minerals and all essential nutrients. Fresh and clean water, organic fruits and vegetables should be the part of the woman. The part of her diet goes to the baby and the health, skin and other body parts of the baby will become strong and healthy. Whatever she eats, it goes to the baby and it is her responsibility to make her child well physically.

Diet consideration


Every morning a pregnant woman should take PANCHAMRUT. It provides general strength, boosts potency, improves immunity and vitalizes the brain. To prepare PANCHAMRUT, you just have to take one table spoon of curd, honey, sugar, two tablespoons of ghee (clarified butter) and seven or eight tablespoons of milk. Mix them well. Pregnant women should take it daily.

Balanced Diet

With balanced diet, also a pregnant woman should take the proper amount of calcium, folic acid and iron in the diet. She can get calcium by taking dry dates, poppy seeds and Gum acacia. In addition, for iron and folic acid she should take black raisins, saffron, apples, pomegranates, spinach and figs.

Post-delivery diet

After delivery, woman should take light diet with no oil and spices until and unless baby is on breast-feed. She should prefer KHEER, light soups, DAAL, chapatti and vegetables with no gravy. She should drink warm water for some months.

Effect of Exercises and Yoga

Garbh sanskar also suggests some Yoga exercises for the woman for the physically health of the both baby and her. Woman also loses some excess weight through yoga. This results in easily and safe delivery. Garbh Sanskar suggests normal delivery and with these exercises delivery will be less painful and healthy.

Effect of Music

It is believed that baby in the womb responds to the music. From the seventh month of the pregnancy, the baby starts to hear from the surroundings. Listening to music is good for the health of baby but the choice of melody to be heard by the pregnant woman is also very important. Listening to soft or spiritual songs, mantras and SHLOKAS gives health to both woman and baby. Garbh sanskar SANGEET contains the special type music that helps the baby to feel calm and happy. The Garbh sanskar SANGEET and music stimulates the growth of sense organs of the baby and after the delivery, baby feel calm when to hear music. Baby finds it enjoyable and able to sleep comfortably with the sound of the music.

Music consideration


It increases courage in the child, which prepare the child to face every situation in the life.


It promotes healthy pregnancy and good growth of the body parts of the baby.


It promotes the culture and values regarding the country.

Effects of mother’s Life style on baby

It is advised to pregnant woman not to hear or watch horror scenes and violence related scenes in the movies. It can put negative effect on the character of the baby in future. She should read spiritual books, books with fine literature, listen to soft music and keep company with the people who have positive impact over her. She should do some creative to develop and enhance the creative power of the child.

Staying happy and doing such things that make you happy, calm, peaceful influence your unborn baby in a positive way. If you watch the comedy movie while pregnancy, it makes you extra cheerful and happy. Some of your emotions pass to your unborn child and baby will feel calm and happy.

It is proved that the sixty percent of the mind of the baby develops in the womb of the mother. Therefore, mother should take care of her for developing the healthy mind child. She has to follow Garbh sanskar techniques to produce well-balanced and happy life.

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