Giloy Ghan Vati

Giloy Ghan Vati contains water extract of Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia), which is a potent immuno-modulator herb beneficial for improving immunity and preventing common infections. It provides support during anti-infection therapy. It is non-chemical antipyretic, but its antipyretic action is mild, so it provides palliative treatment in fever.

Basic Information

Safety ClassificationPossibly Safe
Medicine TypeAyurvedic Proprietary Medicine
Main IndicationLow immunity, Weakness,
Potential ActionImmunomodulator
Dosage1 to 2 Tablets Twice Daily
Best AdjuvantHoney in productive cough & Ghee (Clarified Butter) in dry cough
ManufacturersDivya Pharmacy (Patanjali) Products
Availability RangeTablets
Main IngredientGiloy (Tinospora Cordifolia)

Ingredients (Composition)

Ingredient NameEach Tablet Contains:
Giloy (Guduchi) – Tinospora Cordifolia500 mg

Medicinal Properties

Giloy Ghan Vati has following healing properties.

  1. Immunomodulator
  2. Antioxidant
  3. Antipruritics
  4. Mild Analgesic
  5. Febrifuge
  6. Rejuvenative
  7. Adaptogen
  8. Anti-gout
  9. Anti-inflammatory
  10. Anti-mutagenic
  11. Detoxifier (AMA-NASHAK)
  12. Adaptogen

Therapeutic Indications

Giloy Ghan Vati is helpful in following health conditions.

  • General weakness
  • Recurrent infections
  • Immunodeficiency Disorders
  • Appetite loss
  • Chronic constipation with mucus in the stool
  • Common cold – (not effective alone in acute phase, but helps preventing recurrent colds or flu)
  • High cholesterol (should be used any of these remedies – Pushkarmool, Trikatu, Arogyavardhini vati, Medohar guggul, shuddha guggul or Terminalia Arjuna Bark Powder
  • Hepatitis, Jaundice and other liver disorders
  • Periodic fever syndrome
  • Autoimmune disorders

Benefits & Medicinal Uses

Giloy Ghan Vati increases immunity and makes body to fight off infections better. It reduces AMA (toxin produced due to undigested foods) and decreases the disease causing factors.

Key Benefits

  1. Boosts immunity
  2. Giloy ghanvati reduces recurrent infections
  3. Helpful in periodic fever syndrome
  4. Provides strength to the body and muscle
  5. Due to anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces muscle pain and it is beneficial in inflammatory diseases.
  6. Due to adaptogenic effects, it helps body coping with stress.
  7. Giloy ghanvati is beneficial in general body ache and general fatigue.
  8. Mild antipyretic properties of Giloy Ghan Vati reduce fever and assist other remedies used in fever.
  9. Giloy Ghan Vati also acts as blood purifier and thus helps reducing skin diseases and Pruritus (itching).
  10. Giloy ghanvati increases the urine output and reduces body toxins.

Recurrent Infections

Recurrent infections may signal something wrong in immune system. The most common cause of recurrent infections is immuno-deficiencies. The first line of defense system includes the skin, lining of respiratory tract and mucus membranes of digestive system. Microbes or external particles first attack these things in the body.

Giloy Ghan Vati contains Giloy, which helps increasing the defense mechanism due to its immuno-stimulatory properties and its influence is seen on membranes of alimentary canal and linings of the respiratory tract. It helps make body resistance against infections.

Fever Treatment with Giloy Ghan Vati

However, Giloy Ghan Vati has mild antipyretic action, but when it is combined as follows, it reduces fever within 30 to 60 minutes.

Giloy Ghan Vati2 Tablets *
Praval Pishti500 mg *
Godanti Bhasma500 mg *

* Twice Daily (Adults Dosage)

This combination has potent antipyretic (temperature lowering) action. For management of mild infections, one can use Tulsi Juice. In severe infections, one may need an appropriate treatment according to the underlying cause of the infection.

Debility after Fever

Giloy Ghan Vati works well for debility after the fever or long-standing disease. It reduces fatigue, body aches and general weakness.

Side effects of antibiotics and other medicines

All medicines used in fever management by allopathic doctors have side effects on liver and kidneys. Giloy Ghan Vati is an excellent tonic for liver as well as for kidneys. It reduces the side effects and protects the liver and kidneys.

Gout or Increase Uric Acid Levels

In ayurvedic medicine, Giloy Ghan Vati used with Punarnavarishta to reduce uric acid levels. The course of treatment should be at least 3 months.


The dosage of Giloy Ghan Vati may vary according to the health condition. Here is general dosage of Giloy ghanvati is given:

The general dosage of giloy ghan vati is as follows.
Toddler (Age: 1 – 3 yrs)¼ tablet *
Preschooler (Age: 3 – 5 yrs)½ tablet *
Children (Above 5 yrs)1 tablet *
Adults2 tablets *
Pregnancy1 tablet *
Lactation2 tablets *
* Doses: 2 to 4 times a day
Best Time to Take: 30 minutes before food or 2 hours after meal or can be repeated every 6 hours regardless the food intake.
Adjuvant: Lukewarm water, honey or other remedies according to disease

Recommended Treatment Duration

The recommended treatment duration with Giloy Ghan Vati ranges from 1 month to 6 months depending on the health condition.

Caution & Side Effects

Giloy Ghan Vati is POSSIBLY SAFE in most people within the therapeutic dosage of Giloy Ghan Vati described above.

Brands & Manufacturers

  • Patanjali Giloy Ghan Vati
  • Baidyanath Giloy Ghan Vati or Guduchi Ghan Vati

FAQs about Giloy Ghan Vati

Here are some frequently asked questions about Giloy Ghan Vati.

Could I take Giloy Ghan vati with Chirayata water?

Giloy with Chirayata is commonly used for the management of the fever and infections. This combination reduces fever, body ache, toothache and improves immunity. Therefore, one can take Giloy Ghan Vati with Chirayata Water without any side effects.

Can giloy ghan vati help reducing fat and losing weight?

Yes, giloy ghan vati will help to reduce excess body fat and weight. However, the effects of giloy ghan vati on body weight are likely to be mild because it works indirectly by improving metabolism and liver functions. Therefore, it may not alone help much to lose weight, but can be used as supportive therapy for losing weight along with Triphala Churna and Kutki Churna or other medicines described here – Ayurvedic medicines for weight loss.

Does giloy ghan vati improve immunity?

Yes, it improves non-specific immunity and overall functions of immune system. Giloy is an immune booster and it improves the body response to infections and toxins, which helps reducing the frequency of infections and enhances excretion of toxins.

Does giloy ghan vati help to overcome weakness or debility occurring after chronic disease, fever, and infections?

Yes, giloy ghan vati is helpful for overcoming the weakness following the chronic disease and infections or after antibiotic use. It helps to regain optimum appetite and restore the lost body strength. Generally, it should be used along with Sitopaladi Churna for this purpose. It is also beneficial for joint pain developed after viral infections or flu.

Is giloy ghan vati useful in chronic pancreatitis? How does it work?

Tinospora Cordifolia in it acts as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It also relieves pains due to mild analgesic properties. In pancreatitis, it helps by reducing inflammation. It also reduces AMA (toxins) due to its digestive and stomachic actions. It also inhibits pancreatic amylase activities and reduces pancreatic irritation and inflammation. Thus, it helps in the management of chronic pancreatitis. (Read More: Giloy – Tinospora Cordifolia)

Can we use giloy ghan vati after surgery in place of antibiotic?

No, giloy ghan vati is not so potent that it can replace the need of antibiotic medicines. However, it can be used as an adjuvant to antibiotics to improve immunity and reduce the severity of infections. It also applies to its use after surgery.

Can I take Giloy Ghan Vati during pregnancy?

Giloy ghan vati use is not suggestible during pregnancy unless it is urgently required.

However, giloy ghan vati is likely safe during pregnancy for a short period (less than 4 weeks). When it is indicated for the management of any disease, then it can be used for a long-term as well under the supervision of a physician.

Is it safe during pregnancy to use in a fever?

Giloy Ghan Vati only contains Water Extract of Giloy, which is likely to be safe to use during pregnancy for the management of the fever along with Praval Pishti and other remedies.

Can we give Giloy (Tinospora) juice to 2 months baby?

Yes, Giloy (Tinospora) juice can be given to infants (0 to 12 months age) if required or indicated for any disease under the supervision of a physician.

Does Giloy Ghan vati help to reduce high WBC?

Tinospora Cordifolia (Giloy) fights off infection by two kinds of mechanisms – immunomodulatory effect and antimicrobial effect. These effects significantly reduce the microbial load in the body and Giloy boosts up the recovery from the infection. Thus, it also normalizes white blood cell (WBC) count. The similar benefits should be observed with Giloy Ghan vati because it contains Giloy.

Can I take giloy ghan vati in typhoid fever?

Yes, Giloy Ghan Vati can be taken in typhoid fever to reduce its recurrence, lowering fever, reducing after effects like weakness and loss of appetite, and for improving immune response against typhoid Salmonella Typhi and Salmonella Paratyphi bacteria.

Can we use giloy ghan vati along with Acetaminophen (Paracetamol)?

Giloy tablets alone may not have very potent antipyretic action (temperature lowering effect) like paracetamol. In ayurveda, it is generally used along with Parval Pishti, Godanti Bhasma, Maha Sudarshan Churna, Brahmi Vati (gold), Sutshekhar Ras (gold), etc. for the management of fever along with some other remedies according to underlying cause (types of infection).

If it is used alone, then it may not replace the need of Paracetamol (Acetaminophen). One can use it keeping minimum one hour gap from paracetamol as an adjuvant therapy.

Can I use Giloy Ghan vati for rheumatoid arthritis?

Yes, Giloy Ghan Vati (2 tablets) can be used along with Sonth (dried ginger) powder (1 gram) twice daily for the management of rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Can Giloy Ghan Vati be used in UTI E. Coli Infection?

Giloy improves the intracellular bactericidal and phagocytic capacities of neutrophils, which also helps to reduce the growth of Escherichia Coli bacteria and helps to eliminate infection along with other medicines such as Chandraprabha vati, Chandanasava and Chandanadi Vati. However, Giloy Ghan Vati alone may not be helpful, so a combination therapy is always advisable.

Can giloy ghan vati be useful in increasing platelet count?

Giloy Ghan Vati contains extract of Tinospora Cordifolia, which is useful for improving the functions of bone marrow cells and exhibits immunomodulatory activity. Generally, it should be used in low platelet count along with Carica Papaya leaf extract for the best results. The combination is available in ayurvedic products like UPLAT Capsules (by Sanat Products Ltd.), PLATRICH (by TPPL) and JUMPLAT (by Biorex Healthcare). Alternatively, along with Giloy Ghan Vati, one can take any Carica Papaya leaf extract supplement available in the market.

Should it be taken on empty stomach?

It is not necessary, but if you take it on empty stomach, it will be more beneficial. For more details, read dosage section above in this article.

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  1. Sabir says

    Can I take Giloy Ghan if I have high cholesterol? Does it decrease high cholesterol?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, Giloy Ghan Vati reduces cholesterol due to the antihyperlipidemic action of giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) present in it.

  2. Tanuj says

    I eat katira gond in the morning with mishri. Can I take giloy ghan vati with katira gond?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says


  3. Rashmi says

    Does it help to reduce dark circle under eyes?

  4. Rishav raj says

    Can I use giloy ghan vati for ankylosing spondylitis.

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, it can help to reduce inflammation, but it should be used in combination of Ashwagandha and Maha Yograj Guggulu for best results in Ankylosing spondylitis.

  5. kumar says

    I am suffering from fungus in my skin can i use giloy ghan vati tablets and I am 18 years old boy but my voice is childish how can I get matured voice.

  6. Roopendra Sirohi says

    I have frequent infection ( like dry cough) and heaviness so please suggest any ayurvedic treatment like giloy ghanvati and others.

  7. Mayank says

    If someone suffers from brain fever and decreased concentration, will it be helpful??

  8. Rishav says

    Sir, I m suffering from ankylosing spondylitis. Can I take giloy ghanvati. Please mention dosage…

  9. manjit says

    i’ve bought giloy ghanvati from india i amn’t in india. Is there any side effect like allopathic if i use expired divya giloy ghanvati? plz ans…thnks

  10. Prashant says

    I am sufferingfrom alegria asthama
    Which ayurveda treatment i can take?

    Also i have patanjali giloy ghanvati tablet which is expired before three months. Now a days i am out of india . Can I take that tablets?

  11. niraj srivastava says

    Can an alcoholic take giloy after he has stopped drinking…

  12. Gauri says

    Can I take it without doctor’s consultation? Also, does it helpful to reduce ovarian cyst?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      There are several factors for deciding medication to treat ovarian cyst. You should consult a doctor for a proper treatment.

  13. Pinakin Patel says

    Can I take giloy Ghan bati if I have all body burning pain and chest pain?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Alone Giloy Ghan Vati might be effective for this.

  14. Akash says

    I am 21 years adult I have urticaria skin disease. Can I take this 2 time daily after 2 hours of meal?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, Giloy can help in urticaria, but it should be used along with Turmeric power and black pepper.

  15. Pankaj kashyap says

    Does giloy vati effective in preventing cold and flu which occur due to change in season

  16. Narender says

    Can we consume giloy vati regular daily basis to stay fit..

    1. Ayur Times says

      Yes, there is no problem taking giloy on regular basis.

  17. Shailendra Singh says

    Nice article, Giloy Vati has medicinal healing properties, which are still unknown to many.

  18. Vaibhavi says

    Can I take giloy if I have a knee pain and I am 37 years old male?
    Please tell my knees are daily paining so help me out of these please.

    1. Ayur Times says

      Although giloy has anti-inflammatory properties, it is not much effective in relieving knee pain. Instead, a patient with knee pain or arthritis can use Ashwagandha (3 grams) and Piplamool (500 mg).

  19. VIbhuti says

    Can I take this tablet with my tb medicines?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, it can be taken with TB medicines.

  20. Arti Dhruv says

    Can it help to reduce blood sugar level?

  21. Anil Khanna says

    What is the best ayurvedic medicine for acidity and poor digestion?

    1. Ayur Times says

      Amalaki Rasayana along with Mulethi can help in hyperacidity. These herbs also improve digestion if poor digestion or loss of appetite caused by hyperacidity or gastritis.

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      1. Use of Amalaki Rasayana in Heartburn, Gastritis, Acid Reflux or GERD
      2. Use of Mulethi in hyperacidity

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