Green Beans Health Benefits & Side Effects

Green beans are an excellent source of Vitamin K. They are a good source of folate, manganese and Vitamin C. It is also rich in Dietary fiber, vitamin B2, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E. In other words, it is a powerhouse of nutrition and consumption of it can help a person to lead a long and healthy life.


  1. String beans
  2. Snap beans
  3. Emotes
  4. Haricots verts

Green beans are known by various names in different parts of the world. It is referred to as “Snap beans” in the northeastern and western united states, “Emotes” in Mexico and “Haricots verts” in France.

Green beans are thin, green and long crunchy vegetable, which is available throughout the year.

Retaining Vitamin C

In order to retain the vitamin c, which is present in small quantity in green beans, it is consumed raw.

The dish made using green beans, known, as Green Beans Casserole” is famous throughout United States in Thanksgiving.

Health Benefits of Green Beans

Consumption of green beans provides many health benefits. Green Beans benefit in nutritional deficiencies, heart diseases, losing weight, constipation, pregnancy, infections, joint diseases, depression and cancer.

Prevents heart diseases and normalizes blood pressure

One of the most important health benefits of green beans is the improved cardiovascular health. There is a rich content of antioxidants in green beans, which protects the heart from damage and controls the level of fat in the blood. Many ingredients present in green beans help in reducing cholesterol, which is one of the main reasons for heart problems. Along with that, Magnesium and Potassium present in green beans helps in balancing blood pressure. In other words, green beans help in having a healthy heart.

Speeds up the healing process

Green beans are rich in vitamin K and one of its most important functions is fastening the process of healing. It stimulates blood clotting when one develops any sort of wound or an injury. Vitamin K enhances the body’s absorption of calcium and therefore prevents osteoporosis and strengthens the bone.

Helps in losing weight

Fresh green beans are very low in calories, cholesterol and saturated fat thereby it goes a long way in helping in weight loss and keeping our heart healthy.

Green beans are rich in fiber, which makes us feel full for a long time, which in turn makes us eat less and therefore helps in weight management.

Helps fight constipation and bowel movement problems

If you are facing the problem of constipation, green beans can help due to its fiber content. It acts as a laxative that helps to protect the mucous membrane of the colon. Furthermore, it can add bulk and weight to the stools thereby making it easy to pass and relief you from the problem of constipation. If one suffers from the problem of bowel movement, it is fiber one should turn to and green beans are one of the vegetables one can choose.

Green Beans for women during pregnancy

Green beans are a good source of folate, which is very useful for cell division and DNA synthesis. Intake of folate by women during preconception periods and even during pregnancy helps prevent neural-tube defects in babies. It also protects the child from developing asthma later on in life.

Helps prevent signs of aging

If you want to look young and evergreen, its green beans that should be on your plate.  Vitamin A present in green beans helps in providing antioxidants, carotenoids and flavanoids, which prevent the sign of ageing. It also helps in improving the complexion of skin and prevents the occurrence of wrinkles. it makes your skin glow.

Helps in maintaining cell and body fluid movement

Green beans are rich in potassium, which helps in maintaining better cell production in the body that helps in living a healthy and energized life. Furthermore, green beans also help in maintaining body fluid and minerals.

Prevents infections

Green beans contain vitamin C and vitamin B, niacin and thiamine. Green beans are good source of nutrients helping in the prevention of many infections in our body.

Important for Bone Health

Green beans provide us with mineral silicon, which is very important for bone health and for healthy formation of connective tissue.

It helps in reducing depression

Depression is one of the major health problems in the world today. Intake of folate and antioxidants help in reducing depression and anxiety. Green beans are rich in folate and antioxidants like carotenoids and flavanoids, which helps in reducing depression and anxiety.

Beneficial in reducing cancer risk

Green beans are rich in vitamins, folate and antioxidants and therefore they keep our body healthy and there is a less chance for the occurrence of cancer. Vitamin A and vitamin C present in Green beans helps in preventing many types of cancer. Furthermore, Green beans have greater overall antioxidant capacity than snow peas and winged beans.

Side effects of Green Beans

  1. Green beans contain high concentration of lentins and so harmful when taken in raw form i.e. without cooking and improperly cooked form.
  2. Green beans contain a measurable amount of Oxalates and when it becomes too concentrated in body fluids, they crystallize and lead to health complications. Therefore, people with kidney and gallbladder have to avoid intake of green beans.

Green beans are one of the best sources for nutrients, which help in building a healthy body. They are great sources of folates, Vitamin K and fiber.

Intake of green beans helps in strengthening of cardiovascular system, helps in cell formation and overall health of a person.

It is said that the production of Green beans was first started in Peru in South America and they were introduced into Europe around 16th century by Spanish explorers.

Today green beans are found all over the world and are even marketed canned and frozen. You can also consume them fresh.

According to United Nations FAO (FOOD AND AGRICULTURAL ORGANISATION) Statistics, China is the largest producer of green beans followed by Indonesia and India. 60% of commercial grown green beans are found in USA.

Green beans will help you to fight many diseases and overcome lot of health problems. It will not only add taste, but also health in your food.

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