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Guggulsterone Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Guggulsterone is a natural plant steroid derived from the resin of the traditional ayurvedic medicinal plant named “guggul”, mostly found in the region of northern India.

Two types of Guggulsterones are available in the market, which are extracted from the guggul plant. Guggulsterone exists in two STEREOISOMERS i.e. E- Guggulsterone and Z- Guggulsterone.

  1. E-Guggulsterone: It is High Potency and yellow in color.
  2. Z-Guggulsterone: It is Low Potency and brown in color.

Guggulsterones Benefits & Uses

Guggulsterone supplements are able to support healthy cholesterol level, to heal arthritis, to remove body toxins and help to manage the weight of the body. In addition, Guggulsterone and its supplements are also used to cure acne and skin related diseases.

Guggulsterone for thyroid disorders

Guggulsterone can improve thyroid functions. It helps improving hypothyroidism. The common ayurvedic formulation named Kanchnar guggul  is generally used for the treatment of hypothyroidism.

Some studies also indicate that Guggulsterone increases the thyroid functions. It affects T4 hormone and stimulates its conversion into active T3 hormone.

We found that Guggulsterone is initially effective for hypothyroidism when used with Arogyavardhini vati, but 3 to 6 months after stopping these remedies, TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) level start increasing. We have to restart the therapy with either Guggulsterone or Kanchnar guggul. Therefore, we have not observed permanent cure of hypothyroidism with Guggulsterone and Kanchnar guggul, but it helps a lot.

Guggulsterone for weight loss

Guggulsterone is beneficial to lose the excess weight. The thyroid gland controls the body metabolism. A well functioning of thyroid gland preserves the body metabolism at proper level by enabling the body to burn calories at faster rate. A mal-functioning thyroid gland slows down the body metabolism. This results to less calories burn and all food is converted into the fat in the body. Guggulsterone always helps to regulate the body metabolism and responsible to reduce the overweight.

Many people are suffering from the obesity due to the malfunctioning of thyroid gland. Guggulsterone is very helpful for losing their weight for such kind of people who fall under the obese category. With the use of Guggulsterone supplements, you should also do some exercise to take the proper benefits of the supplements and you should also include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Only taking supplements will not result well.

High Cholesterol Level

Our body contains two types of cholesterols “good” and “bad”. Bad cholesterols called low-density lipoprotein, when builds up in the blood may be related to diseases like heart attack or stroke and hypertension.

Guggulsterone helps to decrease the level of the bad cholesterol in the blood and prevent the people from the risk of developing these types of dangerous heart related diseases. In addition, its supplements help in the maintaining good cholesterol levels to improve all body functions and overall health.

Remove toxins and absorb nutrients

Regular use of Guggulsterone removes the body toxins that collect around the joints. The body toxins around the joints cause pain in joints, muscles, arthritis and rheumatism. In this case, intake of Guggulsterone or its supplements helps in reducing the pain and inflammation of the joints.

With the proper use of Guggulsterone, our body can absorb more nutrients from the meal. In this way, the Guggulsterone is responsible for overall functioning of the body system to keep us strong and healthy.

Remove Acne and pimples

Guggulsterone is a good antibiotic and used to remove the acne and pimples problem from the face. The medicinal properties of the Guggulsterone help our skin to remain free from pimples and all kind of rashes. It also helps in purifying the blood. It also decreases the redness and swelling caused by the acnes.

Reduce Oxidative stress

Guggulsterone also helps in decreasing the lipid peroxidation. Regular use of it and its supplements help in the body for reducing the oxidative stress.

Dosage & Administration

The general dosage of standardized guggulsterones is as follows.
Children 75 mg *
Adults 150 mg *
Geriatric (Old age) 75 to 150 mg *
Maximum Possible Dosage 450 mg per day (in divided doses)
* Twice Daily with warm water or Maharasnadi Kwath
When to Take: After Food

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