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Harar Murabba Recipe & Health Benefits

Harar murabba is a sweet preserve used in ayurvedic and Unani medicine for the treatment of respiratory and abdominal diseases. Murabba harar is prepared from the fruits of plant terminalia chebula (also called yellow myrobalam and Chebulic myrobalan).

Harar murabba is helpful in the management of chronic and obstinate constipation, acidity, hard stools, hemorrhoids, common cold, cough and asthmatic problems.

It is also good nutritious sweet preserve for brain and respiratory system. It provides strength to lungs, alleviates inflammation, and dilates airways, which ultimately gives relief in chest congestion, wheezing and breathing troubles.

How to Make Harar Murabba At Home

Here is harar murabba recipe and you can prepare harar murabba at home with a very easy method given below.

Ingredients Quantity
Harar (fresh fruits of terminalia chebula plant) 1 Kg
Sugar 1 Kg
Water 2 liter for boiling & 1 Liter for preparing sugar syrup
Cardamom seeds 3 grams or 1 tsp.

Washing & Cleaning

Take fresh fruits (HARARs) of Terminalia Chebula Plant and wash them thoroughly. Let them dry and clean with a cotton cloth.

Boiling harar

Now, boil water in stainless steel pan and drop all HARARs fruits in boiling water. Boil the water with HARARs until the pulp become soft and tender. Now, take out all boiled HARARs from the water and prepare sugar syrup.

Preparing sugar syrup

  • Sugar = 1 Kg
  • Water = 1 Liter

Take one-liter water and boil it. Add sugar to the boiling water and heat until sugar dissolves and heat the liquid until sugar syrup attain one thread consistency.

Note: You can also use the water for preparing sugar syrup, which was used for boiling HARARs. It will help to preserve medicinal value of water-soluble compounds present in the boiled water.

Soaking boiled HARARs into sugar syrup

Now, soak boiled HARARs in sugar syrup and leave it for 24 hours. In next day, again boil the liquid and add a few drops citric acid in the sugar syrup.

Sprinkle additives

When the liquid with HARARs cooled down, and then sprinkle additives. You can use following additives in addition to cardamom seeds.

Additives Quantity per 1 Kg Murabba
Saffron 25 to 50 strands
Black cardamom seeds 3 grams
Cinnamon (crushed or powdered) 3 grams
Blanched almonds 100 grams
Raisins 100 grams
Cloves 10 to 20
Black pepper 1 to 3 grams
Long pepper 1 to 3 grams


Adding long pepper, black pepper, cinnamon and cloves make the Harar murabba more effective in digestive disorders.

Saffron, cardamom seeds, almonds and raisins enhance its nutritional value and boost its action in neurological disorders and general debility.

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