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You can heal yourself and reverse your disease with Ayur Times Healing Diet. It has mainly three phases:

  1. Preparation: Fasting for Healing.
  2. Phase 1: Healing Phase Diet.
  3. Phase 2: Stabilizing Phase Diet.
  4. Phase 3: Preventing Phase Diet.

Preparation: Fasting

Before you start the healing phase diet, we recommend fasting in the following way:

Day 1Water Fasting
Day 2Juice Fasting
Day 3Salad Fasting
Day 4Salad Fasting
Day 5Start the Healing Phase Diet

More Details: Fasting for Healing

Weekly Fasting

You should choose one day every week on which you can fast whole the day. The day should be the same. For example, if you choose Wednesday for fasting. You should have fast on every Wednesday whenever possible and practicable.

In weekly fasting, you should not eat anything at breakfast and lunch. But you can eat a salad made of non-starchy vegetables and group 1 or group 2 fruits. Check the Fruit Guide to know more about Fruit Groups and Salad Vegetables for recommended and restricted vegetables.

Healing Phase Diet (Phase 1)

Healing Phase Diet promotes quick healing and restores health. This phase is important to reverse diseases.

TimingsFood Types
8:00 AMVegetable Juice
10:00 AMFruits (from Group 1 or 2)
1:00 PM (Lunch Plate)Salad + Fresh Herbs + Soaked Seeds + Healing Legumes
4:00 PMFruits (from Group 3 or 4)
6:00 PM (Dinner Plate)Salad + Fresh Herbs + 2 Soaked Walnuts + 5 Soaked Almonds

Duration: As long as you get complete relief from a disease or as recommended by us on a case-to-case basis.

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Selected Healing Spices

You should also take Healing Spices as listed below:

  1. Turmeric.
  2. Black Pepper.
  3. Long Pepper.
  4. Cumin Seeds.
  5. Ginger.
  6. Cinnamon.
  7. Green Cardamon.

Check their recommended amount in Spice’s Guide. You can sprinkle these herbs on a salad or take it with lukewarm water. These are optional.

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Stabilizing Phase Diet (Phase 2)

Stabilizing Phase Diet promotes stabilisation in health. It slowly introduces the intact whole grains.

TimingsFood Types
8:00 AMGreen Herbs’ Smoothie
10:00 AMFruits (Group 1 or 2)
1:00 PM (Lunch)Vegetable Salad + Fresh Herbs + Healing Whole Grains + Cooked Vegetables
4:00 PMFruits (from Group 3 or 4)
6:00 PM (Dinner)Vegetable Salad + Fresh Herbs + Healing Legumes

Duration: The duration is 3 months after phase 1.

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Healing Whole Grains

You can select the grains from the following list:

  1. Sorghum (Jowar).
  2. Barley.
  3. Amaranth (Rajgira).
  4. Teff (red, brown, and white)
  5. Farro (Ancient Wheat Grains)
    1. Emmer (Farro piccolo).
    1. Einkorn (Farro piccolo).
    1. Spelt (Farro grande).
  6. Barnyard Millet.
  7. Foxtail Millet.
  8. Kodo Millet.
  9. Little Millet.
  10. Browntop Millet.
  11. Buckwheat.
  12. Oats.
  13. Rye.
  14. Quinoa.
  15. Bulgur (cracked wheat).

More Details: Whole Grain Guide

Preventing Phase Diet (Phase 3)

Preventing Phase Diet helps to stay healthy throughout life. You should follow it after a complete recovery from your health condition. If you are already healthy, you can choose this diet plan directly. You might not need to follow Phase 1 and 2 diets.

8:00 AMWhole grains + vegetables + nuts or seeds or plant-based milkGreen Herbs’ Smoothie (optional)
10:00 AMFruits (group 1 and 2)Fruits (group 1 and 2)
1:00 PMVegetable Salad + Fresh Herbs + Whole Grains + LegumesVegetable Salad + Fresh Herbs + Whole Grains + Legumes
4:00 PMFruits (from Group 3 or 4)Fruits (from Group 3 or 4)
6:00 PMVegetable Salad + Whole Grains + Cooked Vegetables +/- Vegetable Soup (optional)Vegetable Salad + Whole Grains + Cooked Vegetables +/- Vegetable Soup (optional)

Duration: Follow this phase 3 for lifelong.

Learn More: Preventing Phase Diet

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