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Health Definition as per Ayurveda

Health is a complete well being of person with joyful life. According to Ayurveda, Health is not merely suppression of diseases but a complete absence of diseases from their roots. Health is physical, mental, social and spiritual well being of person. Here, spiritual means having good ideology and free from hurts towards self and others both. It means having calm state of mind and less traffic of thoughts. Spiritual means person has well control over thoughts and mind or person guides his mind not his mind or body control him.

Characteristics of a complete health:

  1. Complete absence of diseases: This is common characteristic of health “absence of diseases.” A disease means dis + ease i.e. not easy with something. Disease is that thing which causes discomfort to person and person feels disagreement with that situation. It may be physical matter or mental or social matter. If you feel discomfort with anything, that is the disease.
  2. Proper balance body constituents:  The body has many constituents such as blood, lymph, many bio-chemicals, hormones, enzymes or tissue mass etc. They all need to be in balance. Nothing should be abnormal in laboratory tests or radiological examinations. Balance of body constituents is called health.
  3. Proper balance mind constituents: Mind has power of intelligence or intellectual or other skills such as memory or learning capabilities. All these need to be in balance state nothing abnormal. Person should have all these characteristics of mental balance.
  4. Proper balance social constituents: Person should have social characteristics in balance such as friendliness or good will for society. These constituents help to build a good society. Healthy society can generate healthy individuals.
  5. Proper balance spiritual constituents: This includes calmness of mind and tolerability of person towards mental strain or stress. Its constituents are will power, determination, promise, joyfulness, calmness or peace, control over owns thoughts, Absence of inner conflict or free from too much traffic of thoughts in mind.

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