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Herbal Distillate: Preparation Method, Benefits & List

Herbal Distillate

Herbal Distillate is an aqueous formulation of a specific herb or combination of several herbs prepared with steam distillation method. In ayurveda and Unani Medicine, it is called Ark (Arq).

The most commonly used Herbal Distillate in almost every house is rose water (Gulab Ark).

How to Make Herbal Distillate

Ingredients Ratio Example Quantity
Herb 1 Part 100 grams
Water 8 Parts 800 ml
  1. Take coarse powder of herbs (seeds, roots, bark or flowers). If you have fresh herbs or flowers, then cut them into small pieces and crush them.
  2. Put herbs in pure drinkable water. Take water 8 times of herbs’ weight.
  3. Soak herbs in water for about 12 hours.
  4. In next day, put the mixture into herbal distillate equipment (Nadika yantra).
  5. Put herbal distillate equipment on the stove and start giving medium heat. The flame should not be too high. It will be harmful to the herbal distillate. It may reduce the therapeutic value of herbal distillate.
  6. Water start getting vaporized and collecting in distillate collector.

Herbal distillate should be clear and transparent. It should have a fragrance of herbs from which it is prepared.

You can prepare herbal distillate of any herb with this method.

Benefits of Herbal Distillate

Your body easily digests the herbal distillates. These are gentler than other herbal preparation. Therefore, it is most suitable for babies, children and old aged people.

Based on the ingredient of herbal distillate, it has a variety of functions and benefits. All benefits of an herbal distillate are attributed to its composition.

List of Herbal Distillates (Ayurvedic Ark)

Note:  Sometimes, herbal distillates are mistakenly known as herbal water. Herbal distillate has unique preparation method as discussed above. It is different formulation than herbal waters. Herbal water preparation method does not involve distillation technique.

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