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Himalaya LiverCare

Himalaya LiverCare is an herbal supplement useful for maintaining the liver health and improving liver functions. Its ingredients have antioxidant and rejuvenating effects on the hepatic cells. It can be used to support the liver and prevent further deterioration in several liver disorders including all types of hepatitis.

Ingredients (Composition)

Himalaya Liver Care Capsule contains 375 mg proprietary herbal blend of following herbs.

  • Caper Bush root
  • Chicory seed
  • Black nightshade whole plant
  • Arjuna bark – Terminalia Arjuna
  • Yarrow aerial parts
  • Cassia Occidentalis seeds
  • Tamarisk whole plant

Other Ingredients: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (Vegetarian Capsule)

Himalaya LiverCare Capsule formulation is based on the Liv 52 Formula. All ingredients in it are same except Mandur Bhasma (Ferric Oxide Calx). Liv 52 contains Mandur Bhasma additionally. Each LiverCare capsule contains 375 mg herbal blend, but Liv 52 tablet contains 275 mg and Liv 52 DS tablet contains 550 mg herbal blend.

Normally, LiverCare is sold outside India and advertised as a supplement for supporting the liver functions, which may be due to legal matters outside India. However, Liv 52 is considered as ayurvedic proprietary medicine in India and used for treating several liver diseases.

Pharmacological Actions

Ingredients in Himalaya Liver Care play a role in hepatoprotection and prevent liver toxicity. It further improves liver functions and may help to improve regeneration process of the liver cells. It exerts antioxidant action on the liver and thus supports the liver by reducing oxidative stress.

Medicinal Properties

Based on ingredients analysis, LiverCare Capsule may have following medicinal properties:

  • Antioxidant
  • Antihepatotoxicity
  • Hepatoprotective
  • Anti-inflammatory


LiverCare can be used as supplement in the following health conditions:

  • Poor liver functions
  • Poor Appetite
  • Poor Metabolism
  • Elevated liver enzymes
  • Jaundice & Hepatitis

Benefits & Uses of Himalaya Liver Care

LiverCare capsule contains well-known hepatoprotective herbs used in Ayurveda. The formulation is well studied in several clinical trials for its effectiveness in liver disorders. However, most of the studies are available on Liv 52, which contains same ingredients as in LiverCare capsule.

LiverCare supports the liver and improves its functions

LiverCare capsule provides support to the liver and improves the liver functions. It mainly acts as an antioxidant, strengthens the hepatocytes, may nourish the liver, may act as detoxifier and help in liver detoxification, and herbs in LiverCare are also known for reducing the inflammation in the liver and prevents the damage to the liver cells. Therefore, it boosts the liver performance and its functions.

LiverCare Use Along with Protein Supplements

People taking protein supplements can also get benefits from Himalaya’s LiverCare. The liver becomes stressed and overloaded due to the high amount of protein supplementation, especially in cases of athletes and sportspeople. It reduces oxidative stress and improves functions of liver to utilize the proteins properly. A study showed it has protein building effects and improves the formation of the new proteins in the liver. A reduction of nitrogen excretion in wastes was observed in participants taking LiverCare than Placebo group. The reduction of nitrogen excretion in fecal matter and urine indicates an increase in protein formation in the liver.

Himalaya Liver Care Dosage

The general dosage of Himalaya Liver Care is as follows.
Children1 tablet
Adults2 tablets
Maximum Possible Dosage6 tablets Per Day (in divided doses)
Doses: Twice or thrice a day (Generally, twice daily should be sufficient in mild to moderate cases of liver disorders; in severe cases, thrice daily will be more effective.)
Best Adjuvant: Lukewarm water
Best Time to Take: 30 minutes before food (if loss of appetite and poor digestion) or 30 minutes after food (in cases of all other liver diseases)

Two Tablets of LiverCare formula twice daily is effective dosage to lower elevated liver enzymes. There is no problem with this dosage as all ingredients in it are herbal and safe even in higher dosages.

Safety Profile

Himalaya LiverCare is considerably safe and well-tolerated for most individuals when LiverCare capsule is taken in recommended dosage and under professional supervision.

Side Effects

There are no side effects observed with Himalaya LiverCare.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

The safety profile of LiverCare capsule is not well-established for pregnant women. The best advice is to avoid its use during pregnancy or consult a physician. Lactating mothers should also avoid the use of LiverCare capsule or consult a physician before using it.


There are no absolute contraindications for LiverCare capsule.

FAQs about Himalaya Liver Care

How many months should I take Himalaya Liver Care?

In mild to moderate cases of liver diseases, 3 months treatment with Himalaya Liver Care should be sufficient. In severe cases, one may require long-term treatment with this.

Can I gain weight with Himalaya Liver Care?

Himalaya Liver Care will indirectly help to increase weight by increasing appetite, improving digestion and enhancing the absorption of the food. It has no direct impact on weight gain or weight loss.

Are the Liv-52 bottles from India a better version that the USA domestic bottles? The pills from India have a red coating where the pills from the USA have a clear coating. I have heard the actual pills from India are a better product that the American version. Can you confirm?

Most of the ingredients are same in both versions. Indian version contains Mandur Bhasma as an additional ingredient. Liv 52 Syrup formula is same. In my opinion, both will have similar hepatoprotective effects with a slight difference.

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