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Home Remedies for Heart Diseases

Heart disease can weaken the functioning of heart and does not allow it to perform its functions normally. High blood pressure is one of the major reasons behind all sorts of these disorders. However, regular exercise and change in food habits can prevent and reduce the risks of heart disorders. You will be able to deal with all the symptoms and disorders if you take proper treatments and follow few natural remedies.

Common heart disorders

Coronary heart disease

This condition occurs due to the blockages in the blood vessels and might form into clots later. Severe cases might lead to heart attack.


It is due to weakening of the heart muscles.


It is a problem, which is a result of thickening of artery walls, which leads to narrowing of the arteries. Blood vessels will lose its elasticity, which will result in poor blood circulation to the body parts.

Angina pectoris

This is due to the hardening of the arteries, which leads to pain in chest and other uncomfortable conditions.

Causes of Heart Diseases

  • It is caused due to the formation of blood clots and this condition is known as Thrombosis.
  • Obesity
  • Hardening of the arteries
  • High blood pressure
  • Deficiency of various nutrients

Home Remedies for Heart

The below mentioned home remedies are helpful in preventing and reducing the risks of several kinds of heart disorders.


This cereal is an amazing source of fiber, which helps keep check on your cholesterol levels. Several high fiber foods such as oats, barley, lentils, whole grains etc. are also helpful in reducing LDL cholesterol levels in your body.

How to Use

Include all bran cereal and other high fiber foods especially in your breakfast. High fiber content will keep your cholesterol levels under control and helps get rid of other problems such as constipation.


Ginger is best known for its anti-flatulent properties and improving the process of digestion. This wonderful ingredient is gaining lot of popularity as it helps promote heart health. Studies have mentioned that ginger will help in preventing the formation of clots, lowering bad cholesterol levels and improving blood circulation. Few lab studies have also shown that ginger works much effectively than the drug aspirin in preventing blood clots.

How to Use

  • Include this super food in your diet while cooking.
  • You can also extract the juice from ginger paste and add little honey to it before consuming it daily on an empty stomach. It can be taken in the form of supplement as well.


Garlic has a host of properties helpful in controlling and preventing conditions such as coronary heart disorder, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Few studies have also mentioned that consuming a single clove of garlic can help reduce LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol. It also helps in maintaining the blood pressure levels within normal. Studies have also indicated that people who consume garlic regularly have good blood circulation and lesser chances of aggregation of harmful platelets.

How to Use

  • Like ginger, you can include this food in your diet. You can even consume a clove of raw garlic daily or extract the juice of garlic and add little honey to it before consuming it daily in the morning.
  • It is also available in the form of pills, extracts and oils. You must only have it in limited quantities.


Due to its blood thinning properties, garlic might interfere with other medications and hence it is suggested to consult your doctor.


Cayenne not only helps spice up your food but also considered good for your heart. Capsaicin in it will help improve elasticity of blood vessels and also helps in reducing the formation of blood clots as well as lowers bad cholesterol levels. It helps in improving the functioning of your cardiovascular system and keeps your blood pressure under check.

How to Use

Include this food in your diet. However, do not exceed the usage of cayenne as it might lead to several other problems.

Bark of Arjuna

The bark of Arjuna herb contains several constituents known as flavonoids, tannins and triterpenoid saponins and these have been considered to have cardio-protective action. Arjuna is considered as a strong cardiotonic drug and the extracts of Arjuna bark function similar to nitroglycerine during heart attacks. This herbal remedy also helps in reducing blood pressure and LDL cholesterol as well as increases the levels of HDL.

How to Use

Soak a small piece of bark in water for around 8 hours and boil it in morning. Make a decoction of it and drink it regularly for healthy functioning of heart.

Green Tea

Green tea is a rich source of an antioxidant compound known as epigallo catechin gallate. This substance helps in improving health of cells that make the innermost lining of heart and blood vessels. Green tea also helps in lowering bad cholesterol and controls blood pressure as well.

How to Use

Prepare green tea by adding its leaves in boiling water. Strain it and add little honey and lemon juice to it. Drinking at least 3 or 4 cups of green tea keeps blood vessels and heart in shape besides reducing the risks of heart diseases.


According to Ayurveda, the resin of guggul tree has compounds known as guggulsterones that help in reducing cholesterol-containing plaques that is built in the inner walls of arteries. Guggul helps in increasing metabolic rate of body, which is essential for weight loss, and it in turn helps in healthy functioning of heart. Few laboratory studies have mentioned that guggul lowers LDL and enhances HDL cholesterol; reduces the tendency of aggregation of the platelets. Hence, this is a great remedy helpful in preventing coronary heart disorders.

How to Use

The amount of guggul to be consumed depends on the concentration of guggulsterones in the extract. 25mg of this extract thrice a day is good but pre seek your physician’s advice.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds have been used since many years in Egypt. It has several antioxidant properties and is good for healthy functioning of heart.

The seeds or powder of fenugreek helps cure many problems such as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure etc. It is also a great ingredient, which helps in reducing risks of atherosclerosis due to its modulating effects on the blood lipid levels. It even reduces aggregation of platelets, which reduces the risks of blood clots followed by sudden strokes and heart attacks. It also reduces cholesterol and unwanted fat in the body.

How to Use

Soak a tsp. of fenugreek seeds in water overnight or you can also use powder of fenugreek seeds. Have it early in the morning and follow this remedy for few months till you see good results.


Curcumin in turmeric (Curcuma Longa) is an active component which helps prevent atherosclerosis and it also helps in reducing cholesterol oxidation, clot formation, plaque buildup thereby maintaining healthy heart functioning.

Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects help in reducing risks of several other chronic disorders.

How to Use

You can use it while cooking your food or you can take it as an herbal supplement.

You may even add it in milk and consume it daily.


Alfalfa is considered beneficial in reducing cholesterol, preventing buildup of plaques and other cardiovascular risks. Alfalfa is considered effective in reducing the potential to limit the growth and progression of atherosclerosis.

How to Use

You can use it in preparing an herbal decoction. The leaves of alfalfa are helpful in preparing herbal decoction and the juice of alfalfa leaves can be consumed regularly.

This herb is also available in the form of supplements. However, you need to consult your doctor to know the prescribed quantity to be consumed daily.

Grapefruit juice

This is an amazing fruit, which is easily available and is good for your heart as well. Grapefruit is also helpful in losing weight and provides good amounts of nutrients to your body.

How to Use

You can drink a glass of fresh grapefruit juice daily for a healthy heart. You can also have this fruit directly. One glass of grapefruit juice doubles calcium channel blocker available in the body.


It is a similar fruit to blueberry and helps treat different kinds of problems in body. It helps in improving blood circulation in body particularly in veins.

How to Use

This fruit can be taken directly. It is also available in the form of capsule.

All these remedies are natural but pre-seek your doctor’s advice before trying them at home.

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