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How many Calories in a Cucumber

Cucumber is a part of salad commonly eaten everywhere in the world. It is extremely low in calories and it also hydrates the body due to its 95% water content. The most common question about cucumber is – how many calories are present in a cucumber. The good news, it contains only a few calories and the best food for assisting in weight loss. You get only 12 to 15 calories from a cucumber.

Calories in a Cucumber

100 g cucumber calories details:

ProximatesPeeled CucumberUnpeeled Cucumber
Total Calories1215
Calories from Carbohydrates8.212.5
Calories from Proteins2.41.6
Calories from Fat1.40.9

Calorie Content of Cucumber

By different sizes, weights etc.

Calories in CucumberPeeled CucumberUnpeeled Cucumber
Calories in 100g cucumber12 Calories15 Calories
Calories in 1 small cucumber (6.3 inch long)1924
Calories in a medium cucumber (7.25 inches)2632
Calories in a large cucumber (8.25 inch long)3442
Calories in 1 cup cucumber (sliced)1417
Calories in 1 cup cucumber (chopped)1620
Calories in 1 lb cucumber5467
Calories in 1 slice of cucumber11.2
How many calories in 4 slices of cucumber45
How many calories in half a cucumber (medium)1316

Calories in cucumber salad is very low. Therefore, it is the best snacks for people trying to lose weight but want to fell full stomach. It helps to feel satiety after eating 1 to 2 cucumbers. You can eat whenever you feel appetite. It also hydrates your body and in addition to this it also provides a good amount of Vitamin K.

In addition, cucumber salad calorie content also depends on the other ingredients added in salad. That can be calculated according to recipe of salad. In general, 1 cup of mixed salad of cucumber, onion, lettuce and tomato without oil, yogurt or cream can provide around 20 calories.

You can cut cucumber in various sizes. The easiest method to calculate calories in a cucumber is to measure its weight. 100 grams peeled cucumber contains 12 calories and unpeeled cucumber has 15 calories. Therefore, just divide the total weight of peeled cucumber by 8.33 and unpeeled cucumber by 6.66 to get accurate calorie information.

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