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How to Use Natural Remedies as Pain Killers

Are you suffering from pain disorder? You do not need to rush to the nearby medical stores to buy some counter painkillers, which have many adverse effects. There are many natural pain relievers available abundantly in nature. You can count on herbs and plants that help alleviate everything from cold to arthritis pain.

Ginger can help reducing arthritic pain and muscle pain

Anti-inflammatory properties in ginger help treat inflammation and pain. Small amounts of ginger when consumed regularly can help reduce swellings, arthritis and muscle pain. Ginger helps in blocking the formation of inflammatory compounds thus relieving pain.

Turmeric helps in chronic pain and inflammation

Anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties in turmeric help ease sprains, chronic pain, joint inflammation, bruises, skin and digestive disorders. Add little powdered turmeric to your food when cooking. Curcumin in turmeric is an active ingredient that has healing properties which lowers the enzymes in body that causes inflammation.

Holy Basil is effective in body aches

Holy basil also known as Tulsi is a sacred plant having many therapeutic uses. It acts as an effective oral disinfectant and provides relief from respiratory problems. Eat a handful of fresh basil leaves daily in the morning. Antioxidants in basil leaves protect heart and body from free radicals. It reduces general body aches, which occurs mostly in fever and after a long standing disease.

Capsaicin is topical pain reliever

Capsaicin is an active compound present in capsicum (hot chili pepper), which can temporarily desensitize nerve receptors that respond to pain. Include capsicum in your food to avail the most of capsaicin is responsible for the burning sensation. It is used in topical ointments for treating joint pains and neuropathic pains.

Valerian root acts on nerves and reduces pain

Known as natural tranquilizer, Valerian root regulates nervous system as well as relieves insomnia, stress and anxiety. A cup of valerian root tea can provide pain relief. Valerian root reduces sensitivity of nerves and provides pain relief.

Cherries help in headache

Anthocyanins are compounds present in cherries to help kill pain, headache, and inflammation besides protecting from cancer. Including a cup of cherries in your diet can help prevent colon cancer. Antioxidant rich cherries shut downs the growth of cancer cells as well.

Bark of Eucommia is useful in backache and joint pains

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners use bark of eucommia to reduce joint and back pain as well as to strengthen tendons, ligaments and bones. This herb is mostly used along with supportive herbs to initiate the development of collagen. This bark helps heal tissue that has weakened due to stress and the compound present in it strengthens collagen.

Peppermint is helpful in headache and toothache

Peppermint helps treat headaches, bloating, gas, toothaches, skin irritations and other joint conditions as well. Chew a handful of fresh peppermint leaves instead of taking aspirin to relieve from pain. A cup of peppermint tea and its aroma will soothe your blood vessels and provides relief from sinus problems, headache and migraines. It acts as analgesic and provides relief from pain.

Bromelain (pineapple) reduces inflammation and abdominal pain 

This is a natural pain-killing enzyme that is available in the stem of pineapple. It helps reduce inflammation by decreasing the amounts of prostaglandins. Having a cup of pineapple frequently or taking bromelain supplements can treat digestive disorders and inflammation as well.

Devil’s claw is a good remedy for rheumatic pains

Devil’s claw is used to treat wide range of diseases including arthritis and rheumatism. The roots of devil’s claw contain antispasmodic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and can help treat many disorders. The root extract of devil’s claw when taken twice every day reduces pain and inflammation.

Cranberry juice reduces ulcer pain

Cranberries treat ulcers. H. Pylori is a pathogen that attacks the lining of small intestine and stomach and drinking a glass of fresh cranberry juice can reduce the risks of ulcers. Cranberry juice flushes out the bacteria and is an effective remedy helpful in treating UTI.

Cloves reduces earache, toothache and cramps

It helps treat toothache, earache, cramps, vomiting and alleviates pain. Apply clove oil to alleviate pain caused due to cavities. Antiseptic and other medicinal properties in clove oil are responsible for killing bacteria and other microbes.

Garlic reduces arthritic pain

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in garlic can treat arthritis, toothache and other such pains effectively. It is available in dried, powdered form and can be eaten raw as well. Chewing a garlic clove can treat toothache effectively. Antibiotic properties in garlic help reduce pain.

Apple Cider vinegar may reduce chest pain that occurs due to acidity

Apple Cider vinegar (ACV) is rich in tartaric and malic acids helpful in treating digestive disorders by fastening the breakdown of proteins and fats, which in turn reduces heartburn. Have a tbsp. of ACV mixed with 8ounces of water before a meal to heal heartburn.

Oats helps in painful periods

Oats help soothe endometriosis pain and all you have to do is to have a cup of oatmeal daily. Magnesium in oats help ease cramps and provides relief from endometriosis pain. Having a cup of oatmeal will provide zinc, which is essential for women having painful periods.

Grapes can reduce backache

A cup of grapes when consumed regularly can provide relief from back pains. Essential nutrients present in grapes improve blood circulation in the lower back thereby alleviating pain.

Yogurt can prevent premenstrual pain

You can prevent PMS by including yogurt in your diet. Yogurt is an amazing source of calcium that helps calm nervous system and prevent the symptoms of PMS. A cup of yogurt twice a day can lower the painful PMS symptoms.

Flax seeds can reduce breast pain and tenderness

Including flax seeds in your diet can reduce breast soreness. Phytoestrogens in flax seeds can help prevent estrogen spikes that are responsible for breast pain. Just sprinkle a handful of flaxseeds on yogurt, oatmeal of salads or add them to your smoothie.

Honey reduces canker sores

Unpasteurized honey can reduce cold and canker sores. Natural enzymes present in raw honey can destroy viruses, reduce inflammation and fastens the healing process of damaged tissues. Dab sores with honey at least four times a day to get rid of canker and cold sores.

Horseradish helps in sinus pain

It is effective in healing sinus infections. Sinus is a chronic health issue and is an infection of the cavities present in the skull. However, horseradish is at your rescue. Horseradish can increase blood flow into sinuses, decongests them and drains away obstacles causing infections. A tablespoon of horseradish every day can provide you relief from the painful symptoms of sinusitis.


Ingrown toenail can cause various other infections. However, salt water helps treat this condition. Soaking your foot in salt water will can kill virus present in toenail because of the presence of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties in warm salt water.

There are many other such natural painkillers, which are available abundantly in your kitchen as well. All these naturally pain-killing agents cause no side effects and amazingly effective.

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