Ibogaine Treatment, Benefits, Dosage & Side Effects

Ibogaine is a natural occurring psychoactive plant alkaloid. It is harvested and purified from the root bark of the Tabernanthe Iboga plant. Tabernanthe Iboga plant is found in the jungles the western Africa. Originally, Gabon, people of the central western Africa have discovered this plant. They are using it for medicinal healing as well as for ritualistic ceremonies.

Traditionally, it is used in low doses to fight with hunger, fatigue and thirst and in high doses for spiritual initiation ceremonies. The most recent studies suggested that Ibogaine contains high anti-addictive properties, which are beneficial to treat and fight with the severe addiction. The use of Ibogaine is found in two major areas:

  1. People having addiction, depression, or anxiety problems
  2. People who want to grow spiritually



Ibogaine Treatment for Addiction

Life is a wonderful gift from God and we should live it with positive thinking. Everybody should know about art of living the life. We see some people in the society having problems of depression, anxiety and drug addiction. All these problems lose control of their own thoughts. In this case, they should not think more and more about their mental health, but they should try to find the solution of the problem.

Ibogaine is the solution for it. It breaks the thinking of the negative thoughts from the mind and heals the body and mind well. During the Ibogaine treatment, you can learn about yourselves make you mentally healthy. Ibogaine treatment is a wonderful alternative to bring back your healthy life and Ibogaine treatment followed on appropriate time would help you to overcome the dreadful health effects in less time.

How Ibogaine Works

Ibogaine resets and refreshes the opiate receptor sites and alleviates the physical withdrawal symptoms of opiate detoxification. Ibogaine is non-addictive natural medicine and does not need to be taken by the patient after recovery. It treats other drugs dependencies by cleansing the whole body internally and resetting the brain neuron-chemistry. It works to rebalance the brain to its pre-addicted state. This process can take weeks and even months to regain the previous mental health.

Ibogaine works very well for the drug stimulants and addicted people due to the use of stimulants. When the body takes Ibogaine, it is converted into nor-Ibogaine by the liver. It stores up in the fat cells of the body. It curbs the cravings and takes away the thoughts of taking drugs again. Use of it puts anti-depressive effect that creates a state of well-being, free from negative thoughts.

Treatment of Drug Addicted People

Ibogaine treatment plays an extremely effective role in all kinds of drug addiction treatments. These treatments include

  1. Heroin Addiction
  2. Cocaine Addiction
  3. Alcohol Addiction
  4. Methadone Addiction
  5. Meth Addiction, And
  6. Oxycontin Addiction

It is also very effective in the treatment of the people who are suffering from the mental diseases like depression, anxiety and tension. People also use if they want to develop and grow spiritually. The use of Ibogaine heals the body, soul and mind and keep nervous system refresh.

People start taking drugs due to many reasons like unemployment, any type of fear, society bad company etc. Even some does not know about the reason of taking these stimulants. There are many negative results of using drugs and taking alcohol –

  1. Injuries
  2. Accidents
  3. Health Problems
  4. Brain problems
  5. Behavioral Problems
  6. Birth effects
  7. Family disputes

Some wants to get free from these drugs, but they feel helpless. They can take the benefit of the Ibogaine treatment. This treatment will stop the habit of taking drugs and make the life healthy. It is possible to quit the drugs forever. Ibogaine is used for the treatment of the following types of addiction.

  1. Alcohol Addiction
  2. Nicotine Addiction
  3. Opiate Addiction
  4. Heroin Addiction

Ibogaine Treatment Stages

Stage 1 – Dream State

After the dose of Ibogaine is administered in the body, after sometimes he starts to feel nausea and vomiting. He wants to lay prone. The skin of the patient will numb and he starts to hear buzzing sounds. In addition, he feels random flashes of light in eyes. This visualization and sound effect can last for hours and some days. This state is also called the dream state.

Duration: This stage period is between thirty minutes to two hours.

Stage 2 – Introspective Phase

This stage is called introspective phase. In this stage, Ibogaine moves the energy in the whole body. The dose of the medicine put heavy effect on the body and some of the patients feel unable to move from the bed. In addition, the negative thoughts and the emotions that come up in the mind of the patients released from the mind. The patient starts to overcome emotionally. It is very common that this stage will also present cardiac arrhythmias.

Duration: This stage period is between 5-8 hours.

Stage 3

This stage cultivates the art of living in the mind of the patient. Some people start to sleep within 48 hours of the Ibogaine treatment and some within 24 hours. In this stage, patients start to feel relaxed and positive. In addition, some patients can feel headaches and body aches in this period. Some people feel gray day at the starting of this stage.

Gray day: Not every patient has to go through this gray day. Some people have a very difficult time “breaking out” of it. This gray day is a psychological and emotional cluster of negativity, depression, sadness and self-abuse. However, this problem is temporary not forever. Therefore, every patient should be pre prepared for this problem. End is well.

Duration: This stage period is between 16-20 hours.

Ibogaine for depression & anxiety

Today life is very busy and in this busy life, about 30 % off people are suffering from depression and anxiety disorders. Depression is very complex disease and it occurs due to various reasons like loneliness, failure in exams, lover’s death or some personal reasons. In this case, Ibogaine treatment can help the patients to get free from the burden and depression in the mind. Due to this treatment, mind gets refreshed and healthy. One can live his life happily again.

Ibogaine for Spiritual Growth

Some people want to improve their spiritual health and build the confidence in them.  Such people take the Ibogaine treatment to grow spiritually. Ibogaine treatment is a very good remedy for getting the knowledge of the main parts of the spiritual development.

  1. Ibogaine enforces the people to know them what they are. It helps the people to see the true consequences of their actions. It makes the person to know about good or bad. It cultivates the art of living the life in them.
  2. Ibogaine helps the people to understand the importance of powerfulness and gratitude of the emotional values in the life. Some drug addicted or ill people become harsh and rude and forget the moral values in the life. Ibogaine spiritually guide the people to follow these moral values.
  3. Ibogaine treatment helps the depressed people in getting the interest in their hobbies. They start enjoying the nature, spending time with their family members and friends, involving in real activities, as their mind is clear now to think positive.

Risk Factors

Use of Ibogaine can cause death in some cases. The chances of death is very less (about 0.3%) and these happens to only those who have –

  1. Reduced Heart rate
  2. Liver problems and disorders

High dose of Ibogaine for treatment can also cause side effects, so use of it should be in supervision.


  1. It is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, it should always be taken under the supervision of the doctor, or psychologist.
  2. Proper health or functioning of liver and heart is the minimum requirement of taking this treatment.
  3. Ibogaine treatment is not a substitute for any other form of therapy.
  4. Proper therapeutic after care is essential.
  5. Patient should have the proper knowledge of the treatment.
  6. However, taking Ibogaine treatment is beneficial, but the experiences can be unpleasant while undergoing the treatment.
  7. Taking Ibogaine is a big responsibility. Therefore, patient should be fully mentally prepared and have trust on the treatment.
  8. During the treatment, patient can feel gray day (negative feelings with depression). So be prepared for this stage.
  9. This treatment is restricted in the pregnancy and in the lactation period.


The safest form of Ibogaine used for the treatment is IBOGAINE HYDROCHLORIDE (HCL). The people who want to take Ibogaine for the treatment of drugs addiction should take dose range form 10-20 mg/kg of the body weight. Those who want to take Ibogaine for the purposes of spiritual insight or self-exploration should take dose range from 10-12 mg/kg of the total body weight. Excess dose can affect the body and those who have poor liver function should not take more than 17mg/kg of the weight of the body.

Ibogaine is Banned in Some Countries

Ibogaine, a hallucinogen having both psychedelic and dissociative properties is considered as a schedule-1 drug in the United States. It is also banned in some other countries like Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Sweden, and Switzerland. However, it is unscheduled in many other countries like India. This is only because of laws vary around the world. Some countries accept the risks due to this drug and some not.


Ibogaine treatment is helpful for those who are drug addicts and want to get solution from this Addiction. People having depression and anxiety problems also take this treatment to be relaxed and healthy mind. In addition, people use it for the spiritual purposes to grow spiritually. However, there is some risk to use it, but there are many uses of Ibogaine treatment. This treatment makes refresh the mind and soul of a person. It gives the life a reason to live. It makes the life of the patient beautiful.

Sometime, we see that the drug addicts, alcohol takers or other drug addicts make their life very horrible. Their family members also have to face many efforts and problems due to their bad habits. Their mind gets damage and do not have control on their mind. They cannot understand the wordings of the good people who want to help them to get rid of these drugs. In this case, if they get ready to take help from the Ibogaine treatment, they can enjoy their beautiful life again.

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