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Isotine Gold Pack Review

Isotine Gold

Isotine Gold is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine pack containing Isotine Plus Eye drop and Isoneuron capsules. It is one-month pack used for preventing eye problems and treating cataract, vision loss, fatigue eyes, Computer vision syndrome (CVS) etc. Its detailed indication is as follows.

Indications of Isotine Gold

  1. For improving eyesight is a first indication for Isotine gold. It improves vision and prevents vision loss.
  2. Computer vision syndrome (It is a temporary condition due to the use of computer for a long time. It causes blurred vision, headache, neck pain, eye fatigue, redness in eyes, dry eyes, eyestrain, double vision, irritation eyes etc.)
  3. Immature cataract
  4. Myopia
  5. Hypermetropia
  6. Diabetic retinopathy
  7. Color blindness
  8. Amblyopia
  9. Macular degeneration
  10. Glaucoma
  11. Rhinitis pigmentosa

Indications in Certain cases

Sudden vision loss due to following causes:

  • Trauma of eyes
  • Aphakia or after cataract operation
  • Radial keretotomy operation
  • Lasic laser or Laser operation
  • Snake bite
  • Retinal detachment operation
  • Watching Television very closely
  • Solar eclipse exposure
  • Welding exposure
  • Electric exposure
  • Treatment with heavy dosage of steroids or antibiotics

Key benefit of Isotine Gold pack

Isotine gold is effective in improving vision and restoring the lost eyesight or vision.

Composition of Isotine Plus Eye Drop

Scientific Name Common Name Qty. in %age
Holostemm Adakodien Sehultes  – 0.3%
Santalum Album linn Chandan 0.3%
Emblica officinalis roxb Amla 0.3%
Butea Monosperma Palash 0.3%
Achyranthus aspera Apamarg 0.3%
Boerrhavia Diffusa Punarnava 0.3%
Zinc Oxide Yashad Bhasma 0.06%
Takana Bhasma 2.0%
Alum 0.4%
Tuth Bhasma 0.04%
Mentha Pipreta Satva Pudina 0.015%
Benzalkonium Chloride 0.01%
Aque Purified Water 10 ml

Isotine Plus Eye drop contains three additional ingredients than Isotine eye drop. These are:

  1. Holostemm Adakodien Sehultes
  2. Santalum Album linn (Sandalwood)
  3. Emblica officinalis roxb (Amla or Indian Gooseberry)

Composition of Isoneuron Capsule

Herbs Quantity
Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) 60 mg
Acorus calamus (Vacha) 60 mg
Nardostachys jatamansi – spikenard 60 mg
Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha) 60 mg
Convolvulus Pluricaulis (Shankhpushpi) 60 mg

Special indications of Isoneuron capsule

  1. It helps to treat computer vision sydrome.
  2. It can reduce mental fatigue, eye fatigue and may improve vision.


* According to our experience

Isotine Gold is better than Isotine Eye drops alone. It is advanced formula of Isotine eye drops.

This pack also contains ISONEURON Capsule. Which is also beneficial eyes and mental diseases.

Course Duration with Isotine Gold

The minimum recommended course is of 6 months.

Side effects

NIL (As per company description leaflet)


According to company description leaflet, you must have 5 to 10% vision before using the course with Isotine Gold. Results may vary from patient to patient.

During the treatment with Isotine gold, you may experience haziness. It may occur due to the improvement of your vision. In such cases, please check your eyes and decrease the number of spectacles.

Can I use Isotine Gold Pack for preventing eye diseases?

Yes, you can use Isotine Gold pack for prevent vision loss, cataract and other eye related diseases.

It can also help you to prevent diabetic retinopathy in case of diabetes mellitus.

Computer vision syndrome

Isotine gold is effective in reducing the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. The Computer users can use this eye drops and isoneuron capsule to prevent vision reduction and avoid eyestrain and fatigue.

Awards Given for Research & Development of Isotine

  1. Award given in Pravasi Divas NRI Day Celebration at Washington DC, USA, hosted by Indo American Friends Group & Sponsored by Govt. of India.
  2. Emeritus Professor Honor research work on eye disorder (ISOTINE) confers Apollo Hospital (Emergency Department) Chennai, Pushpa Nature Cure Cancer Research Center & hospital (Govt. of India) Institute of Macro-Biochemistry (International organization & Deemed University), New Delhi.
  3. Special honor & Appreciation on basic life support for Tamilnadu Commando force/Special Task Force, Chennai (LADY MOUNT BATTERN’S MEMO. MACROBIOPATHIC ASIANISM SOCIETY) U.K. HEAD QUARTER.
  4. Best Performance Award 2007 evaluated QUALITY of ISOTINE by research items of Lions Club of international (324A5) Tamilnadu Scientist & Doctor research in Macro-Biochemistry (International organization)
  5. Slight First Excellence Award, Lions International USA.
  6. Jiwaka Ayurved Vishwa Samman 2006, Bangkok (Thai)
  7. Rashtriya Gaurva Award, New Delhi
  8. Ayurved Ratna Award by Viswa Ayurved Prishad, Bly/Lucknow
  9. Tow Gold Medal Awards, Diploma & S-Honour, Mumbai
  10. Man of the Vision Award, Lions Club, Bly
  11. Gold Medal Award & Distinguished Service Award, Heart Care Foundationn, New Delhi
  12. Atulniya Netra Chikitsa Sewa Award
  13. S.M. International Award , Anandpur Sahib
  14. Pranacharya Manad Upadhi, Rishikesh
  15. Hindustan Himalaya Award, Uttarajhand

These awards are given to Em. Prof. Dr. M.S. Basu for his research and development work of ISOTINE.

Certification of Isotine

  3. D&B – Decide with Confidence
  4. Export LIC. of Govt. of India
  5. GMP Certified
  7. JAS-ANZ
  8. PHARMEXCIL Export Council
  9. ISO 9001 : 2008
  13. Export LIC. of Govt. of India
  14. S.I Regd. Govt. of U.P.



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