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Isotine Plus Eye Drop

Isotine Plus Eye Drop (Dr. BASU’s Formula) manufactured by JAGAT PHARMA is formulated for improving eyesight and to “CURE CATARACT & INCURABLE EYE DISEASES WITHOUT OPERATION“, as statement given on the company’s brochure.

Isotine Plus Eye Drop formulation is based on ayurvedic herbs and bhasma (mineral compounds). It is the results of Dr. BASU’s research work for several years. Thousands of patients got benefits using Isotine Plus Eye Drop since 28 years.

It is beneficial for immature cataract, retinal diseases, myopia etc. We will discuss the detailed therapeutic indications below.

Therapeutic Indications

Isotine Plus Eye Drop is effective in all types of eye diseases. It can also improve vision after cataract surgery.

  • Immature Cataract (clouding of the lens)
  • Diabetic Retinopathy (damage to the retina due to diabetes)
  • Macular Degeneration (age related vision impairment due deterioration of the retina)
  • Color Blindness
  • Myopia (short sightedness)
  • Hypermetropia (long sightedness)
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa (a kind of retinal dystrophy caused by degeneration of the light-sensitive cells (rod photoreceptor cells) in the retina)
  • Recover the vision after Cataract surgery
  • Vision loss due to use of heavy antibiotics o steroids
  • Vision loss due excessive computer use
  • Vision loss due to watching T.V. very closely
  • Recovering the vision after Lasik or laser operation
  • Amblyopia (lazy eye) – decreased vision of one eye in children
  • Solar Retinitis (retinal injury to exposure to bright light, radiations or solar eclipse)
  • Glaucoma (damage to optic nerve and it often occurs due to increased intraocular pressure) – Isotine may not work alone, other medicines for reducing intraocular pressure or curing underlying cause is also required.

Ingredients of Isotine Plus Eye Drop

Scientific NameCommon NameQty. in %age
Holostemm Adakodien Sehultes0.3%
Santalum Album linnChandan0.3%
Terminalia Bellerica roxbBibitaki0.3%
Emblica officinalis gaetnAmla0.3%
Butea MonospermaPalash0.3%
Achyranthus asperaApamarg0.3%
Boerrhavia DiffusaPunarnava0.3%
Zinc OxideYashad Bhasma0.06%
Takana Bhasma2.0%
Tuth Bhasma0.04%
Mentha PipretaSatva Pudina0.015%
Benzalkonium Chloride0.01%
AquaPurified Water10 ml

Isotine Gold pack also contains Isotine Plus Eye Drops in addition to Isoneuron Capsules.


  • GMP Certified
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • D & B Certified


If irritation persists or increases after using instilling Isotine Plus Eye Drops, you should discontinue using it and consult the physician.

Difference between Isotine, Isotine Plus & Isotine Gold

  1. Isotine Eye Drop: It is a normal formula.
  2. Isotine Plus Eye Drops: It is advance formula. It contains three additional ingredients as compared to Isotine Eye Drops.
  3. Isotine Gold: It is pack that contains 4 vials of Isotine Plus Eye Drops and 60 Isoneuron Capsules. Isotine Plus Eye Drops is same, but Isoneuron capsules are additional in this pack.

Ingredients Difference between Isotine & Isotine Plus

Ingredient NameIsotine Eye DropsIsotine Plus Eye Drops
Holostemm Adakodien SehultesAbsentPresent
Santalum Album linn (Chandan)AbsentPresent
Terminalia Bellerica roxb (Bibitaki)AbsentPresent
Emblica officinalis gaetn (Amla)AbsentPresent
Butea Monosperma (Palash)PresentPresent
Achyranthus aspera (Apamarg)PresentPresent
Boerrhavia Diffusa (Punarnava)PresentPresent
Zinc Oxide (Yashad Bhasma)PresentPresent
Takana BhasmaPresentPresent
Tuth BhasmaPresentPresent
Mentha Pipreta (Satva Pudina)PresentPresent
Benzalkonium ChloridePresentPresent
Aque (Purified Water)PresentPresent

Conclusion: Isotine Plus Eye Drops is a better formula than Isotine Eye drops.

Isotine Gold: It just comes with Isoneuron Capsules. Isotine Plus Eye Drops Formula is same.

Vials in Pack

Isotine Eye Drop: 6 Vials (each contains 10 ml)

Isotine Plus Eye Drops: 6 Vials (each contains 10 ml)

Isotine Gold Pack: 4 Vials of Isotine Plus Eye Drops & 60 Isoneuron Capsules

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  1. Respected Sir/Madam,

    I am already using the Isotine plus eye drops and have found great improvement. My spectacle power which was -3 on both sides has come down to -2. I have been using it for 3 months. I am going to use it for 3 more months and see the result. I am 38 years old and my daughters aged 5 and 7 also have power in both the eyes. Can I use Isotine plus eye drops for them. Which is better Isotine or Isotine plus or Isotine gold. I would greatly appreciate your advice.

    Sai sudha

  2. What is best treatment for macular degeneration – Isotine Eye drops or Isotine Gold Eye drops?

  3. I am 45 yrs old use power glass +1.5 in both the eyes and -25 in right eye. What do you suggest for me related to removing specs?

      1. Isotine (glaucoma special course) removed white particles in iris, and it is floating before iris, can it move to drain area. Please answer me sir, thanks.

  4. Hello sir, you are a simply great sir. Can I use Isotine plus eye drop. I have no. in left +3 and right eye -0.5. I hate wearing specs and I have read in your article about Mulethi churna and Triphala powder with honey for visions improvement.
    How long will it take to give results? Will I be able to get rid my eyes disorder.

  5. Can you provide a solution of Allergic Conjunctivitis? Can Isotine Help Me to treat Allergic Conjunctivitis?

  6. I am 24 yrs old, using power glass -2.5 in both the eyes. What do you suggest for me related to removing specs?

  7. I have used your Isotine gold plus eye drops as I have been recommended by the company to use it for three consecutive months if I want to get the best results as I was suffering from Cataract at early stages in one eye and guess what after using it for the said period on straight shot, my vision just got deteriorated below the expected so badly . I have lost my eye sight considerably because of Isotine eye drops. Now I got to get both of my eyes operated instead of one, thanks to Isotine. I think this is the worse prescription one can ever use.

    1. Why did Dr. Jagdev did not reply to your mail. Dr. Jagdev what do you have to say to the suffering of this person, who used isotine gold plus had the opposite effect. We would like to hear from you to this side effect. Before I plan to use I was going through the reviews, as from my child hood I am using specs now, 47, eyesight -4 , thanks

      1. Personally, we used it in many patients and never observed this type of side effect. I have no idea why it occurred. One thing that we can consider, it contains Tuth Bhasma, which helps to reduce clouding of the lens. If it is in excess, it can also cause several side effects. In addition, Isotine plus might be contaminated with some other substances that cause these side effects.

  8. I am working on the computer for 10-12 hours daily and I feel my vision is reducing.
    Please suggest.

    1. Eye exercises, taking break for 30 seconds to look at distance after every 15 to 20 minute, and Pranayama should be highly beneficial to improve vision and preserve good eyesight.

      In addition, including more fruits and vegetables in diet and increasing water intake will also help.

      Instilling 2 drops of Anu Thailam in each nostril once daily should also help to preserve the vision.

      The use of Triphala or Triphala Rasayana should also be helpful.

  9. I had retina detachment (macula off) and had lost central vision. I had RD surgery and implanted with silicone oil in the year 2012. I came to know about this drop and have been using Isotine Gold since 2015. I have found considerable improvement in the vision.

  10. i am suffering from red n green color blindness can isotine removing color blindness problem.

    which is the best for color blindness isotine or isotine plus.

  11. I have using Isotine Plus eye drop in the last one week, but there is no significant improvement. I have suffering CRVO from Dec. 2014.
    In some video shows negative effect of isotine/isotine plus eye drops. What does it mean?

    1. Isotine contains Tuth Bhasma and Mentha Piperita. These both ingredients can be possible cause of irritation in eyes. Some people also reported that Isotine contains some undissolved particles, which cause irritation in eyes as they have dust in the eyes.

  12. Please save my eyes for me from been destroyed by Glaucoma as an academic. I live in Ghana how best can you help me with this drug to saving my sight.

  13. Fabian Yelsang
    Can I get them in Ghana to buy and if not how can you help me get them?

  14. Please I need to know if this eye drop can help my mom she has glaucoma for 10 years and she can’t see well she was using many treatments but no result. Can this eye drop help mom for better vision and how long should use this treatment? Thank you and wait for your answer.

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